Maysalward 2010


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Online and Mobile Game Development by MaysalwarGames.

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Maysalward 2010

  2. 2. MAYSALWARD-LIVE TO PLAY Founded in November 2003 by Nour KHRAIS First Regional Mobile Game Development Company Launched the First Localized Mobile Games in the Arab World Headquarter Amman-Jordan and R&D offices in Irbid Strong Business and Technical Team Games Live in more than 12 Regional Operators Launched games in Mexico(Telcell), USA and Europe. Mobile and Online Games Development company More about us in Facebook Fan Page YouTube Channel :
  3. 3. Maysalward(MRD)… • First Mobile Game Developer in the Middle East. • One of Top 10 Mobile and online games business in the Middle East with international recognition . • Owner of 50+ proprietary games and a character library that grows by 20 new Mobile and 25+ online games each year.
  4. 4. Games R&D Using a variety of research methodologies, MRD Team work side by side with service provider to provide support in the following areas that will be essential to develop unique games: Market entry strategies Market analysis, Product and brand launch review, and monitoring Competitive intelligence data
  5. 5. WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE Our Steady growth in the Online and Mobile Game industry We have one of the fastest growing gaming audiences in the Middle East all powered by our localized games creating a viral marketing abilities. We have the fastest and most efficient game studio in the Middle East always delivering on time to the most demanding audiences Our spirit of Innovation Cross Platform Gaming All our games are connected to Social networks and have high score interaction .
  6. 6. GAMES & APPLICATIONS We have full capabilities to create and deliver: Mobile Games supporting Major Handset in the market Nokia,SonyEricsson, Samsung and Smart phones such as Blackberry and Iphone Mobile On device applications such as Supermarket Ordering system, Mobile RSS ... Fully loaded Social Games with virtual goods Online game portal (app store) connected to Social networks like Facebook, twitter and netlogs…
  7. 7. STUDIOS Studio One :Mill Studio-Mobile Development Based in Irbid, Jordan Creates 15+ Mobile games each Year for house publishing –all games based on proprietary ideas Fully branded ‘ Edutainment games’ with Britannica Encyclopedia Highly skilled team that understands global consumers & trends, brands, their requirements and pure IP creation. Creates games that are licensed by MBC TV, Rotana, Zain,info2cell and others..
  8. 8. STUDIOS Studio One :Raspberry Studio-Online Game and Graphic Development Based in Amman, Jordan Creates 20 + Online games each Year for house publishing – all games based on proprietary ideas Creates 500+ Mobile and web Animation . Highly skilled team that understands global consumers & trends, brands, their requirements and pure IP creation. Creates games that are launched on Facebook, El3abel3ab
  9. 9. MRD GAMES TEAM Project Sponsor / Client Game Producer MRD Framework MRD Management Game Optimizers Game Testers Creative Team Copy Writer Game Engineers MRD Mobile Game Development Process
  10. 10. Engagements MRD is proud to be part of the Dubai World Expo Advisory Board. July 2010 RD is proud to be Speaker in China Game Business MRD was invited to be part of the first Arabnet conference MRD was part of the ION Conference –Seattle, WA through the following lecture: Lecturer: Game Glocalization As Business Driver & Warranty MRD was part of the Games and Story Telling program Schedule 2006-2007.University of Art and Design Helsinki Video venue: University of Tampere, lecture hall 1096, PinniB
  11. 11. We Offer New concept development Game Design Graphics Coding Porting to different handsets Debugging Testing
  12. 12. Localization is the Key! • Full localization is required in order for Mobiles & Online games to be brought to end users in the market • Game text and graphics localization together with cultural reference, and market specific customization • Direct interactivity with the service provider to improve end user relation and royalty through Multiplayer games and Upload score features
  13. 13. Glocalization ‘N’ games In our words: Glocalization is the ability to see the whole world in your eyes. A new world that's both global and local being engaged to form a new hybrid. Trying to keep some things local as everything goes global
  14. 14. TECHNOLOGY •Java Technology( J2ME,J2EE,….) •Flash Technology •All our Games are developed using our Holodeck •Holodeck is a internal Cross Platform Development tool that enables all our Games to be Interactive Online, Mobile and Desktop to comply with the Mobile Convergence Era. •Porting to all enabled Java Handset including windows mobile 6 , BlackBerry and Iphone •In the Pipeline: 3D Gaming and Flashlight Games
  15. 15. WHY THEY PARTNER ? Our Development Team is able to look at projects as if it were their own, from both a business and a market standpoint. That means that they look at the goals customers trying to accomplish, and don't just develop mindlessly. They look for the best way to deliver the meaning behind customer games `andthe best way to accomplish their goals We are your REAL PARTNER!
  16. 16. MAJOR CLIENTS  MBC TV  Fuzzy Cell(VASP)  Rotana RMSI  Takarub (VASP)  Info2Cell (VASP)  NewSound (VASP)  Arvato (Getmo)  SmartSMS (VASP)  Britanica Encyclopedia  Iysis (VASP)  Zain Jordan  Orange Premium Partner  Umniah Jordan  Orange Jordan
  18. 18. GAME VALUE CHAIN Content Content Content Content Consumption/ Creation Aggregation Marketing Distribution Usage Sub Contractors Consumers Publishers Online Portals [Web/ Mobile] Game Game Distribution Developers Platform Providers Mobile Games Console Game Technology Manufacturers Telecom Operators Providers Payment License Owners Retailers
  19. 19. DEVELOPMENT PROCESS The various levels of development process can be viewed in the diagram below. This Process robust process to ensure that MRD deliver quality Games Concept Develop Construct Conception Proto type 1 release Game Specification Quality Walkthrough Story Board Play Testing Technical Specification Wrapping Closure Beta Release Launch Master/Gold Release Project Approval
  20. 20. PRODUCTION PROCESS Developers Development Operators Publishers Social Networks Production Business Development
  21. 21. MRD GAMES
  22. 22. OUR GAMES Single Games Social network connected games Multiplayer Cross Platform Games Competition Games –Upload Score server Multilevel Games-Level Games
  23. 23. GAMES *MUST Localized * Try and Buy Upload *Score Feature *Support Multilanguage
  24. 24. EDUTAINMENT Britannica Encyclopedia Britannica has developed a range of educational "edutainment" mobile games. The games are specifically designed for users particularly those who wish to learn and have fun at the same time. Our games are intended to help children enjoy learning. As you will see from our range, the basis of our mobile range is that it's designed to challenge children, parents - in fact anyone with a curious mind. The key is to make the learning secondary, a default by-product of enjoying playing the games
  25. 25. ONLINE GAMES
  26. 26. ONLINE GAMES
  27. 27. ONLINE GAMES
  28. 28. CASE STUDY MBC TV Client : MBC TV Target Market: KSA and Other Gulf Region Advertisement: TV ad Games Developed : Balote Carrom Tash Ma Tash I and II Mustafa El Aga Downloads: Highest in the History of GAMES In the Middle East LOCALIZED LOOK INT & KHALIJI & FEEL RULES Q1 2010(Launched Trix) Launching a MultiPlayer Cross Platform Games MPCP Game.
  29. 29. Online for EISH SAFARI Programs (MBC3) Launched March 2008 Players will enjoy and online and mobile Version of the game. The Search of treasure starts by reaching To the Island then the action starts and other Set of games and challenges wait for the player
  30. 30. FACEBOOK GAMES Developed to support Anti Piracy Arab World Car racing One of the Most popular Games on Localization in games stories Facebook
  31. 31. FACEBOOK GAMES First Persian Games. MRD works on number of Persian games To tackle the Persian end users.
  32. 32. PENALTY ENGINE Challenge your National Team Goalkeeper . A Java game that will let you practice your Football Skills and see if your favourite Goal keeper is getting a good practice. As much as you win you are on the top list and you might get a prize. Look and feel Can be fully customizable with the desired brand Rotating banners for advertising can take at least 4 different brands banners Upload score feature Through SMS that can Create great competition
  33. 33. TAQUERIA (Shawerma) (I.0) We recommend Players eat well before playing this game as this game will explode their appetite. You have to be fast and serve your clients before they get mad and you have to be clean and spray the Flies in the right moment. Then check your High score with other players And be the King of the Game .. TAQUERIA (2.0) will be ready with new and enhanced and new features on August 2010
  34. 34. STREET FOOTBALL GAME Champions comes from the streets# In the Middle East and developing countries football playgrounds is not Users can select the Logo of his team and t popular and young fans goes to the street to enjoy the The outfit . All can be sensation of the game. Goal Ingleizy game( English Goal) Customizable for a brings the street to your mobile to enjoy your game at A certain brand. anytime anywhere.. Users have more than selected location will Ne the area where the 8 location to play. Player will play
  35. 35. Handsets Compatibility The games are available on most of handsets available in the market: Nokia Series 40, 60 and 80 • Sony Ericsson • Siemens • LG •Motorola •HTC and All Windows Mobiles run Java Machines •Blackberry •IPhone
  36. 36. El3abel3ab portal •Online Mobile Portal acts as store front Unique Online Games .Users can select their Own avatar that interact In the Chat, Forums and Online Games. Users rate and comments on the game they are Playing. •Live Support •Support Both Arabic and English •Easy Registration and Authentication process •Token based downloads that builds royalty Programs. •Supported by a WAP download Center
  37. 37. Why successful games? Easy to learn Interruptible WIN a PRIZE based Rich social interactions Take advantage of mobile innovations Non explicit content
  38. 38. Future in Games With launch of 3G across the world, carriers looking for more advanced games, particularly: Networked  Basic Features  Turn-based  Real-time  3D features There is not that much difference in market tastes around the world for mobile and online games. No matter how good game is, proper marketing support essential 38
  39. 39. WHERE ARE WE GOING? Towards becoming the top 50 most trafficked online and Mobile games business in the world. We have the content, traffic, network and social assets to make this goal achievable. On our side is a dream team to take us to our destination. Already achieved some few humble milestones
  40. 40. FUTURE IN GAMES Operators becoming much more picky about which games they offer. This means differentiation and uniqueness to markets a key for companies to make money:  Branding  New genre of game for a certain market  Different look and feel in playability With new phones coming out faster than ever, ability to port quickly becoming more important
  41. 41. FUTURE SUMMARY Focus now is on networked games and other 3G type content Develop the Freeimum model on Mobile and Online. Social gamers making up a bigger % of users monthly Uniqueness and differentiation of a game even more important than game play in some cases Proper marketing support for game is a must and Build more branded games
  43. 43. SOCIAL TALKS Evolution of the Social Gamer ex : -Facebook audience open to more sophisticated social games Social apps developments have moved into social games Social gaming has made everyone into a gamer and Games as a more widely used marketing channel.