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Sin eng-40 - cozy corner


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Sin eng-40 - cozy corner

  1. 1. Design For Change ChallengeGroup Members: Class : 1E3Nur QadisahMelissa KhooFelicia HengIvan NgWilliam Chong
  2. 2. Content Page1. What is Design For Change Challenge ?2. What are we going to do ?3. What are we going to need ?4. What challenges we faced and how we overcome it before and after ?5. What have we benefited from it ?6. Reflection of group members
  3. 3. What is Design For Change Challenge ? Design for changechallenge is a interestingprogramme wherebychildren from ages 9 to 14have the opportunity toexpress and put into actionof their own ideas , to makea better world .
  4. 4. What are we going to do ?We are going to do a cozy corner wherepeople can relax after a long day in school studying for more than 6 hours every 5 days a week . It helps them to relax theirmind after a long day of remembering a lot of things . We are allocating this cozy corner to be in the school library as it is spacious and its also cooling .
  5. 5. What are we going to need ?We need books as some people likes reading during their free time , games to help them relax their mind after studying for 6 hours , mats to sit on , pillows n cushions to have a nap for a while small table and chairs to have the game on and some musics on on low volume .
  6. 6. What we faced and how we overcome it ..We face a lot of stress after school withoutany break for our mind to relax . We feelthat it’s like too much for us to remembereverything until we got stress . We areovercoming it by doing a cozy corner for usto relax after the tiring and stressful dayfrom morning to afternoon . We are reallythankful as it helps us a lot to relax ourmind .
  7. 7. What will we benefit from this?We will get to relax and relieve our stress we have after a long day of studying. It helps us to relieve our tiredness and stress after sitting for 6 hours in class without breaks. It also helps us to feel awake and less sleepy after lessons since we have to wake up at 5 or 6 in the morning. We can also study there for our exams as it is quiet and peaceful.
  8. 8. Reflection on this project We spent a long time on this projectand we feel that it is worth our timeworking on this and helping the restof the school to relax and enjoybetter in school. This project hasbeen a enjoyable thing to do whenwe went for our trip to theinternational school for thisprogramme.
  9. 9. Thank You !