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TGA Capability Booklet

  2. 2. CLIENTS ABOUT The Game Agency (TGA) is an award- winning firm specializing in video games and interactive entertainment. Our goal is to engage... We Create, We Produce, We Market, and We Reach! Our team has worked in every facet of the interactive software industry and we pride ourselves on delivering this medium to our clients. We combine our experience and insights to deliver real impact for our clients. We are honored and humbled to have worked with some of the world’s most distinguished brands and we are always interested in hearing about new projects...large and small, simple and complex. Bringing games to life is fun, and maximizing the reach and impact of that content is our sweet spot!
  3. 3. GAMES “83.7 Million u.S. Head of Households report MCDONalD’S playing video games in the home“ PROJECT: Website and Game DESCRIPTION: Online promotion designed to drive buzz and awareness of two new chicken dishes. 109 countries reached in the first month - The Entertainment Software Association lExuS PEPSI PROJECT: Game and Events DESCRIPTION: Virtual test drive of the PROJECT: Game Lexus ISF distributed online, on disc and DESCRIPTION: Celebration of Pepsi’s pop on simulators. Players averaged 17 culture events and sponsorships minutes per game played VOlVO PFIZER PROJECT: Game PROJECT: Game DESCRIPTION: Driving awareness for the DESCRIPTION: Employee training and Volvo FH16 700, the world’s strongest truck. development focused on encouraging Over 14 million plays within 5 months of innovation. 70,000 employees were launch, averaging 3.5 minutes per exposed to the game game played NOkIa INDIaNa JONES / PaRaMOuNT PROJECT: Game PROJECT: Game DESCRIPTION: Sales force training and DESCRIPTION: Promoting the release of development fostering competition the Indiana Jones DVD set throughout the Americas aMERICaN ExPRESS CITIbaNk PROJECT: Game and Kiosks DESCRIPTION: Retro game campaign PROJECT: Game designed to drive new card applications. DESCRIPTION: Challenging consumers to 90,000+ card applications were balance wealth, health and happiness submitted online
  4. 4. SOCIAL MEDIA WIDGETS CaR aND DRIVER MEDTRONIC ObERlIN COllEgE gHOSTbuSTERS / aTaRI PROJECT: Online Scavenger Hunt DESCRIPTION: An interactive ‘Ghost Hunt’ that challenges players to search, share and slime on Facebook and across the web RESIDENT EVIl / CaPCOM PROJECT: Photo Editor DESCRIPTION: A Facebook photo editor that adds facial malformations, coloring and relevant objects to pictures, allows users tag themselves, and collects updated images in a public gallery PFIZER gHOSTbuSTERS / aTaRI RESIDENT EVIl / CaPCOM FIRE EMblEM / NINTENDO PROJECT: Facebook Duel DESCRIPTION: A turn-based game where players choose their weapon, attack their friends and view the fight in true Nintendo DS style lIE DETECTOR / HaCHETTE PROJECT: Lie Detector DESCRIPTION: How well do you know me? Users send friends five “about me” facts and challenge them to prove how well they know them “apps on Facebook and 250+ Facebook games are the highest-rated TGA’s Super Widget platform extends brands to wherever their target audience goes. Our tab functionality includes: • Audio players • Competitions • Contributions • Countdown clocks • e-Mail Sign ups • Events calendar • Feeds (RSS, XML and SMS)• Games • Image games have over 1 Million users “ gallery • Links to websites • Reservations • Shopping cart • Store locator • Surveys • Video gallery - Facebook
  5. 5. WEBSITES AND ANIMATION P REMIUMS TEST DRIVE uNlIMITED DRIVER PaRallEl lINES NEVERwINTER NIgHTS gHOSTbuSTERS / INTEl PROJECT: Sweepstakes DESCRIPTION: Offered exclusive Ghostbusters Video Game product to motivate consumers to share and vote in the ultimate online Ghost Hunt PROJECT: Video Game Websites RESIDENT EVIl 5 / INTEl DESCRIPTION: Product websites that includes Commerce, Screenshots, Videos, PROJECT: Contest and Sweepstakes Music, Newsletters, Forums, Fan Kits, Video Mashers, Design Competitions and DESCRIPTION: We created a multi-tiered several other features digital campaign that gave fans and enthusiasts the chance to create, share and win ClEaRaSIl PROJECT: Free Game Download DESCRIPTION: To incentivize purchase and re-purchase of Clearasil products, provide consumers with a high-value “gift with purchase” promotion. Promotion was ROSETTa STONE CITIbaNk TOuCH SCREEN TEST DRIVE uNlIMITED featured on over 2 million packages PROJECT: Interactive PROJECT: Trade Show PROJECT: Movie Masher Marketing Video Touch Screen DESCRIPTION: DESCRIPTION: DESCRIPTION: An online competition “82% of about companies gamers An Interactive story that Interactive and informa- designed to put gamers brought to life the true tive content designed to behind the camera in benefits of Rosetta attract and engage the order to create the Stone’s “Natural trade show audience ultimate trailer Language” learning think positively that sponsor free games “ -
  6. 6. EVENTS lExuS ISF TRaCk TIME / lExuS PROJECT: Game and Simulators DESCRIPTION: Virtual test drives at Lexus dealerships and events aMERICaN ExPRESS / STOP PONg PROJECT: Game and Kiosks DESCRIPTION: Game Kiosks delivered the online gaming experience to the event and generated more than 50,000 American Express card applications onsite TREaSuRE wORlD / aSPyR PROJECT: Game & Kiosks DESCRIPTION: Gamer parties and promotions at regional and national restaurants TEST DRIVE uNlIMITED / FORD PROJECT: Press and Media DESCRIPTION: Event at Ford’s official testing track designed to get the press and “is 33 years old The average game player media behind the virtual wheel of the latest racing video game and has been playing games for 12 years“ - The Entertainment Software Association
  7. 7. THE FUTURE IS NOW “The smartest game makers are augMENTED REalITy thinking outside the screen. Augmented Reality blurs the line between the digital and real world experience Today, gamers want to “feel” the game and “move” realistically within it. we already have TOuCH SCREEN force-feedback Touch Screen technology allows for tactile control and immersive engagement with the content steering wheels, guitar- shaped controllers and pressure-sensitive dance pads. In the future, expect much more.“ - 3D CaMERa gaMES 3D Camera-enabled content pushes interactivity to its most immersive limit. Physical and mental stimulation ensure a truly involved consumer
  8. 8. “ 20% “The 10 most “ 78% lecture training has a STATS popular games on Facebook “70% of retention rate, draw more than 100 million of children major uS companies video training has a 30% retention unique users a ages 8-10 report using interactive software rate and interactive training has a month combined “ play games online - eMarketer “ 60%“ “ - Facebook to train employees “The #1 “97%teens of - The Entertainment Software Association “ 67% of gamers pass retention rate - Educational Institute of the American Hotel and Motel Association american Facebook game has over 60 Million unique players age 12-17 play games along game links to at least once friends or “ users spend More u.S. Internet each month and over challenge them to beat time playing games than 20 Million per week “ a high score “ watching short unique players each day “ - Pew / Internet - Facebook “ womenof 40 online videos or visiting over the - social network sites “ “ among the age “67%heads If Facebook of “ - Parks Associates 300 Million Facebook, users spend more time american of households play were a country, 50%every day visit gaming online than any other demographic, computer it would be the 4th largest in the site “ averaging 9.1 “ - Facebook hours per week and video games - The Entertainment Software Association “ the world.“ - Facebook - AOL
  9. 9. CALL US TODAY IF YOU WANT TO PLAY! ENGAGEMENT © 2007 The Game Agency was founded in 2007 and is dedicated to creating 18 East 16th Street, 7th Floor, NY NY 10003 powerful campaigns that harness the 1 (877) 986-GAME engagement and excitement of interactive entertainment. CONTENT ENHANCED BY TGA Go to for more information Call us today if you want to play!