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Auth0 e-0603


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Auth 0 Night!! on June 3rd 2019

Published in: Technology
  • I still can't believe how great this worked. My drill battery, several AA and AAA batteries, and my camera battery work great again! This is super fun to do too. ◆◆◆
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Auth0 e-0603

  1. 1. © COPYRIGHT 2019 FIXER Inc. Expectation to Auth0 Japan 〜 mainly as an Executive Advisor to the Government CIO, Japan 〜 Shotaro Suzuki Technical Fellow, Evangelist FIXER Inc. Executive Advisor to the Government CIO Cabinet Secretariat, Japan
  2. 2. © COPYRIGHT 2019 FIXER Inc. Shotaro Suzuki FIXER Inc. Technical Fellow, Evangelist Executive Advisor to the Government CIO Japan (Cabinet Secretariat & Ministry of Justice) Ex-Microsoft Technical Evangelist (DPE → DX) Follow me! @shosuz
  3. 3. © COPYRIGHT 2019 FIXER Inc. ■会社名 株式会社FIXER ■所在地 東京本社 名古屋事業所 FIXERクラウドセンター(三重) ⾦沢事業所 FIXER Technologies, Inc. (⽶国) ■設⽴ 2009年11⽉6⽇ ■代表取締役社⻑ 松岡 清⼀ ■関連会社 ドラゴン東京 FIXER Inc. Company Overview
  4. 4. © COPYRIGHT 2019 FIXER Inc. IoT Platform ⾃然⾔語処理のLegal Tech応⽤、 対話型エージェントの開発 AI / Machine Learning クラウドの利点をフル活⽤できる 5G時代のデータ収集・転送・分析 プラットフォームの開発 MaaS (Mobility as a Service) サービス開発 クラウドバンキングの開発から、 デジタル時代の銀⾏のビジネスと システムアーキテクチャデザイン Fintech cloud.config - Managed Cloud DevOps Services (Core Product) Fintech/MaaS Services Development (Enterprise Customers) AI/Machine Learning and IoT Platform (R & D) Services Overview of FIXER Inc. 先端技術開発 マネージド サービス マルチモーダルサービス対応の アプリ開発、⾃動運転時代の データプラットフォーム開発 Lift & Shift クラウド移⾏の 難易度・効果を クイックに診断、 プランをご提案 cloud.config 設計・監視・運⽤ ・保守を24/7⽀援 するフルネージド サービス cloud.config Portal プロビジョニング からスケーリング までを⾃動化する 管理ポータル
  5. 5. © COPYRIGHT 2019 FIXER Inc. ◆2018年 ・Microsoft Japan Partner of the Year Financial Services Award 受賞 ◆2017年 ・Microsoft Worldwide Partner Award 受賞 ◆2016年 ・⽇本から唯⼀、Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conferenceにブース出展 ・Microsoft「AppSource」にて、⽇本市場初のサービス提供開始 ◆2015年 ・⽶国Microsoftが選出する⽇本第1号の 「Microsoft Azure Cloud Solution Provider」に認定 ・Microsoft MVP Awardを社員2名が受賞 (Data Platform[Azure Machine Learning]カテゴリー) ◆2013年、2014年 ・「Microsoft Japan Partner of the Year」受賞 Microsoft Partnership and Awards
  6. 6. © COPYRIGHT 2019 FIXER Inc. Agenda • Becoming the worldʼs most advanced IT nation • The Digital First Act was passed by the Diet last month. • Introducing Government CIO Portal • Discussion Paper edited by Executive Advisors to the Gov. CIO • Expectation
  7. 7. © COPYRIGHT 2019 FIXER Inc. Activities of Government of Japan • 世界最先端デジタル 国家創造宣⾔ • 官⺠データ活⽤推進 基本計画 • デジタル・ガバメント 推進⽅針 • デジタル・ガバメント 実⾏計画 世界最先端デジタル国家 実⾏計画が ⽬指すもの (ToBe)
  8. 8. © COPYRIGHT 2019 FIXER Inc. 【Advancements in network infrastructure】 ● Wired: Up to 1 to 10 Gbps (fiber optics) Wireless: Up to more than 500 Mbps (4G) (5G (characterized by ultra- high speed (10 Gbps) with multiple connections accommodated) is expected by 2020) ● Utilization of cloud services 2001 【Creating an environment to enable ultra-high-speedaccess and utilization in approximately three years 】 (prioritizing IT utilization) From this point onwards, reviews of iterations of strategy undertaken Developmentsin IT-related technologiesand changes in the usage environment over the last decade ●Due to such environmental changes, the utilization of various and vast data has been giving fresh impetus to the AI boom and led to advancements in terms of the development of robots and drones. (Data utilization going beyond the ability of humans to process such data is also becomingpossible) ⇒ By sharing and utilizing online knowledge and wisdom for various different situations and conditions, it will be possible to transform our lives and Japanese industries. (As Japan becomes a society in which the birthrate is decreasing and the population is aging at exceptional rates, sharing and utilizing online knowledge will help offset reductions in the size of the productive-age population, preserve the knowledge and wisdom possessed by the elderly for future generations (by providing the elderly with opportunities to once again play an active part in society), and enable local small and medium-sized companies to be revitalized.) 【Usage environment】 ● Enterprises: At some enterprises and in some industrial sectors, there have been advancements in data utilization and data linkages (including in terms of standardization). ● Individual level: Individuals are better able to transmit information and there isa greater volume of personal data in existence thanks to the emergence of smartphones and wearableterminals. ● IoT: The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming more widespread (sensor technologies are becoming miniaturized, more lightweight, andcheaper) Initiatives of the central and localgovernments ● Promoting a policy to become the world’s most advanced IT nation Given outcomes to date: • Information system reforms, Business Process Reengineering(BPR) (operating costs to be reduced by 30 percent, number of systemsto be reduced by 60percent) (standardizing personnel and payroll systems and travel expenses systems and more) • System for publicly disclosing farmland information • Promoting the adoption of cloud functions by localgovernments • Adopting the Individual Numbersystem • Promoting Open Data • Promoting the sharing of information during disasters with the use of SNS, and more 2013 2050 and beyond A declaration to be the world’s most advanced IT nation formulated 2016 Basic Act Concerning the Promotion of the Utilization of Public and Private Sector Data comes into force 2017 Basic plan for the advancement of public and private sector data utilization formulated 2020 ▲2020: Tokyo Olympic/Paralympic Games 2060: Aging rate of approx. 40 percent (est.) As Japan becomes a society in which the birthrate is decreasing and the population is aging at exceptional rates, eight fields are hereby designated as priority fields ((1) Digital Government(2) Healthcare, Medical, and Nursing care(3) Tourism(4) Finance (5) Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries(6) Manufacturing(7) Infrastructure, Disaster Prevention, and Disaster Mitigation(8) Mobility) in light of a number of issues that should be addressed on an intensive basis (economic recovery and fiscal soundness, local revitalization, and the securing of safety and security). As we look to the future, we will promote measures that should be taken on a priority basis in each field by 2020 while maintaining a focus on cross-sectoral data linkages. Advent of the era of the mass circulation of data Creating a society in which people are enriched by data (society with public and private sector data utilization) 2003 e-Japan Strategy II e-Japan Strategy (Includes the development of ultra-high-speed network infrastructure, the development of rules governing electronic commerce-type transactions and electronic government, and the cultivation of human resources) Basic plan for the advancement of public and private sector data utilization By formulating and promoting the Basic Plan for the Advancement of Public and Private Sector Data utilization, a model of a society in which all citizens can benefit without having to be aware of the utilization of IT and data and in which true prosperity can be perceived will be achieved ahead of any other country on the globe. (* We seek to help international organizations, business enterprises, and groups collectively aspire to lead the world in terms of various IT-relatedrankings.) – The utilization of data linkages and AI will enable effective, efficient, high-quality Healthcare, Medical, and Nursing care services to be realized and a society in which citizens can remain active their entire lives to be created. – By utilizing data, productivity will be increased and a profitable agricultural sector will be established. – Automated driving will be achieved through linkages of public and private sector data for dynamic maps and other such applications and the development of systems in order to bring about the world’s safest, smoothest traffic society. 1 Outline of the Declaration to Be the World’s Most Advanced IT Nation / Basic Plan for the Advancement of Public and Private Sector Data Utilization Part 1: Entering a new phase in Japan’s IT strategy (creating a society in which people are enriched by data) ~Becoming the world’s most advanced IT nation according to a basic plan for the advancement of public and private sector data utilization~
  9. 9. © COPYRIGHT 2019 FIXER Inc. Developing a platform to enable cross-sectorallinkages (including data standardization (lexicon, code, text, and more), API, and authentication functions) • Investigating the development of a platform to enable cross-sectoral linkages • Establishing a platform for linking agriculturaldata • Promoting the release of a banking system API (external connections) • Promoting the sharing of disaster information by the central and local governments and business enterprises Administration (central) Administration (local) Citizens Measures to address the digitaldivide • Producing templates for local plans and providing support for the formulation of plans • Developing an environment in local data utilization OpenData Article15(1) Article19 Article15(2) Information system reforms and operational reviews(BPR) Consistency between measures of the central government and measures of local governments Open Data (cooperativefields) Article14 • Developing systems for the implementation of so-called ‘Information Bank’ and data exchange market • Promoting cooperation with other countries with a view to developing an internationaldata- circulation environment (Japan-US, Japan-EU, G7, APEC, andothers) Individual Numbersystem Article 10 Principle of online applications for administrativeprocedures • Conducting a survey of administrative procedures (public-private, local government-private, private-private) • Collective development in line with the principle of providing onlineaccess • No longer necessary to submit copies of a residence certificate, copies of a family register, or certificates of registered matters for administrative procedures • Achieving efficiency and upgrading of medical insurance operations (such as the process for reviewing medical service fees) • Adopting IT and one-stop options for paperwork relating to social insurance and labor insurance • Promoting one-stop services pertaining to child-rearing, nursing care, succession, and other such life events Article 11 Promoting Open Data and the smooth circulation of data • Conducting a survey of administrative data owned by the central government and other parties • Organizing public-private round-table (to promote Open Data initiatives reflecting privatesector needs) • Promoting Open Data by Design • Promoting Open Data initiatives for information on restaurants and tourism matters that would be helpful to foreign tourists visiting Japan, etc. • Investigatingthemannerinwhichinformationpertainingtotrafficaccidentsandcrimesispublished Article 13 Disseminating and utilizing the IndividualNumber Card • Promoting utilization of the Individual Number Card as an identification card and otherwise for administrative and private-sector services (Roadmap to Promote the Utilization of Individual Number Cards) • Promoting the multifunctionalization of Individual Number Cards (such as through the utilization of the My Key platform) • Continuous utilization of public personal authentication functionsoverseas Developing rules data utilizationArticle12 • Promoting the development and securing of ultra-high-speed broadband for remote islands and other less-favored regions • Promoting the development of mobile phone areas in less-favored regions • Developing an environment for ensuring Internet accessibility • Digitalizing the entire administration through the central and local governments (including the adoption of a paper-less approach) • Adopting the principle of cloud-by-default • Reforming the government information system • Promoting Business Process Reengineering (BPR) based on a service design thinking • Formulating a government-wide implementation plan based on the Digital Government Strategy(2017), and formulating medium- to long-term strategic plans for ministries and agencies (first half of 2018) Article 16 Research anddevelopment • Promoting research and development concerning next-generation artificial intelligence technologies • Promoting initiatives based on the Public-Private ITS Initiative/Roadmap • Research and development work on and social testing of multilingual audio translation technology Articles 17, 18 Cultivating personnel and public awareness • Cultivating personnel with expert knowledge and skills concerning datautilization • Systematic cultivation of security and IT personnel • Cultivating personnel capable of operating and managing IoTnetworks • Promotingthe widespreadadoption of programming education • Promotingthe widespreadadoption of sharing-economyservices • Promotingthe widespreadadoption of teleworking ※Parentheses denote measures in any of the eight priority fields. 2 Part 2: Basic Plan for the Advancement of Public and Private Sector Data utilization (basic measures under the Basic Act Concerning the Promotion of the Utilization of Public and Private Sector Data)
  10. 10. © COPYRIGHT 2019 FIXER Inc. ・Distributionservices・Eliminatingtrafficjams and accidents Manned Unmanned (automatic driving system) (Platooning on expressways) (Deliveries with the use ofdrones) ○ Achieving the world’s safest, smoothest transportation society Road traffic Transportinggoods ・Improvingconveniencefor users by upgrading drivingdata ・Environmentalmeasuresin urban areas Movement ofpeople Publictransit (analysis of driving video based on the use of AI) for a shrinking population Location data (such as probe information on the transportationof people and goods) Mapdatalayer Illustratingtheadvantagestocitizensandbusinessenterprisesimpartedbymeasurestakeninpriorityfields - Reviewing the plan on a rapid, timely basis through the PDCA cycle • Reviewing issues that should be further addressed in the course of implementing the initial plan, new issues that could not be conceived under the initial plan, and the need to revise or add KPIs in accordance with future technological trends and the needs of citizens and businessenterprises; • Periodically evaluating outcomes and the effectiveness of measures and conducting reviews based on theseoutcomes. Present Issues as seen fromthe perspective ofcitizens Formulating the Basic Plan for the Advancement of Public and Private Sector Data Utilization ○Principle of providing online access foradministrative procedures (Article 10) (1) Cross-sectoral measures that should be implemented ona priority basis ○ ○ measure × × measure (2)Measures that should be implemented on a prioritybasis within a priority field 【… field】 ▲▲measure (Ministry A) 【××field 】 ● ● measure (Ministry B) ○ Promoting Open Data (Article11) … ○ Dissemination and raisingawareness The followingis to be statedfor each measure: ✓Key initiatives todate ✓Issues and futureorientation ✓Deadlines, schedule,KPI ✓Benefits for citizens and business enterprises (Stated in quantitativeterms as much as possible) Future (Illustrating benefits and advantages accruing to citizens and business enterprises) Healthcare, Medical, and Nursingcare Mobility And more… 3 Agriculture, forestry, andfisheries To transform into attractiveindustriesthat appeal to potentialemployees! Achieving agriculturethat is easy toundertake! Improving yieldsand qualitythroughtheuse of data! Greater efficiency through the consolidation offarmland! Workload can beeased and the scalecan also be expanded! For stabilized, profitablefarming! Farm-operating supportapps foundation Efficientproduction and stabletransactions consistentwith supplyand demand! Expanding saleschannels to overseasmarkets! Linking with other fields! (Generating newbusinesses) ・Work-assistancesuits ・Tiesto agriculturefor medical healthfoods Use ofAI Automatically operating farm machinery Obtaining environmental Farming data-linked information remotely with the use ofsensors Convertingexpertise into profit! (Providing the knowledge and wisdom of practical farmers) System for publicly disclosing information on farmland This diet is the best suited in terms of yourdaily lifestyle andexam values! Medical Effective treatments and medication through the use of remote technologiesand based on AI and other supportingevidence I’llbecared byboth doctors and members of the nursingstaff♪ Healthcare Utilizing AI to provide health-relatedadvicein line with each individual’sdailylifestyle and physicalfitness Nursing care Preventing increase in severity of illness,tailoredto individual Support based on the use of AI and robots Discoveringand findingplaces at nursing-care facilitiesaccordingto need It’s time to take yourmedication. I found a facility that I want tomove into! This treatment and medication are optimal for someone withyour profile. Assistance- providing robots ・Societyin which the elderlycan freely move about in localareas + support for pedestrians Privatesector Data (cooperative fields) Data Linked with otherfields Utilizing AI Consolidating and amassing dataand engaging in R&D Administration (central) Linked Administration (local) ・Enhance added value ・Enhance creativity ・Streamlining of work and the provision of aid by robots Aging (providing opportunities for participation and reforming ways in which wework) The young,women, and the disabled (reforming ways in which we work) AI, IoT, other technologies and the sharing of public and private sector data ・ Utilizing the Social Security and Tax NumberSystem (disseminating cards, public personal identification service, corporation numbers) ・ System reforms based on operational reviews(BPR) ・ Cross-sectoral platform based on data standardization, common lexicon, API linkages ・ Developing rules governing so-called information banks, data exchange markets, and intellectual property; and more
  11. 11. © COPYRIGHT 2019 FIXER Inc. The Digital First Act was passed by the Diet on 2019.5.24
  12. 12. © COPYRIGHT 2019 FIXER Inc. Government promotes “Cloud by default" Principle • 【⽅針2-3】プラットフォームの共⽤化と⺠間サービスの活⽤ • 効率的かつ効果的なプラットフォームの整備を⾏うため、共⽤化を前提とし た共通システムや共通サービスの整備及び拡充を推進する。業務やデータの 標準化等の業務改⾰を進めながら、府省共通システムの継続的な充実及び強 化や⾃治体クラウドの⼀層の推進に取り組む。 • 全国同⼀⽔準での提供が求められる地⽅公共団体等のサービスについて、各 主体において個別に情報システムの整備を⾏うのではなく、⾃治体クラウド 等 への集約化を推進する。加えて、クラウドの広域化やグループ同⼠の統合 等を 進め、機能の共⽤化を促進する。 • プラットフォームの共⽤化の⼀環として、⾏政機関におけるテレワーク・リ モート アクセス環境の共通化等、⽣産性の向上や多様なワークスタイルを実 現する共通インフラの整備を推進する。 • 情報システムの導⼊に当たっては、全ての機能を⾏政⾃らが構築するという ⾃ 前主義に拘泥するのではなく、⺠間クラウドや⺠間サービスを積極的に活 ⽤し、⾏政機関が全てを保有・管理する形態から必要なものを必要な期間だ け利⽤ するという考え⽅へ転換する。これによって、最新技術の早期かつ適 時の導⼊ や投資対効果の向上を実現する。国において直接保有・管理する必 要がある 政府情報システムについては、標準化・共通化を図るとともに、投 資対効果の 検証を徹底した上で、政府共通プラットフォームへの移⾏を推進 する。 12 • 国際的な動向を⾒ながら、 プラットフォームの共通 化を再検討する必要あり • クラウド⽅針を作成 (CIO 補佐官技術タスク フォース) • データ分析やプロジェク ト管理等、汎⽤機能での ⺠間サービスの積極的活 ⽤(CIO 補佐官)
  13. 13. © COPYRIGHT 2019 FIXER Inc. Discussion Paper edited by Executive Advisors to Government CIO located on the corner of Technology Taskforce on the Gov. CIO Portal
  14. 14. © COPYRIGHT 2019 FIXER Inc. (参考)3.アプリケーション設計・開発における考え⽅ ½ (Reference) 3. Concept in application design and development 1/2 パブリック・クラウド利⽤時の考え⽅ (従来の考え⽅) システム設計 クラウドサービスのリファレンスアーキテクチャをベースとする Recommendation for using Reference Architecture and Codes published from Cloud Vendors 様々な技法・⼿法や、これまでの経験をベースとする Experience, Routine Method, Intuitive? 開発量の削減 SaaS、PaaS、マネージドサービス等を利⽤する Utilizing Managed Servies – SaaS, PaaS, etc. パッケージや超⾼速開発ツール等を適⽤する Own Package, RAD Tools, etc. データベース マネージドサービスの DB を利⽤する (スケールアップ・スケールアウト可能) ライセンスを購⼊して個別に DB サーバを構築する BI マネージドサービスの BI を利⽤する ライセンスを購⼊して個別に BI 環境を構築する システム間インタフェース 疎結合、⾮同期を前提に、API 管理ツールで⼀元管理を⾏う Asyc based API management tools to construct 個別に設計・実装 Individually サービス指向 マネージドサービスのマイクロサービス(サーバレス)を 利⽤する Using Managed Services on Public cloud – microservices, serverless 個別にサービス化を⾏う Indivudually i環境変化への姿勢 環境変化を当然と捉えて、前向きに対応する。 アジャイル開発を積極的に取り⼊れ、コンテナ等の DevOps も想定する 環 境変化を必要悪と捉えて、やむを得ず対応する引⽤:パブリック・クラウドを利⽤した情報システムにおける計画・構築時の基本的な考え⽅ Quotation: Basic concept in planning and construction of information system using public cloud
  15. 15. © COPYRIGHT 2019 FIXER Inc. Smart hotels 360 Microsoft’s Reference Architecture for Microservices App Dev.
  16. 16. © COPYRIGHT 2019 FIXER Inc. Hope Auth0 Japan issues reference architecture or guideline (docs, codes, and so on)
  17. 17. © COPYRIGHT 2019 FIXER Inc.