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videoconferencing with doctors
talk to doctors
send files to doctors
access doctors from mobile phones
e medicine
e healthcare
web based videoconferencing
internet based medicine
e prescription
rural healthcare
medical diagnostic devices
remote healthcare
affordable healthcare

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  1. 1. The world had reached the 7 billion mark
  2. 2. So More are Going to Suffer from Chronic Diseases
  3. 3. More Rural Population are going to suffer from Chronic and other Future Diseases
  4. 4. More Urban People will have Heart Disease and Chronic Disease at a Lesser Age
  5. 5. What is the Potential way to SCREEN PEOPLE at the earliest and take preventive steps
  6. 6. The Rural Population will still be more then Urban even in 2050.
  7. 7. Urban Population will rapidly grown in Asia, Africa and Latin Americas adding more people to LIFESTYLE DISORDERS
  8. 8. Millions of Rural People are DEPRIVED of Good Quality Healthcare due to Less Doctors and Specialists
  9. 9. 3 Billion People on Earth Still Find It Difficult to Get an Easy access to Transport Bad ROADS, Unavailability of VEHICLES Difficult TERRAINS
  10. 10. Rural Healthcare Faces Lot Of Problems 1. Fewer DOCTORS 2. Very Few SPECIALISTS 3. Very Few MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS 4. Higher PATIENT FLOW 5. Rise of SPURIOUS MEDICINES & QUACKSRural centers
  11. 11. The Continuous Innovation in Medical Science and The Rise of DifferentBranches of Specialization Leading Every Doctor to Aspire to Become a Specialized Doctor and Resulting in Movement to Urban Areas.
  12. 12. Concentration of Doctors and Specialists in Urban Areas
  13. 13. Doctors Are Migrating to Urban Areas For a Better Living
  14. 14. Rural Healthcare Problems Difficult Living Conditions for DOCTORS Knowledge Resources are Limited Advanced Machines are LimitedAdministration and Patient Care are Combined for Doctors
  15. 15. How to SOLVE the Healthcare Problems in Both the Rural and Urban Areas? We Think of Going the Digital WayE Healthcare technologies can be able to solve the problems to some extent
  16. 16. What we had planned to solve the Issue of Specialists in Rural Areas ? What is our plans to solve the Urban patients problem ?
  17. 17. Providing Direct Contact with DOCTORS , With country and language options for easy communication Having direct videoconferencing over internet
  18. 18. For Rural Masses a very simple E plus clinic Where we are using 1. Computer (dual core processor) 2. A 19’ inch LED Monitor. 3. A Printer, Scanner, Xerox combined. 4. A Broadband Internet Connection. 5. A 12 megapixel camera set. 6. A Medical Diagnostic Kit.
  19. 19. Rural Patient can come to the E PLUS CLINICset up where they can be easily connected to the specialists according to their needs.
  20. 20. E plus clinic can use a fixed computer or a laptop with 3g connections
  21. 21. At our e plus clinic every kind of patient can be treated 1.Heart and Lung sounds canbe transferred to the doctors 2. Temperature 3. Oxygen Saturation 4. Blood Pressure 5. Electrocardiogram can be recorded and transferred.
  22. 22. How Our System WorksHow patient and doctors get connected
  23. 23. Doctors can get connected from the Central Office , even from their homes, work places , clinics and hospitals.
  24. 24. Talk to your doctors in your own language, country specific and specialty specific through our website www.eplusclinic.com