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Sin eng-0057 - jaywalking


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Sin eng-0057 - jaywalking

  1. 1. Let’s prevent JaywalkingBy: The Jay Rangers
  2. 2. Survey findings..We did the survey for around 30minutes.We caught 4 TKPS student,3strangers and 2 parents jaywalking.We went to seat near the coffee shopto look for the people who jaywalk.
  3. 3. The BoardWe made 1 board and have coloured it.The poster will be placed near theparents waiting area. We will be makingmore posters to put it around theschool.
  4. 4. The Board
  5. 5. Posters around thePosters schoolwere placedatstrategiclocationsto createawareness.
  6. 6. More posters..
  7. 7. Acting time..
  8. 8. Students’ participation..
  9. 9. Students’ participation..