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  1. 1. During the construction of my media product I learnt a lot about technologies, one thing that I was really proud of was I learnt how to use a Mac which I did not have any clue about how to use before but whilst using programs and internet etc… I got the hang of it.<br />Our project involved a lot of technology use, firstly we were all given a camera per group, I was able to use a camera already as I did GCSE media, however whilst using the camera I did learn new things like how to record over old footage and insert effects within my footage using just the camera. In order to edit we had to use a camera to film our footage and then upload it using a Ethernet cable onto the Mac’s, the mac was helpful as when you upload footage to the mac it directly goes onto a program called Final Cut Pro.<br />
  2. 2. Secondly, Final Cut Pro is a program that let’s you edit all your favourite footage and store it, whilst using final cut pro I learnt how to add effects and add freeze frame’s etc… I believe final cut pro is an excellent program to use for editing as it is not that complex as other programs. Another two programs that I believe was really good on the Mac for our project were Motion and garage band. Motion lets you customize text and add it into your film over footage, this helped a lot as we were able to add credits and titles for our film opening. Garage band is a program that lets you edit music and make your own tracks, this program provides you will all sorts of sounds which sound really good and also helped me as a sound producer for our group.<br />
  3. 3. Finally, We had to use the internet to do research on websites like IMDB to look into rom-com’s and their attributes, we also had to use websites like facebook and twitter to advertise our film opening in order for our film gain awareness, to do that we had to upload our film onto the internet via vimeo which is a useful website that lets you share video’s.<br />I think most of our effort went towards technologies during this project as I learnt more about technology throughout this whole project.<br />