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Sin eng-0057 - jaywalking (form)


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Published in: Education
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Sin eng-0057 - jaywalking (form)

  1. 1. Name of the School: Telok Kurau Primary SchoolAddress : 50, Bedok Reservoir Road Spore : 479239School Leader: Mr Wilbur WongStory Title: Prevention of JaywalkingTel.: 62441600 Email: Teacher : Mr H.BalajeeSTUDENT INFORMATION 1) Name: Adele Lee Age: 11 Grade: P5 2) Name: Norshazlynn Age: 11 Grade: P5 3) Name: Nur Arafah Age: 11 Grade: P5 4) Name: Tan Zong Hong Age: 11 Grade: P5 5) Name: Lim Wei Bin Age: 11 Grade: P5
  2. 2. The Jay Rangers to the Rescue.. Firstly, we did a survey to find out theAfter doing some observations to look out percentage of students actually jaywalkingfor a problem in school, we realized that alarge number of P1s and P2s do not to find out the seriousness of the unsafe act.observe the traffic safety and jaywalk forconvenience while compromising on Next we were deciding on how actually tosafety. What was more disturbing is that send the message across to the youngthey actually do it with their parents. So ones so that they will understand and dowe decided to create an awareness to the he right thing in the future. Skits, posters,lower primary students to prevent putting up a safety board , continuedjaywalking which will prevent accidents announcements duing assemblies werefrom occurring. some of the ideas generated. We decided to do a short skit for the lower primary students to get their attention. We also made colourful posters with road safety messages at strategic places in school most frequented by the P1s and P2s. These posters were located in the pedestrian crossings in school. There was a big board with the wordings "Prevent Jaywalking" put up at the security post in our school.