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Sin eng-0059 - animal abuse (form)


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Sin eng-0059 - animal abuse (form)

  1. 1. Name of the School: FENGSHAN PR SCHOOLAddress :307 BEDOK NORTH ROAD (469680)School Leader: MRS NEW HWEE HONGStory Title: STOP ANIMAL ABUSETel.: 90664159 Teacher :STUDENT INFORMATION 1) Name: JORDAN ANG Age: 11 Grade: PR 5 2) Name: CHUA CHONG Age: 11 Grade: PR 5 3) Name: EUNISE ONG Age: 11 Grade: PR5 4) Name: CLARENCE LIEW Age: 11 Grade: PR5 5) Name: NUR AIN BTE HANIPAH Age: 11 Grade: PR5
  2. 2. 1. Show reports, videosConstant reports in the newspapers photographs to show everyoneand other media about animal abuse the crueltyare very disturbing. Animal abuse 2. Conduct a petitionshould be socially unacceptable as itreflects a lack of respect for life itself. 3. Put a skit 4. Set up a booth to show the We conducted a survey to sound out what everyone feels towards animal abuse. and cruelty to seriousness animals We will put up a skit and air the videos to the school during one of our weekly assemblies in the final st 1 WEEK OF JULY term. Finally, we will conduct a survey to find out how many are against a petition to stop animal abuse.