Polish national holidays


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Polish national holidays

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Polish national holidays

  1. 1. National & International Holidays
  2. 2. National (Polish) Holidays Independence Day is one of the most important public holiday in Poland. It's celebrated every year on 11 November, in memory of regained independence by Poland in 1918, after 123 years of partitions by Austria, Germany, and Russia. Day of Constitution of 3rd May – public holiday in memory of adopting a constitution on 3 May 1791. The first constitution was passed in modern Europe . This constitution was passed by the Four Years' Parliament which rised in October 1788. The Day of the Polish Army holiday the Armed Forces of Poland, celebrated on 15 August in memory of won Battle of Warsaw in 1920, during the Polish-Bolshevik War. May 1st - Labour Day holiday of the working class, cared from 1890 every year 1st May. The Second International familiarized this holiday with 1889 for commemorating of events which took place in first days of May 1886 in Chicago, in the United States during the strike being a part of the nationwide campaign for introduction 8 - of working day an hour long.
  3. 3. International Holidays The Day of the National Education On this day is the anniversary of creation the Commission of National Education. It was created in 1773 from the initiative of King Stanisław August Poniatowski. In that day in school we are celebrating this holiday. Mother's Day in Poland is celebrated on 26 May. It's the day when you can express your thanks for your mother. This day is very special because then mothers receive Mother’s Day card, gifts and flowers from their children. Children's Day is celebrated in Poland on June 1. Schools usually organize special activities for the day of the celebration, and the first week of June is a time of festivities organized in parks and entertainment centers for children. Parents usually buy small gifts for their children. Sports days (June 1.) are annual events staged by many schools in which children participate in competitive sporting activities, often with the aim of winning trophies or prizes. International Women's Day (IWD) is marked on March 8 every year. It's a major day of global celebration for the economic, political and social achievements of women. It's an occasion for men to express their love to the women around them in a way somewhat similar to Mother's Day and St Valentine's Day mixed together.
  4. 4. The most interesting places in Warsaw
  5. 5. Nowy Świat (New World Street) is one of the most populary street in Warsaw. It comprises part of the Royal Route. The street's present name was coined in the 17th century, after the city had begun growing substantially. Now there are a lot of cafes and shops. The Old Town Is colloquial name of the oldest district of the city with historic buildings. Apart from the popular name "The Old Town" is applied in the emotional context, when it is about underlining the tragedy and destroying t he O ld T own while Warsaw coming into existence and his post-war reconstruction. The Old Town is a good place for the rest and the relaxation. It's an attract for tourists.
  6. 6. Citadel ( C ytadela) is a 19th-century fortress in Warsaw. It was built by order of Tsar Nicholas I after the suppression of the 1830 November. It served as a prison into the late 1930s. The fortress is a pentagon-shaped brick structure with high outer walls, enclosing an area of 36 hectares. Its construction required the demolition of 76 residential buildings and the forcible resettlement of 15,000 inhabitants. It’s very interesting and weird Place because it didn’t had to protect the Warsaw but it had to attack the city. The Vistula Boulevard in Warsaw is one of the best places for walk, to rest or to go jogging or cycling. You can spend there a lot of time alone, with friends or family or just with your dog ;) You can admire there the nature and the Vistula River.
  7. 7. The Royal Baths Park there is a palace and a park complex with many monuments, founded in the eighteenth century on the initiative of King Stanislaw August Poniatowski. Today's park is the same as in the time of its creation. This is a place of culture, science, entertainment and sports and also popular place for walk. The Saxon Garden is the oldest public park in Warsaw. It's located in Śródmieście district. The most important things that you can find there are: 21 sculptures from Baroque, the cascade fountain, a sundial, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and The Blue Palace. It's one of the best places for walk or to rest.
  8. 8. The Museum of Polish Army is generally known place which working on military. It is opened since 22th A pril 1920. An iconographic archive, a professional library and specialist studio s to the conservation of monuments of metal, wood, the painting, the skin s and fabrics operate in the museum. There are a lot of interesting things to see and, of course, to learn. The Warsaw Rising Museum is a museum dedicated to the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. It opened on July 31, 2004. The Museum has the strong support of the Warsaw public and is considered the most modern museum in Poland. It collects and maintains hundreds of artefacts, ranging from weapons used by the insurgents to love letters, in order to present a full picture of the people involved. There you can learn a lot about polish history.
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