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Funforge Digital - Company Profile - June 2012


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Funforge Digital company profile - June 2012

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Funforge Digital - Company Profile - June 2012

  2. 2. FUNFORGE was founded in 2008 by two game lovers: Philippe Nouhra and Claude Amardeil. Its creators, with 20 years experience in the development of video and traditional games, decided to orient the company around the development of original cross-platform games, stressing quality at every level: gameplay, rendering, manufacturing quality and international distribution. After three years devoted to setting up manufacturing solutions, the marketing network and the editorial line for its board games, FUNFORGE diversified its activities at the start of 2011 with FUNFORGE DIGITAL, a company dedicated to the development of multi- platform video games. At that time, another lover of games (retro-games in particular), Abrial Da Costa, a veteran in the marketing and distribution of video games since the beginning of the 90s, became a new partner in the company.FUNFORGEs first cross-platform game was the result of this synergy: ISLA DORADA.First using the IP as a board game, then as a hidden object-type adventure video game, FUNFORGE proved its ability touse the worlds it develops in complementary media.After publishing four traditional games and a first video game, FUNFORGE continues with the publication of six new gamesin 2012: three traditional games (two card games and one board game) and three video games (an adaptation of a cardgame and two original creations).The links between the various game platforms, links still very rare today, set FUNFORGE apart, with a dynamicdevelopment orientation in both traditional and video games. BOARD GAMES • CARD GAMES • VIDEO GAMES • GAMING PRODUCTS 2 of 23
  3. 3. As a publisher of both traditional and video games, FUNFORGEs strategy is oriented around a collection of internalresources and a significant network of sub-contractors and partners in each area of design, production and marketing.Depending on the product The traditional games are produced via a Two distinct distribution and marketingpublished, FUNFORGE develops network of manufacturers selected for networks have been set up to ensureconcepts internally and can, if the quality of their chain and their optimized distribution of the publishedneed be, call upon external reactivity. They are located both in products.authors for specific development Europe (Germany, Spain, Eastern Europe)tasks. and China. This network allows for all The physical products are distributed by types of manufacturing requirements local partners in Europe (France andThus, while traditional games (cards, cardboard, plastic figurines, French-speaking Europe, Germany, Spain,usually involve acquiring licenses wooden components, etc.). Great Britain, the Netherlands, Italy),or third-party authorship, the North America (US and Canada), and Asiadevelopment of the video game Video game production is semi- (Japan, China, Taiwan, Malaysia).worlds, designs and mechanics is internalized, with the sub-contractingentirely internal. provided by nearby and reliable partners The video games are distributed located in France, to ensure improved internationally via a network of over forty quality control. digital portals, or directly through social networks. BOARD GAMES • CARD GAMES • VIDEO GAMES • GAMING PRODUCTS 3 of 23
  5. 5. Elected "Best of the Rest" 2009 (category: games other than video games) By the website Joystiq.comILLUSIO transforms players into magicians during the heyday of magic, trying to produce the most spectacular of shows. Quite simply clever, its unique universe makes it genuinely magical. BOARD GAMES • CARD GAMES • VIDEO GAMES • GAMING PRODUCTS 5 of 23
  6. 6. Finalist Game of the Year Game of the month in JSP Elected best illustrations Spain 2010. magazine November 2009 China 2009.Pony Express is a completely zany race where the players are Pony Express riders striving to be the first to reach Sacramento. Poker dice and showdowns make Pony Express a genuinely unique game in its genre! BOARD GAMES • CARD GAMES • VIDEO GAMES • GAMING PRODUCTS 6 of 23
  7. 7. Elected best illustrations Elected most attractive Double finalist for the China 2010. game. Golden Geek Award 2011: Brazil 2011 - Best family game - Most attractive gameThe Board game provides players with a unique “cohabitation” experience in an exotic setting made for getaways. Isla Dorada is co-published with the American publisher Fantasy Flight Games under license from FUNFORGE. BOARD GAMES • CARD GAMES • VIDEO GAMES • GAMING PRODUCTS 7 of 23
  8. 8. Elected Game of the Year 2011 By LIDJA /Cocktail GamesTHE BIG IDEA has players take on the role of eccentric inventors trying to sell a skeptical public all sorts of zany and absurd creations such as "monkey wigs" and "desktop chainsaws." Its first extension, "Medieval Science-fiction," makes the game even wilder! BOARD GAMES • CARD GAMES • VIDEO GAMES • GAMING PRODUCTS 8 of 23
  9. 9. WIN! lets you take on the role of a famous figure each round in wildly improbable duels against another player whois also playing the role of a famous figure. A powerful cocktail of laughter and bad faith, WIN! is set to become the party game of the year in 2012! BOARD GAMES • CARD GAMES • VIDEO GAMES • GAMING PRODUCTS 9 of 23
  10. 10. Winner of the 2011 International Competition of Game Creators prize at the National Game Center.TOKAIDO is a brand new experience in games. Far from being a game of confrontation where aggression is the rule, and with nothing in common with ice-cold management games, TOKAIDO is a peaceful game, easy to understand but with enoughtactical depth and finesse to make it a universal game. Already awarded the prestigious Creators’ Prize by the National Game Center while still a prototype, TOKAIDO is set to create a new genre in games… BOARD GAMES • CARD GAMES • VIDEO GAMES • GAMING PRODUCTS 10 of 23
  12. 12. The video game showcases Jessica Pandora, a kind of female Indiana Jones, who ends up by chance on Isla Dorada after discoveringa strange artifact. Jessica must find the 16 pieces of the shattered artifact, scattered about the island, in order to find her way back. The title is available on PC/MAC - iOS/Android (Q4 2012) BOARD GAMES • CARD GAMES • VIDEO GAMES • GAMING PRODUCTS 12 of 23
  13. 13. The video game will be available Q3 2010 on Facebook / iOS / Android and via Web client on the FUNFORGE site. Everyone cancompete together from its mobile to Facebook. It is a simpler (if thats even possible) application of the card game, making it as viral as possible so the widest audience can share in the laughter! THE BIG IDEA video game is “free to play”, with a variety of items to purchase (in particular 400 different cards) for sale. BOARD GAMES • CARD GAMES • VIDEO GAMES • GAMING PRODUCTS 13 of 23
  14. 14. INVENTORIUM is an elegant Game System stemming from a simple idea: unique combination & auction mechanics requiring observation, reflexes, calculation and resource management!Available free to play including the first scenario "Paris 1900“, which takes place during the famous World Expo, the game will offer multiple options (items to purchase), multiplayers and story packs with new worlds, new visuals and new rule variations. INVENTORIUM will be available on iOS and Android tablets, as well as in a browser-based version (server and Facebook), and even on ePawn Arena, a innovative platform (nominated for the "Trophées de l’Innovation" in Paris 2011). BOARD GAMES • CARD GAMES • VIDEO GAMES • GAMING PRODUCTS 14 of 23
  15. 15. The first game world using the INVENTORIUM mechanisms, TINY HORDE propels the player into a colorful and cuddly world where the object is to try to gain eggs to hatch lots of animals, each more adorable than the next. The animals can be trained, collected, and even customized!The first scenario has 15 (free) animals in addition to the 15 dinosaurs and 15 fantastic creatures of subsequent scenarios (paying). Lots of items can be purchased in the store to improve your small personal horde! BOARD GAMES • CARD GAMES • VIDEO GAMES • GAMING PRODUCTS 15 of 23
  16. 16. A port of the party game to mobile platforms(iOS – Android) at a low price, the digital version of WIN! lets you take thefunniest game in the world everywhere you go, in your pocket! The Lite (free) version has 30 cards of famous figures and 30 cards of challenges, while the complete version, available for €0.79, has 100 cards of famous figures and 100 cards of challenges from the boxed version of the game. BOARD GAMES • CARD GAMES • VIDEO GAMES • GAMING PRODUCTS 16 of 23
  17. 17. A digital port of the most feng shui board game in the world, TOKAIDO lets one or more players explore the most famous route in Japan, discovering the magnificent countryside and building up unusual collections. Who will be the most determined pilgrim in Japan? iOs / Android – October 2012 BOARD GAMES • CARD GAMES • VIDEO GAMES • GAMING PRODUCTS 17 of 23
  18. 18. The video game showcases Jessica Pandora, a kind of female Indiana Jones, who ends up by chance on Isla Dorada after discoveringa strange artifact. Jessica must find the 16 pieces of the shattered artifact, scattered about the island, in order to find her way back. The title will available on PC/MAC/iOS/Android (Q1 2013) BOARD GAMES • CARD GAMES • VIDEO GAMES • GAMING PRODUCTS 18 of 23
  19. 19. A digital adaptation on multiple platforms of the game of magic cards, ILLUSIO catapults the players into the grand era ofmagic where each player must don the cape of a famous magician to try and gain the most prestige by mounting the most fabulous magic show ever seen! BOARD GAMES • CARD GAMES • VIDEO GAMES • GAMING PRODUCTS 19 of 23
  20. 20. Philippe Nouhra Claude Amardeil Abrial Da CostaFounding partner – CEO FUNFORGE / COO Digital Founding partner Founding partner – CEO abrial@funforgedigital.comAfter spending most of his youth playing games Claude grew up with the development of A fanatic of video games from the earliest age,of all kinds and revealing an early inclination modern board games and the explosion of Abrial very quickly began to collect everythingtowards drawing and art, following his studies role-playing games in France. connected to them and had no qualms aboutin communication Philippe began working on cutting class to scour game shows. Since then An original member of the famous club, "Le Fervideo game creation at Cryo Interactive at the he has never ceased to develop his interest. de Lance," in the 80s and a gaming nut, hestart of 1993. preferred to end his career as partner in the In 1992, he joined the FNAC SERVICE networkHe later worked in several well-known law firm he created to become a partner in as manager of video games purchases. He thencompanies in the sector (Kalisto, Nevrax, etc.) Multisim, a publisher of board games, fantasy founded and managed the company Katarsys,where he developed his skills as an artist, books, and role playing games. which provided high quality graphic services.artistic director, scriptwriter, and project Claude was later in charge of the legal He was then founding partner of the publishermanager, before deciding to work freelance. department for the video game publisher Elektrogames, before joining the groupHe then created one of the largest Elektrogames before participating in the MC2/Microïds in 2008, where he was salescommunities of independent authors through creation of FUNFORGE in 2008. director.the site "" Claude is in charge of legal and music license Abrial teamed up with Philippe to foundHe founded FUNFORGE in 2008, and has affairs, as well as all legal aspects for FUNFORGE DIGITAL in 2011, where he is co-directed it ever since, then FUNFORGE DIGITAL FUNFORGE, and actively participates in all of director and sales and marketing 2011, which he co-directs and where he has the testing, development and promotion of thethe role of COO and artistic and editorial games, bringing his wealth of experience in thedirector. sector for the benefit of the company.Philippe is a fan of images and games of allsorts, from the simplest card games to themost complex MMOs. BOARD GAMES • CARD GAMES • VIDEO GAMES • GAMING PRODUCTS 20 of 23
  21. 21. Anne-Sophie Guessoum Vincentiu Dioanca-Adam Yann BelloirProducer, scriptwriter & game designer Programmer – prototyping manager Communication / PR yann@funforgedigital.comAfter studying law, Anne-Sophie joined the "Vincent," as the FUNFORGE team prefers to A professional Press Card-bearing journalist,Paris digital cluster "CAPITAL GAMES" where call him, is a programmer who has always been Yann has always loved games.she was project manager for member studios a fan of video games and who, after growing up He received a degree from the Institutand publishers. and becoming frustrated at not being able to Pratique de Journalisme in 2002, and very find the studies he wanted to pursue inShe then joined the marketing department at soon turned towards games and the related Romania, opted to emigrate to France to finishUBISOFT, where she was in charge of events press. his training in video games at the school ISARTorganization. DIGITAL. In that capacity he held various positions asAfter a brief period spent with the agency editor, editorial secretary, and editor-in-chief Holder of a Masters in Imaging (IMA), VincentV.M.A, Anne-Sophie went freelance, for several general public magazines. finished his education in the Game Design andspecializing in video game script writing (her Programming department at ISART DIGITAL. Among the many publications he has workedlongtime interest) and design. on are the magazines Film(s), Séries TV, Manga Adoring his enthusiasm, courage, desire, andAnne-Sophie was part of the FUNFORGE Kids (published by Tournon-Semic), Spidey, technical ability, the FUNFORGE team decidedDIGITAL team at its creation, taking charge of Scooby-Doo, Comic Box (published by to give Vincent a chance to join the team. Hedesign and concept with Philippe Nouhra. PANINI), and Press Start (published by WT&T). has since been in charge of prototyping gameShe currently develops the story content and modules used to test concepts in order to Yann joined the FUNFORGE team in 2011 togame mechanics, and manages external provide external sub-contractors stable work on both corporate and product-specificproduction team monitoring. development bases. communication and media relations. BOARD GAMES • CARD GAMES • VIDEO GAMES • GAMING PRODUCTS 21 of 23
  22. 22. Eddy Neveu Xavier Guennifey-DurinTechnical Art Director Art Director - Concept xavier@funforgedigital.comSelf-taught, very early on Eddy turned towards With a two-year degree in design, Xavierlearning 3D design. He was soon spotted by enrolled in studies in narrative design at theIMAGES SERVICES in 1988, where he renowned school PIVAUT.worked as a CG Artist for eight years on anumber of titles, gaining solid experience. With In 2007 he went freelance, initially mainlythis experience under his belt, in 1996 he was working on figurine concepts - in particular forhired by CRYO INTERACTIVE as Art Director. Alkemy from KRAKEN EDITIONS.Seven years later, Eddy set up as a freelance 3D Taken on in 2009 by Philippe Nouhra, he wasartist, and soon achieved success: he was called the illustrator for the board game Isla Dorada, aon to work on a large number of successful resounding success that led him to more worktitles (Peter Jackson’s King Kong, Cold Fear, with major game companies. He illustratedTomb Raider Legend, Still Life 2, Top Spin, Moto Bugs&Co and Seasons for LIBELLUD, la courseGP 07, among others) for major companies like aux étoiles for LE SCORPION MASQUÉ as well asUBISOFT. In 2009, as Senior 3D Artist, he collectors’ card games (Eredan for FEERIK,worked on titles that were successful Drakerz for PEOLEO, Wakfu for ANKAMA). Heworldwide, such as the series Raving Rabbids. also worked on the digital version of Isla Dorada.A recognized expert with a variety of software,Eddy joined FUNFORGE DIGITAL in January Xavier joined the FUNFORGE DIGITAL team at2012 to take over the implementation of the the start of 2012 to take over the art directionentire graphic production pipeline. and concept design. BOARD GAMES • CARD GAMES • VIDEO GAMES • GAMING PRODUCTS 22 of 23
  23. 23. 38 rue Charlot75003 PARIS, FRANCETel. FUNFORGE: +33 (0)1 77 18 38 95Tel. DIGITAL: +33 (0)1 75 50 40 59Webwww.funforge.frwww.funforgedigital.comTwitter@FUNFORGE@FUNFORGEDIGITALFacebookFUNFORGEFUNFORGE DIGITAL BOARD GAMES • CARD GAMES • VIDEO GAMES • GAMING PRODUCTS 23 of 23