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Sights of city of novokuznetsk


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Sights of city of novokuznetsk

  1. 1. Is the largest city in the Kemerovo region, it is anadministrative center of Kemerovo region of theRussian Federation. Novokuznetsk has a populationof over 550,000. The city is situated on the left andright banks of the river Tom. The climate is quitehumid in the city.
  2. 2. The main attractions are the National History Museum, the exhibition connected with natural resources, flora andfauna, history, ethnography and archeology, revolution and civil war of Novokuznetsk region. This museum is one of the largest in the area and the oldest in the Kuzbass region, one of the departments of which is devoted to the participants of the military conflict in Chechnya, the tragic events of the last decades of our history.
  3. 3. The literary-memorial museum of F. M. Dostoevsky on the same street consists of 5 halls: "the Road", "Kuznetsk penny", "Salon, Ms. Moskaleva", "Triangle", "Wedding“. Afterpassing through these halls, visitor learns a lot about the writers life, about his relationship with his wife, creative activity, the symbolism of his work and a lot of interesting things. Novokuznetsk Literary and Memorial Museum of F.M. Dostoevsky opened May 17, 1980 The museum is open in the house in which the 1856-1857, which rented a room Isayev, thefuture wife of the writer, and which visited Fyodor Mikhailovich
  4. 4. Memorial museum of battle and laborglory of kuznetsk metallurgists opened inthe 1980 in memory of the heroiccontribution of the Kuznetskmetallurgical combine in the defeat ofNazi forces. Near the museum lit aneternal flame. In the museum containsabout 2500 exhibits among which are thephotographs, original documents andawards, objects of personal use ofsoldiers, munitions of war, splinters ofshells, trophies, front letters, notices,samples of military products of thekuznetsk metallurgical combine.
  5. 5. It is worth to visit the Science-Technology Museum.The museum was based on the Kuznetsk metallurgicalplant. It has more than 70,000 items related to thisenterprise: historical documents, gifts for the mill,souvenirs, paintings, letters, personal things of theemployees, photos, video.
  6. 6. Novokuznetsk drama theatre is one of the oldesttheatre companies of Kuzbass, the theater is thecenter of cultural life in the Novokuznetsk. Thetheatre building was constructed on a specialproject in the classical style, built in 1963.
  7. 7. The oldest Orthodox Cathedral of Novokuznetsk builtin 18th century. It is the Transfiguration Cathedral.Cathedral was one of the highest in Siberia with the 40meters bell tower.
  8. 8. Sports Palace of Kuznetsk metallurgists has passed hundreds ofevents. There are exhibitions, concerts, not to mention thethousands of hockey matches.
  9. 9. Kuznetsky fortress - the monument of history and architecture offederal significance. The stone castle on the Voznesenskaya hillwas built in the town of kuznetsk of the 1800-1820, respectively bythe order of emperor Paul I, as a part of the Siberian line for theprotection of the South Siberia, from the Chinese threat.
  10. 10. Project team:Tanzharikova DashaNikolaeva TanyaEvlanina JuliaThank you for your attention!