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180119 Digital Government in Japan


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Digital government strategy & policy

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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180119 Digital Government in Japan

  1. 1. Digital Government In Japan Government of Japan January, 2018 0
  2. 2. Contents 1 1. IT Strategy 2. Digital Government 3. Open Government 4. Open Data 5. Challenges Service for citizens Platform IT governance Transparency Participation Collaboration Interactive service Transparency Participation Collaboration New Service Basic data
  3. 3. Transitions in Japan’s population 2 (Sources) Figures to 2015 taken from the “National Census,” MIC (excluding the age-indeterminate population); figures for 2020 and beyond taken from “Population Projections for Japan (estimated in January 2012),” (medium fertility and medium mortality assumption) National Institute of Population and Social Security Research
  4. 4. Transitions in household ownership rates for IT devices 3 (Source) “Communications Usage Trend Survey,” MIC
  5. 5. State of Internet usage 4 (Source) “Communications Usage Trend Survey,” MIC Transitions in the number of Internet users and the penetration rate among the general population Internet usage by device (at the end of 2015) (Note) Figures indicate the percentage of people who accessed the Internet using the corresponding device during 2015. (Source) “Communications Usage Trend Survey,” MIC Speed of Internet Home: Fiber optic service with up to 1 Gbps speeds(NTT (May 2017)) Mobile: The maximum data rates of 300 Mbps for receiving and 50 Mbps for sending are available. (NTT docomo (May 2017))
  6. 6. State of online expenditures 5 (Source) “Results of the Survey of Household Economy,” MIC
  7. 7. Methodology of expenditures in daily life 6 0.0 10.0 20.0 30.0 40.0 50.0 60.0 70.0 80.0 90.0 100.0 Cash Credit card e Money Others Cash Credit card e Money Others Cash Credit card e Money Others <1,000yen 1,000yen< <5,000yen 5,000yen< <10,000yen 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Note: Multiple(2) answers
  8. 8. 1. IT STRATEGY 7
  9. 9. Vision: Society 5.0(Super Smart society)  Society5.0, Super Smart Society, is a society vision in Japan.  It is necessary to aim at “systemization” of services and businesses, system advancement, and coordination between multiple systems.  Therefore, we will promote the measures needed to develop a common platform for this goal (called “Society 5.0 Service Platform”), through collaboration between industry, academia, and government and the relevant government ministries.
  10. 10. Basic Act for IT  Basic Act on the Formation of an Advanced Information and Telecommunications Network Society (Jan. 2001) 9 Principles • Realization of a society that allows every citizen to reap the benefits of information and telecommunications technologies • Promotion of economic structural reforms and Reinforcement of international industrial competitiveness • Realization of comfortable and affluent lifestyles for citizens • Realization of vital local communities and improvement in the welfare of residents
  11. 11. Basic Act for Data  Basic Act on the Advancement of Utilizing Public and Private Sector Data (Dec. 2016) 1. Promoting ensuring of smooth circulation of information in combination with measures under the Basic Act on the Formation of an Advanced Information and Telecommunications Network Society, etc. 2. Contributing to the realization of a vigorous Japanese society by promoting the formation of self- reliant and unique local communities, creation of new businesses, reinforcement of international competitiveness, etc. 3. Contributing to the effective and efficient promotion of administration through planning and drawing of measures based on the information obtained through Public and Private Sector Data Utilization 10 Principles • In advancing Public and Private Sector Data Utilization, • Security and reliability must be ensured, and the rights and interests of the citizens, national security, etc. must be kept from being damaged • Further utilization of information and telecommunications technology in the fields that contribute to increasing convenience for citizens and administrative fields other than said fields • Development of the foundation to ensure appropriate utilization of Public and Private Sector Data while protecting the rights and interests of the citizens • Development of standards, securing of compatibility, and development of other foundations for ensuring coordination among a wide variety of actors • Utilization of AI, IoT, cloud, and other advanced technology
  12. 12. Legislations & Strategies IT Strategy • Declaration to be the World’s Most Advanced IT Nation (2017-5) Data Strategy • Basic Plan for the Advancement of Utilizing Public and Private Sector Data(2017-5) Digital Government Strategy • Policy for Digital government(2017-5) Open data Strategy • Policy for Open data(2017-5) Basic Act on the Formation of an Advanced Information and Telecommunications Network Society (Act No.144 of 2000) Basic Act on the Advancement of Utilizing Public and Private Sector Data (Act No.103 of 2016) IT ACT DATA ACT Others Privacy act Information disclosure act
  13. 13. E-Japan Strategy II (July 2003) New IT Reform Strategy (Jan2006) 2001– 2006– 2009 E-Japan Strategy (Jan 2001) Achieve an IT country on the cutting edge of the world by 2005 Achieve a society where anyone, can feel the benefits of IT anytime and anywhere in 2010 2010 Strive to create a citizen -driven reassuring & vibrant digital society i-Japan Strategy 2015 (July 2009) A New Strategy in IT (May 2010) Achieve transition to a citizen-driven society and a true knowledge -information society Transition of Japanese IT Strategy 2013 ~2020 Declaration to be the World’s Most Advanced IT Nation(June 2013, May 2017 revised) Achieve an IT country on the cutting edge of the world by 2020 Emphasis on IT utilization Driving forward the IT structural revolution Development of broadband infrastructure The benefits of digital technologies for all Establishment of a new society where the citizens hold sovereignty Eliminating Gridlock and Rejuvenating Japan 12 Basic Act for IT Basic Act for Data
  14. 14. IT Strategic Headquarters Prime Minister and All Ministers Government CIO Members from the Private Sector CIOs Council Government CIO Ministry CIOs A Ministry - CIO - Advisor to CIO B Ministry - CIO - Advisor to CIO C Ministry - CIO - Advisor to CIO ・ ・ ・ The Organization for Promoting e-Government  The GCIO was established in 2012 and it’s become institutional position in 2013. 13 e-Government Minister Meeting Chief Cabinet Secretary eGov Related ministers Government CIO Committees Vice CIO Staffs Executive Advisors to the Government CIO Government CIO Information Security Policy Council National Strategy office of IT Chief Strategist Chief Architect
  15. 15. Position of IT Strategic HQ and Recent Issues 14 Economic Growth E-Government • Data Driven Economy • Regulatory reform • Regional revitalization • Open Innovation etc. • National ID • Citizen-centric e-government services • IT investment reform (central, regional) • IT governance etc. Social Solutions • Health • Agriculture • Transportation • Disaster risk management • Energy management • Work style • Education & human resources etc. IT Strategic HQ Cybersecurity Strategic HQ Economy Revitalization HQ Council for Regulatory Reform Council for Science, Technology and Innovation ・・・ ・・・
  16. 16. IT Strategy related Organization •Strategy, Planning •Governance(Investment) IT HQ(National strategy office of IT) •Governance(Technical) •Government-wide platform services MIC(Central government) •Local government-wide platform MIC(Local government) •Technical support •Advanced project METI •Security NISC 15 GovernmentCIO IPA J-LIS MIC : Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications METI: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry NISC: National Information Security Center IPA : Information technology Promotion Agency (J-LIS is non-government organization)
  17. 17. DECLARATION TO BE THE WORLD’S MOST ADVANCED IT NATION 〈IT STRATEGY〉 June 14, 2013(May 30,2017 revised) Cabinet Decision 16
  18. 18. Vision and Key elements  Data – driven Society 1. Society which evolves for future • new legislations for accelerating IT utilization, rules for utilizing personal information, open data policy for problem-solving, etc. 2. Society with vigorous regions • promotion of the plan for regional revitalization through IT utilization, creation of IT start-up funds for regions, etc. 3. Society with security, safety • promotion of disaster risk management, etc.  Key elements Open data Digital culture Inclusive services National ID system Legislations and Rules for digital society Interoperability R&D and human resource management Central-Local government partnership 17
  19. 19. Government CIO & his team strongly promote the strategy  Transparency is one of the top priorities for the strategy. Based on the facts, we get a process going forward.  The GCIO held many hearings to the CIOs of all Ministries and program managers. Not only checking the progress of each program, we offer advice and help . 18
  20. 20. Disaster Industry Transportation HumanResource Rescue Robot Support Matching Stress Sensor Business Matching Factory Automation Business Support Robot Car Traffic Sensor Talent Management Mobile Work Agriculture eGov Service Search Temp. Sensor Agri. Robot Policy making Healthcare Standardization Open Data Personal Number , Corporate Number Personal Data Deregulation Search Sensor Global & Flexible Work Style Information Sharing Robot AI GIS Wearable Device Distributed Real Time Processing Vegetable FactoryMultilingual Guide Personal Health Data Bank Personalized web Service Smooth movement 3D Scanner/Printer Vigorous Old PersonLearning Everywhere Recognition IoT Big Data Analysis Agri. Data Vital Sensor Med. Robot Health Data Work Share How to coordinate projects IT Innovative Services Public SafetyCitizen-centric Public Services Society 19
  21. 21. Disaster Industry Transportation HumanResource Rescue Robot Support Matching Stress Sensor Business Matching Factory Automation Business Support Robot Car Traffic Sensor Talent Management Mobile Work Agriculture eGov Service Search Temp. Sensor Agri. Robot Policy make Healthcare Standardization Open Data Personal Number , Corporate Number Personal Data Deregulation Search Sensor Global & Flexible Work Style Information Sharing Robot AI Distributed Real Time Processing Vegetable FactoryMultilingual Guide IT Personal Health Data Bank Personalized web Service Smooth movement Vigorous Old PersonLearning Everywhere Recognition IoT Big Data Analysis Innovative ServicesCitizen-centric Public Services Agri. Data Vital Sensor Med. Robot Health Data Work Share Common Technology Cross-Domain Service How to coordinate projects GIS Wearable Device 3D Scanner/Printer Society Public Safety 20
  22. 22. eGov. Agriculture Healthcare Disaster Industry Transportati on Human Resource Open Data Personal / Corporate ID Personal Data - Service - Platform - Governance - National-Local - Open Gov. eGovernment working group IT staffs Data Support program info. Info. analysisUse Case IT Society ID Search Info. sharing Info. analysis AI Mobile Citizen-centric Seamless Agile Participation Collaboration Global Daily life Industry eGov is platform for Social, Economic and Environmental sustainability. 21
  23. 23. Technology Challenge in the strategy 22 Sensoring Technologies Networks Services Sensor Memo 「Caution! Car from the right side . Walker from the left side」 「Caution! Car and walkers!」 「 Caution! Car from the left side 」 Right turn Right turn Walker Walker Left Turn Go straight Go straight
  24. 24. Our Results (include ongoing action) Consolidate Information Systems • Government-wide office system was established Increase Transparency (IT dashboard) • IT dashboard provides all IT investments Information to citizens. Increase Interoperability • Japanese-character-set was completed. Terminology project Published framework and vocabulary. Reduce IT Investment • Budget interviews for IT investments was held Launch New Services • Data Catalog site was launched and web reform plan was conducted Change the mindset of the stakeholders • Citizen-centric approach Enhance PDCA • Gateway reviews 23
  26. 26. Overview 25 Platform for harnessing data across industries (Data standardization (Data, Code, Character)、API、Authentication) Industries Inclusive services ・ R&D ・ Training・Promotion • Promotion of On-line application • Business Transformation Open data Collaboration between Central and Local government ID for citizens and enterprises Rules for harnessing data ・Information Bank ・Information Market Central GovernmentLocal government
  27. 27. Strategy / Policy Rule Organization Business Data harness functions Data Data broker function Asset Sensor, Actuator, Hardware, Network Gathering, Integration, Cleansing, Device management Data definition, Data model, Code Catalogue, Search, AI, Analysis Business process Business Rule Coordination Team Legislation Regulation Vision Priority domain Security/Authentication Lifecycle Society 5.0 Reference Architecture  Society 5.0 Reference architecture is the basic model for harnessing data. Society5.0(“Super Smart Society”) is a society vision in Japan.
  28. 28. 2. DIGITAL GOVERNMENT 27
  29. 29. History of e-Government actions 28 2018 Digital Government Action Plan
  30. 30. Past-Present-Future Implementation Master plan IT Governance Reform Acquisition reform Architecture Project management Human Resource Citizen-centric, Citizen-driven Open data Interactive service Web site reform Infra. reform Collaboration Sustainable •Open Gov. •Inclusive services •Green Gov. Emerging tech. CIO Government reform1 Government reform 2 2015 Government as a Platform 29 Digit al G Government reform3
  32. 32. Background: Sustainable Society Aging GlobalizationEconomy Digital Government is a Platform for Digital Society 31 Population Diversity Emerging Tech. Internet Cloud Services Design Thinking Mobile Tech. APIs Collaboration
  33. 33. Transform from old style to new one. 32 Proprietary Shared or Standard Service Central Government Central Government & Local Governments Paper Digital Human Digital Tech. Support Computer Device System Service Cost Reduction Public Value Non-Internet User Internet User Former baseline Target baseline
  34. 34. Concept & Vision  Government is like a road. It’s a infrastructure of social activities.  Before the GCIO, it was dart courses. Citizens couldn’t move fast. E- Government aimed to remove the burden. Our new target is a moving walkway. Government will support to accelerate citizen activities. 33 Sustainable and fulfilling Life. A world-class environment where workers and enterprises can fulfill their potential. Before the GCIO “Dart” Previous Target “Road” New Target “Moving walkway”
  35. 35. Digital government model  Trusted and Open Government [User Centric Government]  Transparency & Openness  Fairness  Participation  Collaboration  Community support  Evidence-based policy making  Service design & user experience  Digitized and Tech-driven Government [Innovative Government]  Digital data  Connected  Digital technology  Digital culture  Deregulation  Smart phone and Tablet  Government as a Platform  Gov. service-embedded Commercial service  APIs 34 Source:Fujieda-city Guide at the city hall Digital government workshop
  36. 36. Principals and Policies Service design • Business transformations • Customer experience • Citizen centric web services Platform • Openness • Open data • National ID service • Interoperability • APIs & data standard • Service platform & Cloud services • Government wide services • Public cloud services IT Governance •Innovation Team •IT management 35 Platform Services from Governments Services from third parties Start with user needs Understand facts data Think end to end service Inclusive services Make simple Focus on service value Fit in daily life Not over quality Open process Agile process Consistency Make service, not system Make it simple Interoperability Principals Policies
  37. 37. Digital first IT governance Platform Service design One stop Once only Law Support program Procurement License Online application Innovation team Digital master dataWorkstyle reform Data reference model Code From paper to digital No rewrite Notification Hands on support User-friendly service Web reform(UX) Use digital Tech. Trigger for new service Integrated portal Easy to gather the data! I have not known the useful information. My only action is to confirm it. I’m at home, today. Easy to use! Amazing solutions! Speed up! Hack it! It’s cool!! Everywhere Enterprises Data Mush up the data from industries Our Goal  Decrease inconvenient services  Increase business speed and service level.  Create innovative services 36
  38. 38. 1. Better Administrative Services through Use of IT Promotion of online administrative procedures Promotion of online statistical survey Promotion of use of Public Certification Service for Individuals Promotion of G space platform and open data Promotion of research and use of statistical survey data Fire prevention measures check system shared by the central government and local municipalities  Administrative procedures in the central government (more than 400 million procedures a year): Increase the rate of online procedures by improving convenience for example by providing the API.  Development of user-friendly interface such as cable TV and cooperation with private companies  Establishment of authentication platform (provisional name) and promotion of one-stop and other services  2015: World-largest online census * Even smartphones can be used for response.  Establishment of foundation where G space information can be obtained at one location.  Establishment of standard open data technologies (API that can be used for all the information distribution linkage foundations), etc.  Create the API function for obtaining statistical data and statistical GIS function  “App De Statistics,” which enables users to access the statistics data via App: Statistical information can be quickly obtained from the smartphone.  Efficiently install and operate onsite facilities as analysis bases of survey sheet information (individual data).  Used for academic research that contributes to public benefits to improve the research ability  Locate buildings with a high fire risk rating based on the progress of fire extinguishment, architecture, and medical fire prevention measures reported by clinics with hospitalization facilities across Japan to reduce fire damages. FY 2012: 41%  FY 2021: 70% or more Each ministry sets up the online investigation promotion meeting. Each ministry makes an improvement plan (from FY 2014). Payment service fees online as well. Transporta- tion/delay information Evacuation advisory area Administrative servicesEasy access from TV Convenience and safety realized by the personal number card One-stop service Open use of administrative information Cross-ministry cooperation for a safe society Services available at home and office (Reference) If the online response rate is 20%, the costs are reduced by about 10 billion yen. (Reference) Scale of G space-related market (estimation by a civil company) FY 2012: About 20 trillion yen to FY 2020: About 32 to 62 trillion yen * Promote online procedures in municipalities in the same way. (Reference) If the rate of online procedure is 70%, the costs are reduced by about 338 billion yen/year (estimation by a civil company).  The general API catalog is available at the general electronic government portal (e-Gov). 37
  39. 39.  Work with the ruling party (IT strategy special committee) to create a cost reduction plan.  1,450 governmental information systems  FY 2018: -579, FY 2021: -601  Integration into cross-ministry platform  FY 2018: 252, FY 2021: 300 Review the roadmap every fiscal year to promote acceleration and expansion.  Double the number of local municipalities that use cloud services by FY 2017 using the introduction of number system as a motivator.  Promote the reform of municipal information systems in line with the progress of nationwide roadmap.  Promote to share and consolidate the hardware in the municipal intermediate server for the number system within FY 2015 (Over 99% of organizations are expected to share and consolidate their hardware). 2.Streamlining and Rebuilding of Information Infrastructure  Creation of reorganization policies in FY 2014  In principle, a cross- municipality shared system is built at once to automate municipal paperwork across Japan.  Reduction in development costs  Use cloud services for office tools and unify the PC environment. Acceleration of cloud services for municipal information system Elimination and consolidation of government information systems and adoption of cloud services Reduction in costs for large-scale system Elimination, consolidation and reorganization of communication network Avoidance of duplicate investment in municipal systems OSS/virtualization and introduction of government license Acceleration/ expansion and enhancement Kasumigaseki Cloud Information system 0 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 6,000 7,000 0 2,000 4,000 6,000 8,000 10,000 12,000 AP保守料(百万円/年) 画面数 ハードウェア借料・保守料(百万円/年) 0 2,000 4,000 6,000 8,000 10,000 12,000 14,000 0 500 1,000 1,500 2,000 2,500 3,000 3,500 4,000 4,500 サーバ台数 Virtualization of network Shared system 30% reduction in operation costs both in the central government and local municipalities. * OSS: Open Source Software Unified PC environment (Reference) Central government: About 410 billion yen (2012) About -120 billion yen Local municipalities: About 320 billion yen (2012) About -100 billion yen Strong security 政府共通プラットフォーム(PF) 政府共通ネットワーク(G-Net) 各 府 省 シ ス テ ム 各 府 省 シ ス テ ム 各 府 省 シ ス テ ム 各 府 省 シ ス テ ム 各 府 省 シ ス テ ム 各 府 省 シ ス テ ム 各 府 省 シ ス テ ム 各 府 省 シ ス テ ム 各 府 省 シ ス テ ム 各 府 省 シ ス テ ム 各 府 省 シ ス テ ム 各 府 省 シ ス テ ム 各 府 省 シ ス テ ム 各 府 省 シ ス テ ム 各 府 省 シ ス テ ム 各 府 省 シ ス テ ム 人事・給与 旅費精算 物品管理 文書管理決裁調達・契約 認証 公文書交換 掲示板 法令検索 IT資産管理 法令協議 Robust administrative foundation Cost structure analysis  Promotion of remote and mobile systems 38
  40. 40. 3. Review of Way of Working and Thorough BPR Thorough adoption of electronic approval  In principle, automate approvals, which are made about 3 million times a year, simplify the procedure and accelerate decision making. Ensuring source entry Promotion of electronic bidding/bid opening and agreement Wireless LAN/Web meeting, work style reform Business process reengineering in line with introduction of the number system and IT investment Business process reengineering including investigation between the central government and local municipalities  Each officer processes personnel, salary, travel expenses settlement, and other procedures.  In principle, perform competitive bidding for government procurement, which are performed about 90,000 times a year, online and fully automate agreement.  Reform the work style of public officials using mobile and cloud services.  Perform business process reengineering (BPR) in the national tax, social insurance, employment and workmen’s compensation insurance, and other fields where the number system is introduced.  Access from outside the government office by using the officer’s PC or smartphone  Review work and improvement thoroughly made when the information system equipment and other components are updated or revised.  Investment planning Standardization and streamlining of municipality work  Standardize the work flow in line with introduction of cloud services to streamline paperwork.  Work and system reform planning (Reference) Privately estimated effects of introduction of number system assuming the use is expanded to the private section and other various administration sections Acceleration of paperwork Creation of action plan FY 2012: 10%  FY 2015: 60% (80% for internal sections, etc.) Discontinuation and omission of intermediate processing Whole automation Access to data and participate in meetings from outside the government office. * The cross-ministry system is implemented in all the ministries (by FY 2015). * The cross-ministry system is implemented in all the ministries (by FY 2015). Effects in the public section: -300 billion yen/year Effects in the semi-public section: -600 billion yen/year Effects in the private section: -250 billion yen/year (Reference) Effect of streamlining of system maintenance budget in FY 2014 (excluding the effects of the number system): About -73 billion yen/year Effect of streamlining by other business process reengineering (calculated based on materials for the CIO liaison conference): About -100 billion yen/year Discussion for work improvements Administration Batch distribution Standardization of work flow  General investigation, automatic counting, and instantaneous information provision through use of general investigation system  Encourage municipalities to create an informatization promotion plan and follow it up every fiscal year. (How to calculate the streamlining effects is examined in a study group.) 39
  41. 41. G-spaceMyNumber API Systemineachministry Systemineachministry Systemineachministry Systemineachministry Systemineachministry Systemineachministry Systemineachministry Systemineachministry Systemineachministry Systemineachministry Systemineachministry Systemineachministry Systemineachministry Systemineachministry Systemineachministry Systemineachministry Systemineachministry Released in April 2014. API Authentication platform (provisional name) APIAPIAPIAPIAPIAPIAPIAPIAPIAPIAPIAPIAPIAPIAPIAPI Seamless access between governmental Web sites Electronic certificate for user identification Cable TV Nationwide online census will start in 2015 Issue certificates at convenience store or other place. Safer and more convenient online administrative services Expansion of usage Private companies Delay information Realtime positioning information Municipality information Tourist information Social assets information Public transportation information Climate/disaster information Disaster prevention/ emergency care information Statistics information National land ground information Set-top box Issuance will start in January 2016. Various commercial Web sites Enhance and provide the API for the governmental Web system. Administrative services based on public-private partnership using originality and ingenuity in the private sector Online shopping Internet banking Personal number card Government document information Central government Insurance, society, etc. Municipality Mutual cooperation Information provision network system My Portal Service menu exampleAccess record display function Personal data display function Push-type service One-stop service General electronic government portal - e-Gov General governmental statistics portal App De Statistics G-space platform Future Image 2020 –Services- 40
  42. 42. Kasumigaseki Cloud: Cross-ministry platform (PF) Cross-ministry network (G-Net) INTERNET LGWAN LAN in each ministry Systemineachministry Systemineachministry Systemineachministry Systemineachministry Systemineachministry Systemineachministry Systemineachministry Systemineachministry Systemineachministry Systemineachministry Systemineachministry Systemineachministry Systemineachministry Systemineachministry Systemineachministry Systemineachministry System configuration based on open source software (OSS) and virtualization Adoption of cloud services for office tools, etc. and virtualization of PC environment Thorough control of IT assets and introduction of government license Cross-ministry system reduces costs and unifies and standardizes transactions. Personnel/ salary Settlement of travel expenses Item control Document control Approval Procurement/ agreement Authentication Public document exchange BB Law search IT asset control Discussion on legislation National Archives of Japan Balance between work and private life Business continuity at disaster Accessible to home PC. Cabinet Secretary Cabinet Office MIC … All ministries Example: Remain unchanged even after personnel reshuffle. At home On the road Standardize the LAN environment in each ministry. At ordinary times In an emergency In the office Improve the ability to plan administrative measures for example through big data analysis using a BI tool. Access and share data in the government building on the road. Accessible to smartphone or tablet. You can make approvals even on the road.  Faster decision making Support people in the office from home even if you cannot go to Kasumigaseki. Paper-less operations with wireless LAN and Web meeting Office tools Document Spreadsheet Email Instant messaging Presentation Browser Schedule Reporting Online meeting Information sharing tools Dashboard Simulation Data mining Multidimensional analysis (OLAP) Data integration (ET) Virtual PC server Memory management Memory management Memory management Memory management Memory management Virtual PC server Virtual PC server Virtual PC server Virtual PC server Shared storage Shared storage Shared storage Future Image 2020 -Work Style- 41
  43. 43. IT GOVERNANCE 42
  44. 44. The Expense for Government Information System 43 95 115 117 142 139 136 145 411 407 414 405 398 405 418 16 18 12 83 60 60 82 521 539 544 630 597 601 644 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 D&D O&M Others Billion yen Pension system’s renewal National ID
  45. 45. 【Prospect of the change of the number of the information system】 Information Systems (Except Consolidation) FY2012 FY2013 FY2014 FY2015 FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 Consolidation to Kasumigaseki Cloud The roadmap for renovating the government information systems  The Japanese government has the strategy to promote the renovation of the government information systems by consolidation and application of cloud technologies based on the IT strategy (June 14, 2013 / Cabinet Decision). 44
  46. 46. Architecture/Project Management The first guideline of architecture and project management was published in 2003. • Enterprise Architecture • PMBOK • Earned Value Management New Guideline was published in 2015 • IT capital management • Gateway review 45 Black box ↓ Documents Documents ↓ Management Interoperability by Architecture Interoperability by Interface
  47. 47. 44.6% 50.0% 54.0% 57.8% 61.2% 64.1% 66.2% 42.9% 46.8% 50.8% 55.7% 55.6% 57.0% 58.0% 1.4% 1.7% 2.7% 4.2% 5.7% 6.9% 8.9% 31.5% 31.8% 38.5% 41.2% 44.1% 45.4% 47.3% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% FY 2009 FY 2010 FY 2011 FY 2012 FY 2013 FY 2014 FY 2015 Note) The number of applications/reports, etc. and the rate of utilization of online systems in each field include the online procedures that were performed one million or more times and those that were performed less than one million times but companies and other parties continued to repeatedly use (5 procedures for registration, 15 procedures for national tax filling, 21 procedures for social and labor insurance). [Registration] [National tax filling] [Total] [Social and labor insurance]5.7% 32 million cases Number of applications/ reports, etc. (552 million) Registration 38.5% 213 million cases National tax Social and labor insurance 28.4% 157 million cases Others 27.4% 151 million cases Rate of Utilization of Online Systems for Administrative Procedures  The rate of utilization of online systems shows an upward tendency in each field. However, it is also important to increase the use of online systems in the social and labor insurance field to further promote the use of online systems. 46
  48. 48. IT Dashboard  IT dashboard show the progress of IT strategy and IT project Information. 47 Strategy System Overview Budget KPIs Projects Number of systems Type of system Type of Architecture Budget Top page Download & API Anyone can analyze the data and make other sites. Citizens can know the information of all systems. By Ministries
  49. 49. SECURITY 48
  50. 50. Security Information Security Policy Council, National Information Security Center (NISC) 49
  51. 51. Cyber security Strategy (Sep. 2015) 50
  52. 52. Cyber security Strategy (Sep. 2015) (cont.) 51
  54. 54. The Government Portal Site “e-Gov” 53
  55. 55. 【Before】 Individual program A Basic software Hardware Facilities and equipment Facilities and equipment Basic software Hardware Individual program B Facilities and equipment Basic software Hardware Individual program C Facilities and equipment Basic software Hardware Individual program D Basic software Hardware Individual program E Facilities and equipment Facilities and equipment Basic software Hardware Individual program F System A (old (legacy) system) System B System C System D System E System F Hardware Common functions (user authentication function, clearing function, etc.) Basic software Basic software Basic software Individual program E Individual program B Individual program C Individual program F Individual program D Facilities and equipment Individual program A Basic software Hardware Facilities and equipment * Each government information system has been consolidated, operated and managed separately 【After】 * Each government information system is consolidated and streamlined by the Government Shared PF Ministry A Operator Data Center B Data Center D 【System B】【System A】 User (Officer) 【System D】 Operator Capital Base Distributed Base (Under maintenance) Data Center (Kasumigaseki WAN) Ministry B Ministry C 【System C】 Operation/monitoring Personal Data Center C Operator User (Officer) User (Officer) Internet Operation/monitoring Personal User (Citizens and companies) In terms of cost-effectiveness, some systems should not be integrated. User (Officer) Ministry C Ministry B User (Officer) Government Shared Platform System Ministry A User (Officer) 【System A , B & D】 Internet User (Citizens and companies) Before consolidation of the Government Shared PF 【System C】 Operator Data Center C After consolidation of the Government Shared PF (Local government officer) (LGWAN) (Local government officer) (LGWAN) Server Server Server Server Server Server  To reduce the total operational costs of the Government Information System  To strengthen security measures against disaster and unauthorized access  Started operation on March 18, 2013. Government information systems Cloud government information systems ( Private Cloud ) The Government Shared Platform System 54
  56. 56. The Social Security and Tax Number System  The Social Security and Tax Number System is...  Social infrastructure to improve administrative efficiency, enhance public convenience, and realize a fairer and more just society.  This services start on Jan,2016. 55
  57. 57. Use case of Individual Number  Individual Number is required for administrative procedures related to social security, taxation, and disaster response. 56
  58. 58. Use case of Individual Number 57
  59. 59. Corporate Information website  Government launched Corporation ID number program on Jan. 2016.  4million Legal entities had obtained unique ID. • Corporations, Governments, Local governments and NPOs  Government has great numbers of Corporate Information.  Applications, Awards, Contracts and Certifications 58 Corporation ID number Corporation Name Corporation Type Area Resource Search Government Registers Applications Gather the data by using IMI based data structure. IMI is government interoperability framework. Corporation Capital Number of Staffs The day of start up Business category Fiscal Year Ministry Certification • corporateBusinessinfo • corporateActivityInfo hj:Corporate information Type • name(en) • codeOfIndustry • objectiveOfBusiness • abstractOfBusiness • areaOfBusiness • stakeholder • majorStockHolder • financialInformation • ・・・ hj:Corporate business information Type • adressNumber hj:Address Type • noOfStock • holder • ratio hj:Stock holder Type • ・・・ hj:Subsidy Type • ・・・ hj:Award Type • ・・・ hj:Certification Type • ・・・ hj:Contact Type • typeOfNote • memo hj:Note Type • positionOfOrgtype • organizationType • capiltal • noOfEmployee ic:Corporation Type • ・・・ ic: Address Type • dateOfCertification • title • category • block • area • type hj:Corporate activity Type • target • reason • amount • status • period • note IMI Core Vocabulary Corporate Information Domain Vocabulary• ID • name • abbreviation • alternativeName • status • abstract • contactInformation • relatedOrganization • place • address • representative • dateOfEstablishment • additionalInformation ic:Organization Type • businessDomain • startDateOfFy • noOfMember • agent ic:Business unit Type enhance refer
  60. 60. Benefit of the Corporate Information website CSV PDF RDF Open Data Other websites New ServicesAPI This site is a Knowledge base for all government department. The search result Corporation ID number Corporation Name Subsidies File download Capital Number of Staffs The day of start up Business category Ministry And Applications, Contracts, Certifications Address Name of CEO Awards 59
  61. 61. The character Information infrastructure  There are many character set in Japan.  Japanese use 60,000 characters in their name.  Government must use this infrastructure in new systems.  The citizen can use full-set Kanji characters for legal activity.  The citizen can use alternative Kanji character for daily life.  The citizen can balance convenience with keeping of identity.  The government reduces the cost of maintenance and operation. Kanji for public services(58,814) Kanji for legal name(55,270) Kanji for residents-card(19,563) Kanji for social activity(10,050) Kanji minimum set(2,136) The character Information infrastructure 渡 渡辺 Legal name Daily life Conversion table will be published on March 2015. 60 Government Prefecture City Enterprise NGO Exchange
  62. 62. Cooperation between the central and local governments  Government-wide network connects to the Local Government WAN  Cloud services.  Secure communication 61 Kasumigaseki WAN (G-net) Local Government WAN(LGWAN) Network system for basic residents’ register Local Government cloud Services Network in ministries Home Company Online services Ministry Prefecture City Town Village Agency
  63. 63. Local Government Cloud 62 DataCenter DataCenter (Shared by Prefectures) DataCenter City City Village Town
  64. 64. Providing Support Program Information Using website Citizens Government Ministries Local Governments Support Program Database ・edit & process the raw data to create user- friendly website (e.g.: the website in which data selected by area) ・reuse the raw data on Twitter ・smart phone app. Using API Consultation Desk Using private services Support Program Database A one-stop service site where users can search through a wide variety of support programs operated by the central and local governments. API to allow the use of support program information by external services is provided. Currently, a number of relevant services using such API is available. Standardized format 63
  65. 65. Support Program Database To FSnavi  NPO “ASKOE” collects the information on support programs which is provided in government portal site and combines them with relevant information provided by industry.  ASUKOE provides one-stop service where citizens can search thorough the support programs. 64 Government Local Government Consultation Search API Support Program Database ( I need support!! Citizens Industry Information on Support Programs Information on Support Programs New service
  66. 66. Procurement portal site  Procurement portal site launched on August 1, 2014.  This is a one-stop service for people concerned with all procurement. 65 Result of search “Rain sensor” Procurement portal Rain sensor Search Central & Local government procurement information Detail information Link to the original information Enterprises Search tender information. Gather
  67. 67. SME support site : Mirasapo  Mirasapo is one-stop portal site for small and medium enterprises. It provide knowledge and Information of support programs.  SME can get government-wide information from this site.  SME exchange their information each other on this site. 66 News from SMA What’s new Log in Services Topics Support program search Professional search Ministries Prefectures Cities Professionals Industries Real community SNS Consultation Business matching
  68. 68. Pension-Net  “Pension-Net“ provides payment records and benefit estimates for each citizen. 67  Customized service for Japanese citizens  All Japanese citizens over 20 years old are covered (appx. 106 million)  Provide the benefit estimate, based on the payments in the past  Provide the payment record to each citizen  More Transparency in Pension System Payment records Benefit estimates Source:
  69. 69. Provision of medical payment data  With its universal coverage of Health Insurance, Japanese government provides “big data” of medical payment records for academic purpose upon request. 68 Sources: “Summary of Health care system” (医療制度の概要) MHLW, data for 2010 Open data Request Potential Users Minister’s approval Academic institutions MHLW and Related authorities local governments Making evidence-based policy to improve quality of medical service MHLW Advisory Committee Review of policy Academic research Open data Request Purpose Approval  Almost all residents are covered (approx.113 million)  Provide Big Data for academic research and policy-making (open data)  Contribute to Evidence-Based Policy in public health
  70. 70. Mobile apps for visitors : Safety tips  This Application notifies a user with Earthquake Early Warnings, Tsunami Warnings, Eruption Alert and other special Weather Warnings issued in Japan. The Application provides various functions useful for both foreign tourists and foreign residents in Japan.  The application is available in four languages: English, simplified and traditional Chinese, and Korean. 69
  71. 71. Mobile apps for citizens : Iku-Navi  Yokohama-city provide personalized nursing information. 70 Personalized service Residence area Birthday More personalized info. Personalized notices - Vaccination - Health check - Event information Birth and Nursing Kindergarten Hospital Event Reconmmended place Disaster risk management Information from ZooInformation Latest events
  72. 72. Passport control  Citizen can pass the passport control quickly. 71 Show your passport Scan your finger print Go to the gate Major airport provide automatic passport control service in Japan.
  73. 73. Farm information database  Anyone can get farm information. 72 Selected Farms Detail information Basic information Address Purpose of the land Farm ID Farm Navigater
  74. 74. Road monitoring  Monitoring car gather the GPS and acceleration data automatically. 73 Acceleration Sampling Time Evaluation Criteria Monitoring car and Smart Phone Map View Staffs plan maintenance priority. Staffs easily explain the priority to citizens.
  75. 75. Flood simulator with global 3D mapping system  Flood simulator supports evacuation planning and education for disaster-prevention. For decision making ・Making hazard maps ・Forecasting flood risks ・Estimating economic damages Use Case ・Local governments ・Insurance companies ・Institutes/ Universities 74
  76. 76. Disaster Response HQ National Alerting System Weather alerts Road & River monitoring Shelter Info Citizen info Relief Supplies Request Gathering Emergency Radio Speaker Cloud Data Center SNS Homepage Community FM Public Commons Citizen Disaster Management Information System Disaster Info Staff Info Integration Distribution E-mail Mobile Mail Multiple Mobile Types “One-touch” operation Map Integration Dashboard Morioka City Disaster Information System  Disaster information gathering / integration / “one touch” multi-channel distribution  Full leverage of mobile and tablet devices – anywhere and ease of use  Low running cost by IBM cloud capability – “pay-as-you-go” Source : IBM Japan 75
  77. 77. <Information provider> <Information provider> <Information communicator> Prefecturalinformationhighwaytec. Municipality Prefecture Traffic agencies Broadcasting company Mobile service provider Newspaper company Internet portal National nodes National nodes National nodes (Collection, format change, transmission) LGWAN (Commons network) Lifeline recovery Train operation VPN Internet Lifeline Agencies * Nodes are equivalent to devices of computers or routers as these are individual elements which build the network. Notifications, evacuation orders etc. Area nodes (collection, format change, transmission) Disaster information, Rain information, notifications etc. NOC Digital TV FM Radio etc. AM Radio Internet Mobile phone Digital signage Vending machine River warnings Other local government Local residents VPN VPN Disaster Management System etc. Public Information Common Platform  Public information common platform is a system which have developed as integrated an information tool. The system support to collect and consolidate much information from various providers. And it can distribute more citizens through various medias. In case of emergency, the citizen can get more information which is reliable. 76Source : NEC Corporation
  78. 78. Bridge Monitoring System  Based on the sensor network and Business Intelligence, Bridge Monitoring System detects strain of the bridge and constantly assesses its structural health of bridges.  The system is developed and maintained through public-private collaboration. 77  Application of Real-time Business Intelligence  Help maintenance of public infrastructure by monitoring  Detect the weight of vehicles by picking up strain Optical fiber sensors Communi cation network Data center Communi cation network Management Authority Workers Citizens emergency ordinary times Prioritize crucial bridge Maximize cost-benefit Effective traffic control Prioritize check points Smooth recovery operations Prioritize check points Mitigate panic Understand necessity of control Move/slant detection Jolt detection Strain detection Beam monitor Real-time anomaly detection Early detection Jolt stress long- term analysis Vehicle wgt & type estimate Traffic volume statistics Open Speed limit Emergency vehicle only Closed Traffic status outcome outcome outcome processed processed processed Source:
  79. 79. 3. OPEN GOVERNMENT 78
  80. 80. History of the Open Government Trial Open Government Projects Open Government Data Strategy Declaration to be the World’s Most Advanced IT Nation (National IT Strategy) Action plan for Open Government Infrastructure 79 Jun. 2013 Apr. 2014 2010 Earthquake Mar. 2011 The quake hit area Emerging Open Government projects Aug. 2012 This open government Initiatives was not a straight way. After the earthquake, we worked in real fields. Our open government initiative made use of the experience of the disaster management. Trial projects → Emerging projects → Strategy → Catalogue → Real projects
  81. 81. Time Series: Open Government &Data Policies 2008 2012 2009 2010 2011 2012.8 Under “IT fusion forum”, “Public Sector Information Working Group” was established at METI  Rules for the use of PSI and other fundamental discussed by experts. 2013.1 “Open DATA METI -βversion” was launched  First governmental data catalog site in Japan. Released public data in possession of METI. 2013.6 Report of the discussion at Public Data Working Group was released 2013 2012.1 “Recovery and Reconstruction Support Program Database” was launched  One-stop service site where users can search through a wide range of support programs by the central and local governments. 2011.10 Japanese character set (open data, API) was released. 2011.7 “” was launched. Real data on the actual electricity usage was uploaded on the website, many voluntary applications were developed. 2009.10 Discussion-board “Idea box” was opened to solicit ideas from public. 2010.7 Demonstration site “Open Government Lab” was launched. 2009.3 Open Government Project Plan was announced 2008.10 Public Sector CIO Forum started discussion of open data Open Government 2013.12 Government Open Data site “” was launched 80 2014.5 Action plan for open government was released 2014.6 Government standard term & use was released. 2014 2013.6 Roadmap of Open Data was released Open Data 2016.12 Basic act for data was released. 2017.5 IT and Data Strategy was released
  82. 82. FY2008 FY2009 FY2010 FY2011 FY2012 FY2013 FY2014 FY2015 Committee of CIO100 Ideabox Ideabox2 Ideabox for Education Ideabox for National holiday Ideabox for Citizen’s opinion Twitter Ideabox for Open Gov. Local Ideabox Ideabox for recruting Guideline for sns Support program DB for disaster area Open data Chara..- set Public Acount Auth. service Portal site for Energy Saving Contest for Energy Saving apps. OpenDataMETI Ideabox for open data Vocabulary project “IMI” Support program DB for SME Ideabox forOpenGovernmen Public procurement information portal2 IT dashboard IT dashboard beta Japanese Character set SNS analysis for disaster info. Knowledge Connector Infographics “Tsutagura” OpenMETI LoD of chara.-set Facebook Data analysis for Disaster Risk R IMI field tests Public procurement information portal CIO siteCIO site beta Knowledge portal for disaster Community to use open data Public CIO Forum IT fusion forum :Public data wg Committee for start up Hackthon for Disaster reconst. Hackthons Hackthon in local gov. Infographics “Tsutagra2” Guide for implimentation Business incubation meeting Venture incubation In public proc. Open Government Data Strategy National IT Strategy IT strategy promotion committee: E-Government wg Action plan for Open Gov. Infra. eGov Taskforce Open government data Executive Committee Ideabox for Enegy Saving Report box Mobile sns Open Government Lab. Databox Structured data project Text mining with ideabox Public sns account portal wiki Open Government Lab2 Various Type of Ideabox Data catalogueData catalogue+BI Community and knowledge sharing Knowledge sharing Official report search Framework Open process Policy making with citizens Open infra. Collaboration Knowledge and experience portal Analysisofhugeopinion Knowledge and experience portal Time line(Green: Collaboration on network, Orange: Collaboration, Blue: Open Data, Purple: Analysis) G8 Open Data Charter 81
  83. 83. New Social Structure for the future. 82 Government NPO Civic Hacker Society Small Government + Empowerment area Industry
  84. 84. Maximizing the value Information Money (Budget) Person (Staff,Citizen) Potential of Open Government  Government as a Platform for maximizing the public value. Transparency Participation Collaboration Japan has huge potential for open government. Because there are high-potential human resources and Information Technologies. 83
  85. 85. Open government will make new value 84  Citizen-Government collaborations connect issues, data and technologies.  The spark of ideas will produce value. Issue /Needs Data Technology Spark Value ① How to create the innovative projects? Hackers ②How to launch new business? ③How to keep a sustainable mechanism?
  86. 86. 3 steps of Open Government 85
  87. 87. Open government architecture  Open government needs value chain in the government process  It’s based on the marketing view point 86 Collect Receive Analyze Use Open data Publish Store Information Sharing Environment Value Chain Citizens, Enterprises, NPOs EA (Architecture) Interoperability Smooth information flow Maximize value of information Vocabulary Message set Rule etc. Open Process Open Data + Open Mind
  88. 88. Action Plan for Open Government Infrastructure  Government infrastructure renovation  We will make an agile open government infrastructure by 2020. Web contents (Policy, News, Law, etc.) Data Catalog Character-set Vocabulary Code Go domain (Internet address) Rule Standard based Infrastructure ・Core vocabulary-set Name, Address and Organization. METI will launch IMI DB. MIC will promote API project. ・Sustainable ・Design & Develop Standard Citizen centric services ・Mush-up ・BPR ・Data scienceMinistry site Special site Private sector Acquisition, grant info. site Information Components ・Structured information ・Common tags ・Large quantity of information ・ API Hardware/Middleware(Government Cloud) Services Government services, Private services Contents Governance Before the action plan Independent services After the action plan Services on an architecture 2014-4-25 CIO Council 87
  89. 89. Case: Action plan for open government Web contents (Policy, News, Law, etc.) Data Catalog Character-set Vocabulary Code Go domain (Internet address) Rule Ministry site Special site Private sector Acquisition, grant info. site Hardware/Middleware(Government Cloud) Services Government services, Private services Contents Governance 2014-2-6 - 3-6 Discussion theme - How to open the Gov. information? - What action Do we need for open gov.? IT strategy promotion committee: E-Government wg Open Gov. Ideabox 2014 Action plan for Open Gov. Infra. 2014-4-25 Opinion & discussion Citizens Collaboration Policy Action AED Location Address LocationTwoDimensional GeographicCoordinate Equipment Information Spot of Equipment Business Hours Owner Access Availability User Day of Installation Homepage AED Information Type of Pad Expiry date Contact Type Model Number SerialNumber Photo Note Information Source 住民基本台帳ネットワーク 統一文字(21039字) 常用漢字 (2136字) JIS漢字コード (10050字) 戸籍統一文字(56040字) ・・・ ・・・ Discussion to get feedback Online questionnaire Hackthon/Ideathon Projects 88
  90. 90. Case: Action plan for Digital Government  2016.3 Ideabox(Online discussion)  Request for ideas  2016.3- 2016.10 IT strategy promotion committee – eGov WG  Concept paper  2016.10 Workshop  Pre-discussion(Online)  Opinion & vote(On site)  Workshop  Opinion & vote(On site)  2016.11-2017.2 IT strategy promotion committee – eGov WG  Draft plan  2017.3 Ideabox(Online discussion)  Request for ideas and opinions about discussion of eGov wg  2017.5 IT strategy promotion committee – eGov WG  Digital government policy 89
  92. 92. Open Government Lab.  Open Government Lab is the experimental website to examine measures regarding open government specifically. By centralizing initiatives promoting open government including “idea box” which is interactive website opened to gather idea from people, “databox” which publishes public data, and “wiki”, the website contributes to promote increased access to information about government activities as well as centralize the accumulated know-how. The website recorded 140,000 page views until the end of December 2011.  In addition, the Open Government Lab team provides suggestion and consultation for public agencies seeking for initiatives to enhance open government.  For example, saving electricity website “” was launched under our consultation in response to tighter electricity supply-demand balance due to the nuclear power situations. 91
  93. 93. Idea Box: Capturing public needs & ideas  Interactive website to solicit ideas from people  METI provided “Idea Box” as a platform to make public discussion on “Open Data. The participants can take part in the discussion in following ways.  post free ideas about the new administrative IT service  write a comment on postings by others  vote for or against postings by others  Great amount of ideas acquired from “Idea Box” will be actively referred in measures and projects to promote open data. 92 Discussion of National Holiday(METI&JTA) JTA:Japan Travel Agency GRU: Government Revitalization Unit Discussion of Citizens Opinion(GRU)
  94. 94. Idea Box: Recent action  Opendata Ideabox  Feb 1~28. 2013  Discussion topic • Ideas for effective use of public data • What data you want to get? • Rules & condition of the use • General topics about Open Data • Best practices  URL: • The discussion was jointly hosted by METI, MIC, and the IT Policy Office of Cabinet Secretariat. 93 368人 #users  Open Government Ideabox 2014  Feb 1~Mar 20. 2014  Discussion topic • How to open the public information • Future of the open government • Japanese character-set • General topics about Open government  URL: • The discussion was jointly hosted by METI and the IT Policy Office of Cabinet Secretariat. #ideas #comments #ideas #comments #users
  95. 95. - Variety of education in various themes - Since full-scale deployment(2011 June), 170 locations, 8,000 people participated - Deliberative leads to not only the policy making at the minister, also mid-term policy at government-designated cities, and School-building and City-building among the citizen. Open question from minister(MEXT) Request for opinion from vice minister wiki Comments Council Open Q. Social media Town meeting ICT In Education 段落 Facilities Skills for 21c Methodology Text Analysis - Deliberative 20 theme about 3,000 subscribers in Japan and overseas . - Voices of 15,000 has been received (Approximately 2.3 million of page views) - Measures for improving the quality of teacher capacity, (as reported to the administrative agency proposal) prior to the study conducted Deliberative Council - To take advantage of a variety of ICT in the process of policy formation in parallel with the council etc. 94
  96. 96. Information Analysis  To find citizen's needs.  To maximize value of opinions 95 TextMining with IddeaboxMindMap with Ideabox
  97. 97. Information Analysis for Disaster Management 1500 Tweets that include the word ”Battery” Size Battery Mobile phone Light A AAAA Extract “what is really needed in the devastated area” Text Mining Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry API 3/12 3/13 3/14 3/15 3/16 1639-1702 3/18 1421- No. Word Word Word Word Word 1 Electric power Electric power Electric power Electric power Goods Goods 2 Information Information Food Goods Gasoline Battery 3 Food Food Information Gasoline Food Tissue 4 Goods Gasoline Goods Food Information Bottle f 5 TV Disposable diaper Gasoline Water Fuel Flashlig 6 News Goods for baby TV Information Shelter Toilet p 7 Lighting Goods Place Fuel Oil-based product Light oi 8 Machine TV Map Disposable diaper Water Waterpr canvas 9 Shelter Water Water Plastic bag TV Nonper 10 Water News Disposable diaper Fleece Car Tank fo 11 Blood Shelter Fuel Cloth Shop Electric 12 Power supply Shop Exercise Shop Electric power Water 13 Hospital Blood Telecommunicati on Medical service Toilet paper Gasolin 14 Rescue Team Convenience Shop Disposable diaper Heating TV “Shorting items”daily ranking Photo: MLIT 96 2011.3.11 East Japan great erthquake
  98. 98. “Shorting items”daily ranking  Extract “what is really needed in the devastated area”  Demand for “Information” ranked high along with electricity, food and drinking water. 3/12 3/13 3/14 3/15 3/16 1639-1702 3/18 1421-1441 3/19 1328-1404 3/20 1252-1331 3/22 1515-1600 3/23 1959-2050 3/26 2238-2348 No. Word Word Word Word Word Word Word Word Word Word Word 1 Electric power Electric power Electric power Electric power Goods Goods Goods Electric power Goods Electric power Electric power 2 Information Information Food Goods Gasoline Battery Gasoline Power generation Volunteer Gasoline Water 3 Food Food Information Gasoline Food Tissue Volunteer Goods Water Goods Gasoline 4 Goods Gasoline Goods Food Information Bottle for water Electric power Gasoline Sandbag Water Goods 5 TV Disposable diaper Gasoline Water Fuel Flashlight Energy Information Electric power TV Exercise 6 News Goods for baby TV Information Shelter Toilet paper Information TV Gasoline Food Car 7 Lighting Goods Place Fuel Oil-based product Light oil Doctor Volunteer Vegetables Bicycle Paper 8 Machine TV Map Disposable diaper Water Waterproof canvas Hericopter Shelter TV Milk Food 9 Shelter Water Water Plastic bag TV Nonperishables Internal Medicine Food Food Car Fuel 10 Water News Disposable diaper Fleece Car Tank for Gasoline Water Shop Information Toilet paper News 11 Blood Shelter Fuel Cloth Shop Electric power Blood donation Fuel Exercise Volunteer Vegetables 12 Power supply Shop Exercise Shop Electric power Water Rice ball Exercise Fuel Electric appliances Ink 13 Hospital Blood TelecommunicationMedical service Toilet paper Gasoline Nurse Water Car Fuel Information 14 Rescue Team Convenience Store Shop Disposable diaper Heating TV Exercise Car Toilet paper House Book 15 Shop Exercise Transportation TV Nourishment Disposable diaper Car Rice ball Doctor Shop Volunteer 16 Exercise Fuel Car Battery Diabetes Food Pre-washed rice Manpower Exercise Exercise Fish 17 Gasoline Medical service Convenience Store News Blood Rice-porridge Cloth Collection Food Parts News 18 Place Lighting Rescue Team Transportation Milk powder Goods for baby Disposable diaper Milk Fruit Train Road 19 Flashlight Car Blood Shelter blanket Inpatient Undergarment Disposable diaper Shop Information Cap of bottle 20 Mobile phone Place Goods for baby Mediclne Exercise Pre-washed rice Shelter Bicycle Water or Juice News Shelter 97
  99. 99. Area email Internet instruction Open data analysis simulation for disaster management  Purpose and overview:  Prevent crowded situation and avoid danger at major stations and terminals in emergency situation.  Analyze the information from SNS → Capture the real-time situation → Utilize in evacuation guidance → Accumulate knowledge & know-how Open data Situation Analysis Go around near the station!! Disaster countermeasures Office Twitter ※Instruction to the site and area mail were not conducted in this drill. Report 98
  100. 100. Combine data on crowed area with local voices 4万人以上 3万人以上 2万人以上 1万人以上 0.5万人以上 0.5万人未満 前の1時間と比較し て混雑度が20% 以上増加した地域 火災 通行止 避難所 山手線 埼京線 銀座線 半蔵門線 副都心線 東横線 田園都市線 井の頭線 バス 運休 運休 ▲運転再開(22:50) 運転再開 運転再開 ▲運転再開(22:30) ▲運転再開(22:30) ▲運転再開(22:10) 一部運行 危険関連発言 ①Visualize the data to capture the real-time situation 0 5 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 5 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 2 5 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 3 5 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 4 5 0 0 0 14時 15時 16時 17時 18時 19時 20時 21時 22時 23時 0時 1時 2時 2 0 1 1 /3 /1 1 2 0 1 2 /1 0 /5 0 5 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 5 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 2 5 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 3 5 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 4 5 0 0 0 14時 15時 16時 17時 18時 19時 20時 21時 22時 23時 0時 1時 2時 2 0 1 1 /3 /1 1 2 0 1 2 /1 0 /5 0 5 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 5 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 2 5 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 3 5 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 4 5 0 0 0 14時 15時 16時 17時 18時 19時 20時 21時 22時 23時 0時 1時 2時 2 0 1 1 /3 /1 1 2 0 1 2 /1 0 /5 0 5 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 5 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 2 5 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 3 5 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 4 5 0 0 0 14時 15時 16時 17時 18時 19時 20時 21時 22時 23時 0時 1時 2時 2 0 1 1 /3 /1 1 2 0 1 2 /1 0 /5 人 人 人 人 ②Capture trend and information in detail ③Capture the whole picture of the situation (local voices) ④Further information on specific situation ⑤Read text messages Grasp the real-time situation!! Ginza line of Tokyo Metro Ginza line started again.・・・・・・・ 99
  101. 101. Image: how it works 100 Over 40,000 Over 30,000 Over 20,000 Over 10,000 Over 5,000 Less than 5,000 fire blocked Evacuation center 山手線 埼京線 銀座線 半蔵門線 副都心線 東横線 田園都市線 井の頭線 バス 運休 cancelled 運休 cancelled ▲運転再開(22:50) 運転再開 resumption 運転再開 resumption ▲運転再開(22:30) ▲運転再開(22:30) ▲運転再開(22:10) 一部運行 Shibuya station is currently VERY crowded!! Shibuya station is currently VERY crowded!! Shibuya station is currently VERY crowded!! Shibuya station is currently VERY crowded!! Please go around!! Evacuation center is this way! Please go around!! Train& Bus/ Status Number of text message about “danger” Population density Area where increased 20% in population density compared with previous 1 hour.
  102. 102. Drill for disaster Information analysis drill of heavy snow situation was carried out. Information of Snow Population Density (250m mesh) Capture the whole picture of the situation Detail text messages There is an emergency patient. Public sector can grasp the situation. Mobile phones Rain sensors Tweets Photo: Zenrin Datacom, Plus Alph Consulting 101 Feb.6,2013
  103. 103. Social media  Government is using social medias. 102 Prime Minister’s office(Follower 300000) METI IT project office (Follower 72000)
  104. 104. Social media  Many local governments operate sns account for visitors and citizens. 103 Official Information Visitor’s Opinion Tweet Re tweet by city’s mascot character Message from city’s mascot character
  105. 105. Citizen’s reporting system : Chiba-repo  Chiba city gather their citizen’s report by using mobile app.  This service use a gamification.  Monthly user ranking  Special themes 104 Report View the reports My reports My Page Report Title Photo Report Mobile app for citizens Working CompletedRequest Total Road Park Garbage Others Yesterday A week ago A month ago 3months ago Anyone can check the progress A example of special theme: Citizen send photo reports of carb mirror’s root Corrosion!
  106. 106. 4. OPEN DATA 105
  107. 107. What’s open data.  The massive volumes of diverse data in the possession of the public and private sectors is a source of completely new knowledge and in management resource.  The use of digitized data that leads to the creation of new industries and services as well as the invigoration of existing industries, businesses, and communities is a central for achieving growth. 106 Open data are an untapped resource with huge potential to encourage the building of stronger, more interconnected societies that better meet the needs of our citizens and allow innovation and prosperity to flourish. G8 Open Data Charter Open Data is an enabler that will change social structure.
  108. 108. ACTION PLAN FOR OPEN DATA May 30, 2017 IT Strategic Headquarters, Japan 107
  109. 109. Significance and Objectives The significance and objectives of promoting the use of public data 108 Enhance Transparency and Confidence(3) Promote Participation by the Public and Collaboration between the Public and Private Sectors (2) Economic Stimulus and Higher Efficiency in Government(1) ・Raise the transparency of government ・Build confidence in government by the public ・Rapidly and efficiently provide public services that make use of creative innovations ・Respond to the diversification of needs and values. ・Provide stimulus to the entire economy of Japan ・Increase the efficiency of advance operations by the national and local governments
  110. 110. Principals Principals  Government should - actively release public data. - use the government standard term & use. - provide full set download and API functions. - release public data in machine-readable formats. - upload data in adequate timing. Approach  Open data by design  Citizen centric approach 109
  111. 111. Implementation Structures Implementation Structures :  The Cabinet Secretariat established a working group of open government data from the public and private sectors as the body for implementing open data policies 110 (1) Investigation of fundamental matters including the development of environments for the use of public data; (2) Investigation of policies to be implemented in the future and adoption of a roadmap; (3) Review and follow-up on policies. IT strategy promotion committee Working group of open government data (Cabinet secretariat) METI Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry MIC Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
  112. 112. METI:Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry  METI carry out many advanced projects and report to the committee. 111 DATA METI Strategy Committee Open Data METI Site project Knowledge Infrastructure project IT Dashboard project Public Vocabulary Framework project Geographic Data project Japanese Character-set Project Support Program Database project Disaster Information project 住民基本台帳ネットワーク 統一文字(21039字) 常用漢字 (2136字) JIS漢字コード (10050字) 戸籍統一文字(56040字) ・・・ ・・・ 4万人以上 3万人以上 2万人以上 1万人以上 0.5万人以上 0.5万人未満 前の1時間と比較し て混雑度が20% 以上増加した地域 火災 通行止 避難所 山手線 埼京線 銀座線 半蔵門線 副都心線 東横線 田園都市線 井の頭線 バス 運休 運休 ▲運転再開(22:50) 運転再開 運転再開 ▲運転再開(22:30) ▲運転再開(22:30) ▲運転再開(22:10) 一部運行 危険関連発言 渋谷駅前は 大変混雑し ており ます 渋谷駅前は 大変混雑し ており ます 渋谷駅前は 大変混雑し ており ます 渋谷駅前は 大変混雑し ており ます 迂回を お願 いし ます 避難所はこ ちら です。 迂回を お願 いし ます S ocia l S ecu rity T a x H ea lth Em erg en cy M a n a g em en t S en sor d a ta ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ Fu tu re D om a in C o re V o ca b u la ry API API Prototype Practical Service (On service) Practical Service (under evaluation) Practical Service (On service) Practical Service (On service)Methodology Experience Knowledge Report to the committee of open government data
  113. 113. Promotion of use of ICT Construction of ICT infrastructure Administration Medicalcare Education (Individualfield) ・・・ Environmental improvement for use of ICT PromotionofR&D,etc. Agriculture Establishment of information circulation and sharing platform Improvement of “open data circulation environment” through standardization of data format and provision of API, etc. Strengthened “cross-sectional” initiatives Comprehensive ICT strategy in the future MIC:Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications  Outline of measures  Demonstration tests are promoted for 1) establishment common API* (data model/data format, common vocabularies, etc.) for information circulation and sharing platform and 2) formulation of rules for secondary use of data (data governance method) necessary for effective circulation, sharing and use of data beyond the boundary of fields. 112 *Common API(Application Programming Interface): common data format and communication protocol which ensure interoperability of information and data
  114. 114. NPO & Group  There are various kinds and forms of activities to promote open data in Japan. 113 Open Knowledge Foundation Linked open data challengeOpen data promotion consortium Hackathon of Aging society Hackathon of weather data
  115. 115. Guides and Rules  Guide  Open data guide  Open data guide for local government  Social media guide  Information analysis guide  Web guide  Domain guide  Rule  Government standard Term of use for web site 国民の意見を活かしていますか ~行政機関における情報分析ツール活用ガイド~ パブリックコメント アンケート自由記述 意見募集 情報が持つ価値を100%引き出していますか? 単なる紙の山、文字の羅列にしていませんか? 114 Opendata 101 for Local Gov Opendata Guide Info. Analysis Guide
  116. 116. Approach to the big data Big data Technology RuleInfrastructure Sensor Analytics Storage Security Term & Condition Privacy Open Data Interoperability Framework 115
  117. 117. OPEN DATA BEST PRACTICES 116Notes: Some projects provide only visual information without data.
  118. 118.  Government data catalogue site launched on Dec. 2013.  It provides over 1200 datasets from all ministries. 117 Cross-sectional searching for government data released by each ministry and agency. Opinions from users Links to Open data projects
  119. 119. e-Stat (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications )  The Portal Site of Official Statistics of Japan, e-Stat (the "Site"), launched on 1st April 2008, delivers the one-stop service for official statistics of the Japanese government, which is pursuant to "the Optimization Plan of Business Processes and Systems of Statistical Surveys and related work" (Ministries CIO Council decision, 31 March 2006). Under the Optimization Plan, which is promoted by the Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications with collaboration of Ministries and Agencies, the Site aims to gather information from statistical departments of Ministries and Agencies, and provides general public with statistical data, schedule of release, etc.  The Site is managed and maintained by the National Statistics Center. 118
  120. 120. E-Stat GIS service  E-stat provide GIS viewer. 119 Population Men Women Family
  121. 121. Small area data analysis system(jSTAT MAP)  We can analyze my own data-sets with statistical data on this service. 120 List of statistical data-sets List of layers How many citizens in this circle? We can put pins on this map.
  122. 122. VICS: Real time traffic information  Vehicle Information and Communication System(VICS) provides real-time traffic data to car-navigation system. The service is provided through public-private collaboration. 121 Japan Digital Road Map Association Geospatial Information Authority of Japan VICS Center (Vehicle Information & Communication System) Sources: ・Creates map (1/25000) ・Based on GIA’s map, creates digital road map ・Digital map DB is subject to fees ・Creates Intelligent Transport Systems based on digital road map ・Transmit real-time traffic information for 24 hours, 365 days ・35 million car navigation systems are in use as of 2012 (cumulative)  Provide real-time traffic information  Transmit data from center to car-navigation system of each car  Serve to 35 million users  Include various data such as parking lot vacancy  Long time stable service since 1996Busy Flow Jam med
  123. 123. Making Spots Where Hard Braking Occurs Frequently Safer  In collaboration with the Saitama prefecture, Honda has devised a way to use Internavi data to detect spots where hard braking frequently occurs. 122  Historically, road safety measures have been directed only at places with a high incidence of collisions, while disregarding locations with a lower incidence of collision yet potentially dangerous. Data gathered from Internavi’s “Floating Car Data” service not only help locate potentially dangerous spots, but also provide a comparison basis to quantify the effect of each measure.  This intelligent use of Internavi data is now being expanded beyond Saitama prefecture. Data gathered in this way are also used in efforts to reduce traffic jams and in road planning to help improve the overall traffic environment.
  124. 124. Traffic and Road Closure Information after the earthquake  ITS Japan provides traffic and road closure information provided by GIA(Geospatial Information Authority) and four private films.  Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Pioneer  Mapion and Isuzu provide truck traffic information. 123 Blue points are traffic information. Red points are road closure points. Blue points are traffic information of big trucks. Green points are traffic information of small trucks. Traffic and road closure information Truck traffic information
  125. 125. Intelligent Transportation System Traffic Jams Maintenances Accidents Driving Data Traffic and road closure information Predicted Arrival time Private films. Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Pioneer ITS Japan Smooth driving Reduce Accident Speedy rescue & recovery VICS Center Driving data Data of Traffic jams, Maintenances and Accident Driving data (Hard braking) Data of Accident Driving data (Traffic history) Data of Maintenance (Closure) Photo: MLIT, Toyota, Honda, ITS Japan 124
  126. 126. Safety information  Government and private sector provide information for safety. 125 Map of Hard Braking point Citizens can send reports. (Source: Honda) Accident density map Car, Bike, Ageing citizens, Walker, Children, Bicycle Hard braking There are many accidents Government check the point by various view point. Density
  127. 127. Smart phone app“Yurekuru” Smart phone application with earthquake early-warning system. Earthquake early-warning system  Japan has the most advanced earthquake early-warning system in the world.  Brief advanced warnings to the public. (approx 80 seconds in advance)  TV  Internet  Text message  Mobile phone 126 Japan Meteorological Agency Big earthquake will occur after 10sec at Tokyo area. Hypocenter Sensor Action!!
  128. 128. Earthquake early-warning system: Shinkansen  Enable to slow down high- speed train“Shinkansen”  Case in the earthquake in 2011: Hayate, Yamabiko Hayate25 (245km/h) Hayate28 (unknown) Yamabiko59 (270km/h) Hayate27 (270km/h) Yamabiko63 (270km/h) Max Yamabiko144 (unknown) Hayate26 (270km/h) Yamabiko142 (238km/h) Hayate29 (270km/h) Nasuno259 (unknown) Yamabiko63 (270km/h) Seismometer Shinkansen 50 10 1 Damage Civil Eng. Electricity (Map & Photo: JR EAST) 127
  129. 129. GIS based disaster information  ”” was voluntarily launched only four hours late after the earthquake  GIS & disaster supporting information as well as damage status.  Lifeline status, relief supply & shelter information, volunteer information, and medical facility information etc. with locations and details are available on the map All Categories Accurate Information Lifeline Status Transportation Relief Supply Shelter Request for volunteers Medical Facility Employment Information Icons are displayed on the map. Zoom into the local area for detail information. 128
  130. 130. Support civic participation in energy conservation after the earthquake  CAO and METI provide information & service for energy conservation . 129 Applications which provide information regarding the tight electricity supply- demand balance Declaration of household electricity saving ・Graph which shows Use of Electric Power (within TEPCO Service Area) ・the participation prizes and achievement prizes Group function Recognition of electricity use in previous year Electricity saving menu Portal site : Data from TEPCO Gamification
  131. 131. Public appeal for greater public engagement in energy conservation  METI (IT Project Office) made a public appeal on its Twitter account for an application that transmit current energy usage data from TEPCO.  A great number of very imaginative applications were developed and considerable was gathered.  Over 50 applications Examples of the applications : 130 Signage
  132. 132. Book search service “Calil”  Users can search through the books across 5,200 libraries in Japan.  Using this service, users can know the status of the books if they are available or not. Additional information about the book posted on “” and link to the online bookstore are also displayed in the same page.  In case the books are not available in any libraries, users can go to online book store by clicking the link displayed. 131 CalilLibraries (5200) Amazon Wikipedia I want to read this book! Citizens
  133. 133. Tokyo Amesh, Protecting people from rain disasters.  Rain nurtures life and brings comfort to our life. It also provides us with drinking water. But, concentrated to downpours, rain inflicts great damage on our property and risks our life. Therefore, accurate rainfall information is essential for proper operation of a pumping station or a wastewater treatment center. Rainfall information system “Tokyo Amesh” was firstly introduced in 1988 and was renewed in 2001. Since 2007, Tokyo Amesh has taken in data from adjoining municipalities to enlarge observation scope and enhance precision and reliability. 132 by Tokyo metropolitan government Radar Sensor Tokyo Metropolitan Government
  134. 134. X-band radar information  “GO-U Detector” show us the detail real-time information of rain. 133 X-band MP radar network X-band radar Rain status in 5km Rain area with scenery (250m mesh) Vertical AR mode Horizontal mode Avoid the heavy rain!! Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
  135. 135. The outcome from weather information 134134 5km SituationARモード(250m mesh) Tokyo amesh X-band MP radar network X-band radar Radar Sensor Tokyo Metropolitan Government MLIT Go U! Rader 10 years ago Now
  136. 136. Environmental Information  The Environmental Information Department(EID) collects and manages information relating to the environment .  EID disseminates the information widely via media such as “Kankyo Tenbodai”&”Soramame-kun” (Environmental Observatory). 135 Kankyo Tenbodai (Waste) Soramame-kun(Air pollution)
  137. 137. Pollen information system  A lot of people in Japan are troubled by pollen allergies in spring.  This system provide the information every hours. 136 Area Sensor position Download About this service Library Mobile service Links
  138. 138. Forest information system  Sizuoka Prefecture provides the detail information of forest. 137
  139. 139. Safety map  Safety map shares the crime and risk information which is provided by police, city and citizen’s report. 138 Groper Pervert Stranger Theft Burglary Traffic Accident Accident about animal Radiation Other All Place Period Report
  140. 140. Dark Bright Street map  Local government provides the data of streetlamps.  NGY Night street advisor  Street lamp information (100,000) + Google map  Navigation function. Safety route! 139
  141. 141. Agri-note  Agri-note is an agriculture information management system.  This application use aerial photographs and many government data. 140 Government Aerial photographs Agricultural chemicals Process management April May June July Field1 Field2
  142. 142. Food access map  MAFF(Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) provides the distance to grocery stores. With this service, users can see the population of those who have difficulties to go shopping on their own feet.  The map shows 500m mesh information. 141
  143. 143. 3D map data from GSI  The Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI) provide 3D map data.  Anyone can make 3D model by using a 3D printer. 142 Decide an area Display the 3D map Download 3D data Make 3D model For urban planning, education and disaster management.
  144. 144. The nature of the soil and ground information database  Asahi Geo Survey edits and processes data on the nature of the soil and ground. 143 Select the base map Select the overlay information Detail information Integrated geological map database (GeoMapDB) atories/5geology/index.html
  145. 145. KOKO-YURE(Here-shake)  KOKO-YURE predict the probability of earthquake level.  Daiwa-house provide this information to the house owner.  He can select the risk reduction structure and mechanisms. 144 Government Input the address (Analyze) Select the term(Year) Result Level5- 91.6% Level5+ 71.7% Level6- 38.9% Level6+ 8.7% In 20 years
  146. 146. Garbage day Information “Kamakura Gomi Busters”  Kamakura City and NPO ”kayac” provide a game for smart phones.  In this game, citizens report their good actions to their accounts and get points.  Kamakura city provides rules for garbage disposal.  Collection day, drop-off site, rules about trash separation and recycling 145 Information about garbage collection Tommorow : plastics paper, clothes Mission Complete Thanks Item collection The rules about trash separation
  147. 147. Garbage day Information “”  The city provides rules for garbage disposal.  Collection day, drop-off site, rules about trash separation and recycling  Code for KANAZAWA made it and promote to the other local governments. 146 5374 =Go Mi Na Shi = No Garbage Burnable Resource Bottle Un-burnable Today Tomorrow 9 days Un-burnable I IH cooking heater IC recorder ・・・
  148. 148. Smart phone app “Fishing guide”  Fishing portal site for those who want to get relevant information on fishing.  Area guide, tide, weather information  Guidebook publisher provide value-added service by using public data. 147 Guide book Japan Meteorological Agency Guide Tide Weather $2
  149. 149. Where Does My Money Go?  “Where Does My Money Go?” show you your tax. 148 Over 150 cities in Japan UK model Japan model
  150. 150. Local tax transfer service  The cities of urban area have enough Tax income. But the cities of rural area don’t have them. There are special tax system that support to transfer their tax from a city to another city.  This service support the matching between citizen and city. 149 A city that she live. If she want, she can transfer a part of her residential tax to other cities. The other city The local government provide information of donation to this site. - Purpose - Gifts from local industries Citizen can select the target local government by area and gift. Urban area Rural area
  151. 151. Event information service : ASUTOMO  ASUTOMO gathers event leaflets from local government.  They add the category tag and make metadata.  Citizen can search event information. 150 Before this service: Local government made many leaflet. But they only distributed by city hall and station. After this service: Visitors can get information easily.
  152. 152. Fix my street  Report, view and discuss local problems 151 Report Solved Local governments Smart phone Submit report Detail Information Report
  153. 153. AED map  Automated External Defibrillator(AED) information map by local governments 152 Place Available Time Contact information
  154. 154. Public service guide to support your childbirth and child-raising  In “Kosodate Town”, you can easily understand and easily find the public services relating childbirth and child-raising through its WEB site.  This is because all the information is organized by “Universal Menu” which we ASUKOE developed as a Open Data information platform for public services. We also propose “Kosodate Town” as a public-private partnership project, to local governments.  As “Kosodate Town“ is a public-private partnership project utilizing Contents Alliance with Enterprises (reading material sponsored by those enterprises), it is possible to introduce without any cost of local government. 153 PR Tools(print materials) Website QR-code is provided in each category, so you can refer the information directly! Home Public Service Counseling Facility info. Topics Hospital Application Health Day service &Stay Health Application Day service &Stay Learning
  155. 155. RESAS: Regional Economy and Society Analyzing System  RESAS provide many information to analyze regional economy and society. (Population, Industry and trade Statistics) 154 Tokyo Chiyoda Year Month Working day Holiday Area selector Mesh data Graph Population without residents Tama Zoo
  156. 156. RESAS: Regional Economy and Society Analyzing System PopulationValue(Industry)Tourist CommerceTouristPopulation 155
  157. 157. Government kids day  Every summer, All ministries and agencies have open house events. 都道府 県 主 催 者 タイトル 内容 サブタイ トル 内容 サブイベ ント 学ぶ ふれ る 体を 動か す 乗る 見る 作る 収 穫・ 採集 する その 他 産業 分類 集合 場所 建物 住所 開催日 開始時 間 終了時 間 その他 開催日 開始時 間 終了時 間 その他 開始日 終了日 開始時 間 終了時 間 備考 就学前 小学生3 年生以 下 小学生4 年生以 上 中学生 備考 募集人 数 事前登 録 申し込み 方法 申込 締切 申込み・問合せ先 ※リンク先に移行しない場合は、URLを コピー&ペーストして御利用ください。 料金種 別 金額 料金備 考 東京都 内 閣 官 房 遊んで・学んで・君 もITマスター! ITの友 達たくさ ん作っ ちゃお う! 「ITの力」ってこんなにすごい んだよ! みんなも知ろう、最先端のITの 力を!! 親子で楽しめる展示・体験イベ ントをやってるから、みんな来 てね!!! ○ ○ ○ 情報 通信 業 中央合 同庁舎8 号館5階 共用A 会議室 中央合 同庁舎8 号館 東京都 千代田 区永田 町 1-6 -1 7月27日 11:00 16:00 7月28日 11:00 16:00 ○ ○ ○ 不要 内閣官房情報通信技術(IT)総合 戦略室 郵便番号:〒100-0013 住所:東京都千代田区霞が関3- 3-1尚友会館2階 電話:03-5253-2111 omoday 無料 東京都 内 閣 官 房 竹島、尖閣諸島っ て知ってる? ・日本の地図を書いてみよう! ・尖閣諸島ってどんな形をして いるの?ジオラマで確かめよ う! ・尖閣諸島にはかつお節工場 があったんだよ。かつお節を 削ってみよう! ・竹島にはアシカがいたんだ よ。竹島のアシカの絵本の読 み聞かせをやってるよ! ○ ○ ○ 国土 合同庁 舎8号館 1階講堂 中央合 同庁舎8 号館 東京都 千代田 区永田 町 1-6 -1 7月27日 10:30 16:00 7月28日 10:30 16:00 ○ ○ ○ 不要 担当部署:内閣官房 領土・主権 対策企画調整室 郵便番号:100-0014 住所:東京都千代田区永田町1- 6-1 代表番号:03-5253-2111 ホームページ: dex.html 無料 東京都 人 事 院 楽しく学ぼう、国家 公務員! 試験! 面 接!! ちょっと ドキドキ してみ ません か? ・見学デー用のミニ試験問題を 解いて、国家公務員について 知ろう! ・面接ってどんな感じ?みんな でチャレンジ! ・人事院総裁ってどんな人? 質問しちゃおう! ※都合により、内容が一部変 更となる場合があります。 ○ ○ 公務 人事院 1階ロ ビー(中 央合同 庁舎第 5号館 別館) 中央合 同庁舎 第5号 館別館 東京都 千代田 区霞が 関1丁 目2−3 7月28日 13:00 15:00 ○ ○ ○ 15名程 度(保護 者を除 く) 必要 往復は がき (締切日 消印有 効) 7月8日 (金) 担当部署:人事院広報室 郵便番号:100-8913 住所:東京都千代田区霞が関1 -2-3 代表番号:03-3581-5311(内線 2110) 直通番号:03-3581-0651 URL: /kodomo28_moushikomi.htm 無料 東京都 内 閣 府 子ども災害対策本 部会議 ・発災時の政府の仕事を災害 対策会議を通じて学んでもらう ※河野防災担当大臣出席 ○ 公務 合同庁 舎8号館 1階講 堂 中央合 同庁舎8 号館 東京都 千代田 区永田 町1-6-1 7月28日 13:30 14:30 ○ ○ ○ 約15名 程度(保 護者を 除く) 必要 往復は がき(申 込締切 日必着) 7月13日 (水) 担当部署:内閣府大臣官房政策 評価広報課 郵便番号:100-8914 住所:東京都千代田区永田町1- 6-1中央合同庁舎第8号館 代表番号:03-5253-2111 直通番号: 03-6257-1297(広報課代表) 03-6257-1383(報道室代表) 内閣府HP: omo/kodomo28index.html 無料 東京都 内 閣 府  「北朝鮮に拉致さ れた被害者の御家 族からお話しを聴こ う」 ・職員がパネルを用いて拉致 問題の概要を説明します。 ・続いて、アニメ「めぐみ」DVD (25分)視聴します。 ・被害者の御家族から、直接、 お話しを聴いた後、質疑応答を 行います。 ○ ○ 国際 合同庁 舎8号館 1階講 堂 中央合 同庁舎8 号館 東京都 千代田 区永田 町1-6-1 7月28日 14:00 15:00 ○ ○ ○ 20名程 度(保護 者を除 く) 必要 往復は がき(申 込締切 日必着) 7月13日 (水) 担当部署:内閣府大臣官房政策 評価広報課 郵便番号:100-8914 住所:東京都千代田区永田町1- 6-1中央合同庁舎第8号館 代表番号:03-5253-2111 直通番号: 03-6257-1297(広報課代表) 03-6257-1383(報道室代表) 内閣府HP: omo/kodomo28index.html 無料 The program was provided as a open data Civic Hackers launched the program with search functions. - Subject - Abstract - Schedule - Building - Age 156
  158. 158. Historical map  Konjyaku map service provide special viewer that compare 2 maps. 157 Latest mapHistorical map User can select a map
  159. 159. Public service information cloud  Government made a data structure for tourism information. 158 1st step MIC provide information sheets to all local governments. 2nd step Local governments register their tourism information. Everyone can use the gathered tourism information. Area search Area code search
  160. 160. My City News  Most of cities publish a city news. It provide valuable information for residents.  Citizen can read various city news from this site. 159 City news in my city City news in my father’s city City news in my home town Mush up Festival Event Health care Single window
  161. 161. Hackthon/Ideathon  International open data day(2015-2-21)  There were 62 events all over Japan. (221 event in the world) 160 Government Local government NGO Citizen
  162. 162. Innovation Contest  Open data idea contests (July,2011)  Government(METI) and a publishing company carried it out jointly.  Open data use case contest(METI Feb,2014)  NGY Night street advisor • Street lamp information (100,000) + Google map • Navigation function. Contest web site Committee Government provided energy supply data. Winners Submit 161
  163. 163. Knowledge connecter  There are many ideas and apps in hackthons/Ideasons.  But most of them disappear after the event.  Knowledge connecter provide a knowledge share platform. 162 Before After