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Sin eng-52 - smile for the cleaners (form)


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Sin eng-52 - smile for the cleaners (form)

  1. 1. Name of the School: Raffles InstitutionAddress : One Raffles Institution LaneSchool Leader: Lee Chan WaiStory Title: Smile for The CleanersTel.: 84184475 Email: Mentor Teacher : Han Eng Kwang STUDENT INFORMATION 1) Name:Lee Chan Wai Age: 14 Grade: 2) Name:Niam Jen Yong Age:14 Grade: 3) Name:Yap Shi Jed Age: 14 Grade: 4) Name: Keith Tay Age:14 Grade: 5) Name: Age: Grade:
  2. 2.  26 August-2 September 1. Holding a cleanlinessCleaners were not appreciated enough for competition for the classrooms.their efforts 2. Putting up posters around the school campus to increase awareness of school cleaners We decided to put up posters around the school campus to raise awareness of the school cleaners. By doing so, we were able to change the minds of 450 year 2 students and made them appreciate the cleaners’ efforts more.