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  1. 1. Godio, the Gameplay Summoner IRL name : Steeven Plu Class: ¾ Fun Crafter + ¼ Barbarian XP Level: 8 years Skills: Parchment craft for Game Design & Ludology Arcanes of Game Coding Gamification & Game service Shamanism Ludo trend & Tech trend Clairvoyance Transmedia Alchimy Innovation ScoutingThis portfolio is an extract of various projects on which I was involved. Its goal is togive an overview of the several domains that I have explored as game designer,game developer and manager.
  2. 2. Dragonflame series Indie Dev & Game DesignPersonnal project + Audiance catching for WhoseGame.com Description Dragonflame is a series of very short time (DF1 prod = 4 men.day, DF2 prod = 15 men.day, DF3 in progress), but addictive, production offering players to incarn a dragon lord, burning entire Legions… I developed the series in 2008 as a medium to learn flash as a game dev platform and help whosegame.com portal to catch audience. Contribution Flash Developer, indie game developper, Producer Result - 3.5/5 on kongregate - More than 12 millions game played in a year rooting 30000 players per a day to whosegame portal for 3 months. - Used as promotional for « HP and the halfblood prince » movie “Awesome game! 5/5 and fav. Great graphics and gameplay. Skills are difficult but not impossible.” “Gesture controls are hard to get at first, but perseverance gives nice little satisfactions like torching a bunch of pesky shield guys, or hitting a knight with your tail when hes charging at you”
  3. 3. Lambi islands Level DesignLevel designing an already-marketed game to boost audience Description Lambi islands is a puzzle game on iphone integrated with social networks. In 2010, as the first released version was not appealing and had a quite confusing gameplay, Orange UK (who produced & developped the game) asked me to redesign the level system and the learning curve of the game without involving any specific dev and assuming current mechanics. Contribution Level designer for a new puzzle mode (10 puzzle levels) to improve the challenge and consistance of the original game. Result - Increase downloads from <1000 units to >120K units - Chart as second free app in the UK - Upgrade from 1 star to 3 stars rating in appstore “Fun, frustrating and unbelievably addictive! Excellent!” “This update made the game more fun and challenging. It‟s much much better than the first version!! Highly recommend it : )”
  4. 4. League of Legends - TD Game BalancingPromote League of Legends & develop audience Description LoL – TD ia a tower defence game made in 2009 for iphone platform using League of Legends universe. It was made when I was working for the European exploitation of LoL in the marketing department of Goa (Orange Game BU). Due to gameplay inequity, I was asked to balance units and towers. Contribution Game Balancing of Units and Towers, level design of the wave systems. Result - 4 stars rating in app store - 100K+ downloads in Europe. “It is one of the most addictive and challenging Tower Defense Games I ever played on the iphone! I highly recommand it” “ Jadore trop, jai le jeu online et là bravo, je suis au niveau 178 et il me reste 6 vie ! Il faut trouver une technique et ensuite le jeu devient vraiment excellent !!!! “
  5. 5. Godio’s journey Game DevA personal HTML5/WebGL project intended to self-learn this tech Description « Godio „s journey » is my interactive Curriculum Vitae. I made a « mario galaxy-like » game format using HTML5/WebGL techs in 2012. More than writting an original way to write my CV, it was an opportunity for me to learn javascript (I didn‟t practice before), HTML5 Canvas & WebGL technologies. Contribution « Game » Concept, Game Design, Engine dev, Gameplay dev Result will see in the upcoming months : - )
  6. 6. Sphinx Project Leader + Game DesignerEvaluate social channel and animate Orange Game Portal audience Description Sphinx is a fun UGC platform, I leaded in 2008, used to play convergent multimedia quizz. Players experience Sphinx through: - an gamified portal founded on Ancient Greece ; - a community service built over game mechanics ; - Quest & Contest management enabling auto-animation ; - a set of quizz players and quizz authorwares integrated with social media ; - One-to-one asynchronous challenges & massively multiplayer synchronous contests ; -Identity cards giving an overview of player knowledges. Contribution Project Leader, Game Designer, Gamification, Community Builder, Flash Teacher Result Not marketed (as GOA Business Unit closed) but: - a standing ovation from Beta Testers ; - used as the technical fondation for quizz player on Orange Facebook pages (The second most-used Orange application on facebook)
  7. 7. WhoseGame Project Leader + Indie DevEvaluate new game format & develop online game audience Description WhoseGame is a User Generated Games & Indie game portal offering a set of authoring tools (toolkits for Platformer, race game, interactive comics…) and community features. I was the project leader from 2007 to 2009 and also contribute as indie game dev. Contribution Project Leader, Producer, Flash Developer, indie game developer. Result The product was buy-in from Orange France BU, TP Poland BU and Orange Spain BU.
  8. 8. WAR anywhere Project Leader + Service DevCompanion for Warhammer : Age of Reckoning Description WAR anywhere is an ubiquitous companion extending «Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning » experience. I lead the project in 2006. The offered services were: -Messaging access ; -Game Information Services ; -Avatar management ; -Auction house access ; -Notification Mechanism by SMS. Contribution Project Leader, JAVA J2ME developer Result - A very light and highly portable J2ME MIDlet running on a large set of device. - An highly original service (considering the year 2006). Unfortunately, the service was not launched due to WAR lates and the end of the partnership between EA and Orange/GOA.