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Sin eng-35 - i pulley


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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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Sin eng-35 - i pulley

  1. 1. ElderlyElderly is the term referring to a particular age group which is consideredsenior or older. They usually have more health problems as their bodiessystems are deteriorating.Women generally live longer and tend not to remarry, older women aremore likely to live alone than older men. Globally, about 19% of womenaged 60 years or above live alone, but only 8% of men in that age group doso. This would usually lead to loneliness and depression at times.They usually stay at home for more than 12 hours a day, spending theirtime doing house work, surf net, read, exercise, watch TV program, chit-chat, nap and pray. They would only sleep 7-9 hours per day. This willlead to boredom and usually shutting down the brain’s basic system duetheir deteriorating state.The age of elderly ranges from 65 years and above.The link of the information above:From we have done:During our brainstorming sessions, we decided to work on the elderly aswe feel that there are many issues related to old folks. We researched onsome problems related to old age.
  2. 2. Research on problems related to elderly
  3. 3. Research on emotional problems related to elderly
  4. 4. Research on physical problems related to elderly
  5. 5. WEAKENING OF MUSCLES IN ELDERLYWhat we have done:We carried out more research on the issues related to old age.
  6. 6. Research on health problems related to elderly
  7. 7. What we have done:We carried out more research on some of the illnesses anddiseases related to old age.
  8. 8. What we have done:We carried out more research on some of the reasons why theelderly are not exercising and the benefits that can be reapedfrom exercising.
  9. 9. What we have done:We carried out research on some of the equipment that theelderly can use for exercising.
  10. 10. D&T Design for Change Plan: Spreading Of Awareness (RejectedPlan) 1. Decide on a date to return to the Old Folks Home for an interview. 2. Plan the questions needed to be asked of the Elderly when interviewing them. 3. Video down the interview at the venue. 4. Create a power point slide, including the video. 5. Broadcast the power point slide to the school through our Broadcasting system and a talk to the school during the Mass Assembly of the school. 6. Video down the entire process of the talk as evidence of our research before handing in as the document.
  11. 11. What we have done:Sketching some solutions that may help solve the problem.
  12. 12. 6 Considerations:1. It must be stable for the Elderly2. It must be easy to use3. It must portable4. It must be able to use at homes or apartments for individualusage.5. It must be safe to use6. It must benefit the Elderly while using it, both Physically andMentally.
  13. 13. Pedal Idea Rejected 1. The pedal is not stable enough for the Elderly to be used safely as a permanent product. 2. It is difficult to keep the pedals. 3. Attaching and detaching the pedals would be hard for the elderly or the user. 4. The walking stick would be too heavy to be used as a walking stick for the elderly. 5. Inconvenient if using in crowded places. 6. Had difficulties in solving the detachment and attachment of the pedals to the walking stick. 7. It would be awkward for the elderly to use in public places. 8. Basically the pedal became not usable as a walking stick and as a safe pedal to use.
  14. 14. What we have done:Sketching some more solutions that may help solve theproblem after the first round of solutions was rejected.
  15. 15. After our Ipulley was fabricated, we tested the efficiency of our product by having Elderly test outour product. We brought the machine down to an Elder home and 11 of the Elderly use it duringtheir physiotherapy session.From the survey conducted after they tried our product, it is clear that they enjoyed using the Ipulley,and felt that it was beneficial. As the Ipulley is very user friendly and functions very similarly to thecurrent product, the Elderly were willing to try out the machine without much hesitation.
  16. 16. ReflectionThe Design for Change experience was interesting as I had never doneanything like this before. We followed the process of the Design andTechnology, thus coming this far with the product we have. It wasn’t easyto follow strictly to the process because almost anything can be linkedback, so it was really messy at first. Our teacher-in-charge actually had tobrief us a lot more times before we knew how the flow was like andreminded us what our different jobs are.We had a lot of problems on researching the products and trying to findproblems to come out with a solution. We had our teacher to guide us butmainly we had to do those by ourselves. Many of the websites that wefound gave unsure facts for our topic, but we managed to find sufficientinformation to use as evidence and guide.We had meetings to decide on the decision made to carry on the next step,although the meetings were very short but the instructions were madequite clear. We had to always keep in contact with each other in case ofany unsure questions were needed to be clarified.At first we felt really excited on the journey ahead, we went on a trip tothe Old Folks’ Home for the first time to find out the problems of theElderly is facing now. Later on when we had to do research, our flare lostits’ spark. We had completely lost it, so our work wasn’t as good as itshould be. Somehow between everything that has happened, we wereactually starting to get the hang of the entire process which made theresearching part a little bit more interesting. When we were almost at theend of the experience, it was really tough because time was not on ourside. We had to rush our works and get everything done up. That waswhen we all were in ‘working mode’, we had everything we need to clearthe mess we have. It was the rush of time that gave us the energy weneeded and a little fun to it.It actually made me like researching, also to train me to work well underpressure and work well along with my team members.
  17. 17. ReflectionThe Design For Change was a little tiring but fun as I get to experience whatthat was outside the textbook and what our teachers could not teach in school.We were a bit messy in the first place as we did not get the hang of work butwe got adapt to the stress that we were under.In the first place, we could not find reliable website such as Wikipedia. But wemanage to get through it by finding books and other medical websites. Whenwe had unsure steps that we need to do, our teacher-in-charge was there tohelp clear our troubles and/or questions. We had many meetings in school toclear up our steps and mistakes.We went to Old Folk’s Home to find out what trouble the elderly face likephysical problems. We made many meetings to find out solutions to theproblems and did many researches on the internet. After that, we find whichsolution that was possible for us to solve.In the beginning, we went on a trip to the Old Folk’s Home. We askedquestions so to help us finding problems for our project. I felt that there weremany needs to be done to help them as the environment there were quite baddue to very little activities and supports from the nation to the Homes. Afterthat, we gathered information through the internet and had many meetings tofind whether our evidence is enough to support our solution. Soon after wefound our solution to our problem, we did many researches on which materialto use for our product. I felt tiring searching through the internet as many werenot helping to our product. In the end, we had to rush to do our product as wewasted much of our time doing research.I was able to know more about the environment that we live at. I know moreabout how the elderly feels and I know more about how I could help mygrandparents and our senior residents in my neighborhood.