iMovie Basics MHS 2012


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Create a 30 second iMovie about yourself. This is an

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  • iMovie Basics MHS 2012

    1. 1. iMovieBasic Features of the Quick EditMaking a Movie about Me
    2. 2. Make a Movie about Yourself 30 seconds at least Must have 3 titles Must have 2 or more transitions Music track at least One Special effect*** we would expect veteran Mustangs to go WAY outside the box :)
    3. 3. Start iMovieQuit all your other programs! Movies take processing power!Learn to NAME your PROJECTS and EVENTS.Use the camera icon to import from camera or use iSight camera.
    4. 4. Create some footage Use your iSight camera to shoot 3 scenes. Make sure each one is 10 Seconds long. One close up of yourself, one mid shot, one wide shot. You can take more shots but you need at least 3 different ones. Close Up(CU) Mid Shot(MS) Wide Shot(WS)
    5. 5. Add clips to timeline project.Grab the middle 7-8seconds of each clip using the yellow handles.Drag clip to timeline OR hit ‘e’ on your keyboard.
    6. 6. Know your shortcut buttons TitlesMusic/Sound effects on the far right of the middle bar in iMovie iPhoto Pictures Transitions Cool feature: iMovie Maps, Backgrounds, Animatics Auto Saves!
    7. 7. Add a transition between your Clips just drag transition between clips
    8. 8. Add Titles Add one Beginning title on a background that says: This is (name)... example: This is Henry... Add another title over the 2nd Clip By Dragging the Title on the clip Add something you like. examples: He likes football. He plays music.
    9. 9. Add Some Music 2 Ways to add audio:Drag over a clip and see red line to add second audiotrack. Good for multiple songs. Longer projects.
    10. 10. Background Music Track Drag music to grey area and track is a background track if the track is long enough iMovie will cut it to the length of your project.
    11. 11. The magic of the GEARS... Roll over a clip then click on the GEAR icon This brings up cool choicesClips Adjustments lets you do Special effects and speed changes. Add a new clip and put a special effect on it.
    12. 12. The icons tell the story... these little icons tell you that this clip has ADJUSTMENTS and EFFECTS added. in this case it has the ROMANTIC video effect and has been SLOWED down.
    13. 13. Other things to try... Always add a FADE to BLACK at the end. Add a Travel Map. Use the Inspector to REVERSE a clip. Do a Voice Over.
    14. 14. Share Your Movie Use the SHARE command at top then choose Export Movie... PAY attention to WHE RE it goes and what it is named! For a short movie MEDIUM will fit in an email Prizes??? email Mr. Corippo and Mr. Niehoff your movie!
    15. 15. imovie fun the end:)MediaGeeks send yours to Mr. Wilson