eHealth Program - Advanced Concepts


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eHealth Program - Advanced Concepts

  1. 1. www.healthfore.comHealthForeAdvanced Concepts in eHealth &eHealth SolutionsPartners:30th April 20131mHealth Program
  2. 2. Ghana• Population 24.4 mn• Enhanced focus on healthcare since 1997 with thegoal to increase the % of population utilizing qualifiedhealth personnel from 30% to 50%• Physical Infrastructure– Healthcare Expenditure is 8.3 % of GDP– Spending by private sector is 48% and public sector is 52%– 0.9 beds/1,000 population against a world average of 2.61and WHO norm of 3.9 beds/ 1,000 population– One third of the population lives 5 kms away from thenearest health facility• Health Insurance– A high 80% of patients visiting private hospital havecoverage– Claims processing is very lengthy• Medical Personnel– 0.1 Physicians per 1,000 against a world average of 1.5– 1.0 Nurses per 1,000 against world average of 3.3• Unequal Distribution – the urban versus rural divide– In rural Ghana, consulting a doctor takes an average of 4hrs. and costs 8 times more then elf-medicationIndia• Population 1,241 mn• Physical Infrastructure– Healthcare expenditure 5.1% of GDP– Spend by private sector is 80% and public sector is 20%– 0.86 beds/1,000 population– 1 mn deaths/ yr due to inadequate healthcare facilities• Health Insurance– 80% expenditure borne by the patients– Private Health insurance a mere 3%; State bears 12%• Medical Personnel– 1.2 Physician per 1,000 population– 0.9 Nurses per 1,000 population• Unequal Distribution – the urban versus rural divide– Over 700 mn people have no access to specialists care– 80% of the specialists live and work in urban areasHealthcare Sector: Challenges2
  3. 3. Common Problems & Growing3Population GrowthAgeing PopulationRisingHealthcareSpendPatientCentricIntegratedCareConnectedHealthcareStandards &Interoperability26540 23 10848194 68 300200400600800100020052011NCD (# in ‘000s)
  4. 4. Challenges: Priorities are ChangingImprove PatientCare/Safety/Satisfaction4Gain OperationalEfficienciesMeet RegulatoryObligations
  5. 5. Challenge: IT is more Complex5More Integrated OperationsMore NetworksMore DevicesMore Virtualization on Demand
  6. 6. Patient Centric Healthcare6ConnectedCoordinationCollaborativeCARE
  7. 7. eHealth Solutions7
  8. 8. eGov Phase II Healthcare Drivers• Mobile Phone penetration in Ghana is > 100% (number of mobile phones is more than the populationbecause multi-SIM’ing is common)• 62% of the disease burden in Ghana is still communicable diseases, maternal and prenatal conditions andnutrition deficiencies; 31% is NCD and 7% injuries relatedSub-Sharan Africa accounts for 11% of the world’s population yet bears 24% of the global diseaseburden and commands < 1% of global health expenditureOpportunities that can be addressed by ICT1. Enhance CHPS (Community-based HealthPlanning & Services) initiative through mobilehealth (mHealth) services2. Strengthen healthcare Communication systemthrough ICT to enable faster flow ofinformation, better governance and effectivedecision making3. Reduce load on institution care througheffective disease prevention and control atcommunity level4. Improve access to quality maternal, neonataland child care to reduce IMR/ MMRExamples & Case StudiesMother & ChildTracking System(MCTS)Outreach DiseaseSurveillanceProgram (ODSP)MediPhoneHealthline24x7Tele-Radiology8
  9. 9. Mediphone is a 24X7 “Doctor on Phone” service for 186 mn Airtel subscribers, backed byinternationally renowned clinical decision support system from Medibank, AustraliaMediPhone empowers people to get medical advice over the phone, at the time of theirchoice irrespective of location. Running since Nov 2011, the service offers:• Medical advice including self-care, doctor’s consultation and/or medication• Accredited medical professionals & doctors to ensure right diagnosis• Prescription by SMS/ email• Psychological and Diet Counseling9
  10. 10. 10Doctor On PhoneProvider Comparison and EvaluationHealth AlertsMedicine InformationDisease InformationSpecialist selection systemAppoint SchedulingHealth UpdateFirst of its kind round the clock, technology enabled,independent healthcare information services platform,positioned to transform healthcare by addressing thebasic issues of: • 60,000+ registered home users• 24x7 Operations across 13 cities• 150,000 registered healthcare providers0% 4%8%73%15%EmergencyInformation on diseasesInformation on MedicineSearch SelectSymptom to Specialist
  11. 11. MCTS Agents, Paramedics andDoctors calling the beneficiariesHigh RiskPregnanciesLow RiskPregnanciesMonthly callfor high riskcases.Total 9 calls.Mother & Child Beneficiaries receive callsand reminders as per predefined scheduleProposed MCTS Call Center- Approach9 AM – 6 PM OperationsAdvanced reminder fordue MCH servicesImproved ComplianceReduced Maternal &Infant MortalitySaves Lives!!MCTS Database of phone number & othermandatory details for work planInformation extract of Pregnant womenand childrenMCTS PortalHealthFore CRMChildrenCall at everyANC visit,before & afterdelivery.Total of 5 calls.2 calls forOPV/DPT and 1call forMeasles.Total of 3 callsHealthcare professionals/Hospitals/ CHC etc.11
  12. 12. Screening conducted at PHCsPatient Details capture – EMRID generationSamples processed at GujaratLaboratories (Partner)Cards and Reports Issued toPHCReporting DashboardsSpot TestIssue of Appropriate CardOutreach Disease SurveillanceSickle Cell Screening12
  13. 13. INTERNETBilling Diagnostic TestPerformed by TechnicianSRL Radiologist 1SRL Radiologist …SRL Radiologist 2Guwahati Central DataCenterTechnicianTeleradiology ImageserverPatientTele-Radiology13Objective: Use ICT to overcomelack of staff and expertise inproviding Radiology servicesScope: Tele-radiology services in11 district hospitals, withcentralized reportingAcross 11 Regional Diagnostic Centers covering 14.9 mn citizens in State of Assam
  14. 14. Healthfore PositioningExtending the Point of Care© Religare Technologies Ltd.Tele-HealthInstitutional Care•Patient Care & Advice•WellnessMediPhone•Health InformationHealthline 24x 7•MCTS•Tele-Radiology•Disease SurveillanceOther Solutions•HIS•RIS•PACS•ERP•KioskMagnum infinityEMREHRHIEPHRIntegrated, Patient Centric Continuum Healthcare Solutions14
  15. 15. • Healthcare segment is complex business and an important partof every country’s economy• Medical industry has seen path breaking innovations both inthe area of medical procedures as well as medical equipment• Common Problems and Challenges loom in healthcare acrossthe world primarily to do with lack of accessibility, affordabilityand awareness• ICT and mHealth integrated with traditional care methods arethe only way to bridge the growing healthcare divide• Standardization and Inter-operability, security and privacy aregoing to play a critical role in adoption of patient-centricintegrated healthcare15To Summarize
  16. 16. Thank YouPankaj Vaish(m) +91 965 443 5656pankaj.vaish@healthfore.com16