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My Place On The Earth (8) Monuments


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My Place On The Earth (8) Monuments

  1. 2. Monument to Boles ł a w Chrobr y (967-1025), the first crowned sovereign of Poland; was erected on a square at Świdnicka Street . reverse of denar – a coin from the time Boleslav Chrobry
  2. 3. Monument to dramatist - earl Aleksander Fredro in the Market Square
  3. 4. Monument to great poet - Juliusz Słowacki in the Słowacki Park ; part of Old-Town Promenade
  4. 5. Monument to Fryderyk Chopin – great, famous composer; in the South Park
  5. 6. Monument to Albrecht Durer; in front of edifice National Museum
  6. 7. Monument to Michelangelo Buonarroti ; in front of edifice the National Museum
  7. 8. B aroque statue St . John Nepomucen at Ostrów Tumski
  8. 9. Monument to the Victims of the Katyń Crime on the Insurgents of Warsaw (near National Museum)
  9. 10. The Angel of Death - a monument of the Katyń Crime Victims
  10. 11. monument of the Katyń Crime Victims - a fragment
  11. 12. Monument In Honour of Lvivs Professors murdered during War II
  12. 13. Monument dedicated to the M emory V ictims of Mureders in Borderland
  13. 14. Monument to Deportees of Sibir on the Siberian Square Medal of Honor Siberian
  14. 15. Monument to Nicholas Copernicus in Copernicus Park (Old-town Promenade )
  15. 16. Thanks for Attention music: Kujawiak (polish folk dance) - jazz version, the contractor - Micha e l Kulenty