Classroom meeting2


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Classroom meeting2

  1. 1. Idea of Teacher / Nora AL abdulhadi Teacher / Nora AL Abdulhadi
  2. 2. Class Meeting The classroom meeting is toproductively solve any problems in the class. It is also a way to encourage students and get positive feedback.The idea is to involve the students in the meeting. This will help them establish strongleadership and problem solving skills.
  3. 3. What is our Class Meeting 1. A place where conflicts and problems can be resolved.2. A place where we can help each other as a team.3. A place where we can plan together as a class. 4. A place where we can thank and complement each other.
  4. 4. The Goals of our Class Meeting 1.To make our class a better place. 2. To change "mistaken" behavior. 3. To encourage students and to get positive feedback from them.4. To create students who can problem solve and who are confident leaders.
  5. 5. The Guidelines of ourClass Meeting 1. Everyone will show respect for others at all times.2. We will sit quietly facing towards the centre. There will be no side conversations.3. Dont interrupt, speak out of turn or point at people. 4. Everyone should be participating.
  6. 6. Preparing for our Class Meeting1. Explain the class meeting idea to the students at the beginning of the year and tell them about the purpose of the classroom meetings. The purpose is to encourage the students to work in a community where they respect each other and learn to problem solve. They will be given the opportunity to express their feelings and concerns. Furthermore, the purpose is to help them improve the classroom, so that it becomes the best it can be.2. The class meeting is held on a weekly basis for 15 to 20 minutes only.3. A "Classroom Meeting" t-shirt or name tag will be prepared for the leader by the teacher.4. A "Suggestion Box" will be created by the teacher. The students can help decorate it during their free time. This is a box that students can put their ideas in for the week about any problems or positive observations about their classmates and the class.5. We will assign a name for each meeting. There will be a sign saying the title of that particular meeting with the time on it (For example- "Behaviors Clean-up" and "1-2-3 Magic Achievements"....)6. Prepare an agenda to end each meeting.
  7. 7. Running our Class Meeting1. Choose a place where the students can sit and where you can havethe meeting. For example, sitting at their desk or sitting on the floor in acircle. Choose a way for the students to sit that is unusual to theirregular classroom situations.2. The teacher will lead the classroom meetings at first. Then they willencourage the students to become the facilitator for the next meeting.3. The teacher will chose a problem from the "Suggestion Box" from theweek before. The students will brainstorm ideas about ways toproactively fix this problem.4. The next week, the teacher will chose a positive suggestion from theweek before. The paper will be read. The student will be rewarded witha prize for their efforts.5. The teacher or the leader of the class meeting will record what theylearned in the meeting in their agendas.
  8. 8. The Agenda of our Class Meeting The purpose of a class meeting agenda is to keeptrack of what we do in each meeting as a referencethis allows us to record our progress and build upon it from that, we can create an ideal learning environment
  9. 9. The Agenda Form of our Class MeetingJoin us to see a successful classroom meeting in action. Who wouldnt want a harmonious classroom that makes your teaching easier and everyone happy! Make your own classroom meetings and be happy throughout the year. About the speaker : Name : Class : Class meeting general information Title: Where: When: Who are attending: Teacher: Students: Invited: Post- Meeting Actions:- 1- 2- 3- 4-
  10. 10. For more information contact us at FUN ZONE