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181130d gov


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Presentation of the Japan government's dGov initiative and human resources management.

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181130d gov

  1. 1. Digital Government In Japan Government of Japan November, 2018 0
  2. 2. Contents 1 1. Digital Strategy 2. Digital Government 4. Challenges Service for citizens IT governance Basic data 3. Platform 5. Human resource
  3. 3. Transitions in Japan’s population 2 (Sources) Figures to 2015 taken from the “National Census,” MIC (excluding the age-indeterminate population); figures for 2020 and beyond taken from “Population Projections for Japan (estimated in January 2012),” (medium fertility and medium mortality assumption) National Institute of Population and Social Security Research Population Rate of aging
  5. 5. Overview of Digital Strategy in Japan Other Acts Privacy act and Info. disclosure act Society 5.0 (2016) Economic Growth Strategy (2018-6) Innovation Strategy (2018-6) Digital Strategy (2018-6) Data Strategy (2018-6) Digital Government Policy (2017-5) • Connected Industries • Digital first • Once only • One stop Vision National Strategies Digital Strategies IT ACT (2000) DATA ACT (2016) Digital First ACT (End of 2018) Society 5.0 Reference Architecture Data Exchange Platform Government Interoperability Framework (IMI) Data Strategy / Policy Rule Organization Business Data harness functions Data Data broker function Asset Sensor, Actuator, Hardware, Network Gathering, Integration, Cleansing, Device management Data definition, Data model, Code Catalogue, Search, AI, Analysis Business process Business Rule Coordination Team Legislation Regulation Vision Priority domain Security/Authentication Lifecycle Open Data Policy (2017-5) 4
  6. 6. Society 5.0  Realize the advanced fusion of cyberspace and physical space, To balance economic advancement with the resolution of social problems, Bring about a human-centered society.  Society 5.0 was proposed in the 5th Science and Technology Basic Plan in 2016. 5 New society “Society 5.0” Society 1.0 Hunting & gathering Society 2.0 Agricultural Society 3.0 Industrial Society 4.0 Information Vision:
  7. 7. Declaration to be the World’s Most Advanced Digital Nation  New digital strategy focus on the digital transformation and the data platform.  Central government Initiative is an engine of this strategy. 6 Initiative 1 Initiative 2 Initiative3 Initiative 4 Cross-domain Projects Initiative 5 Emerging Technologies Organizations & HR Vision - in which people can live in safety and reassurance. - in which all people can live well. Digital strategy: Central government Municipalities Industries Digital transformation Data sharing & Open data A Digital Nation (2018-6)
  8. 8. Basic Plan for the Advancement of Utilizing Public and Private Sector Data  Central government published Basic Plan on June, 2018. Municipalities will publish their plan soon. 7 Platform for harnessing data across industries Industries Main issues - Economic growth - Fiscal Consolidation - Revitalization of local communities - Safety and reassurance Open data ID for citizens and enterprises Rules for harnessing data Central Government Municipalities Data strategy: ・Data standardization (Data, Code, Character) ・API, Authentication ・Personal data store ・Data Market EBPM
  9. 9. Role of IT Strategic HQ  IT strategic HQ focus on the technological solutions. 8 Prime Minister Economy Revitalization HQ Council for Regulatory Reform IT strategic HQ Ocean HQ Space HQ Health HQ … Council for Science, Technology and Innovation Economic Growth • Data Driven Economy • Regulatory reform • Regional revitalization • Open Innovation • etc. Social Solutions • Health • Agriculture • Transportation • Disaster risk management • Energy management • Work style • Education & human resources etc. Digital Government • National ID • Citizen-centric e-government services • IT investment reform • IT governance Society5.0 Organization:
  10. 10. IT Strategic Headquarters Prime Minister and All Ministers Government CIO Members from the Private Sector CIOs Council Government CIO Ministry CIOs A Ministry - CIO - Advisor to CIO B Ministry - CIO - Advisor to CIO C Ministry - CIO - Advisor to CIO ・ ・ ・ IT HQ and Government CIO  The GCIO leads all digital government programs. 9 e-Government Minister Meeting Chief Cabinet Secretary eGov Related ministers Government CIO Committees Vice CIO Staffs Executive Advisors to the Government CIO Government CIO Information Security Policy Council National Strategy office of IT Chief Strategist Chief Architect Organization:
  11. 11. Digital Strategy related Organizations •Strategy, Planning, Coordination •Governance(Investment) IT HQ(National strategy office of IT) •Governance •Government-wide platform services MIC(Central government) •Local government-wide platform MIC(Local government) •Technology •Advanced project METI •Security NISC 10 GovernmentCIO IPA J-LIS MIC : Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications METI: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry NISC: National Information Security Center IPA : Information technology Promotion Agency (J-LIS is non-government organization) Organization:
  12. 12. 2. DIGITAL GOVERNMENT 11
  13. 13. Overview of IT investment  Budget for central government  Investment ¥120B  Operational cost ¥400B  Number of systems  800 *Budget for local governments  Over ¥500B (Core systems: Base Registries and Basic services) *Number of municipalities  1741 12
  14. 14. Past-Present-Future Implementation Master plan IT Governance Reform Acquisition reform Architecture Project management Human Resource Citizen-centric, Citizen-driven Open data Interactive service Web site reform Infra. reform Collaboration Sustainable •Open Gov. •Inclusive services Emerging tech. CIO Government reform1 Government reform 2 2015 Government as a Platform 13 Digit al G Government reform3 Digital tech. with Culture Digital Government Policy (2017-5) Action plan for digital government (2018-1)
  15. 15. Action plan for digital government Service design • Business transformations • Customer experience • Citizen centric web services Platform • Openness • Open data • National ID service • Interoperability • APIs & data standard • Service platform & Cloud services • Government wide services • Public cloud services IT Governance •Innovation Team •IT management 14 Platform Services from Governments Services from third parties Start with user needs Understand facts data Think end to end service Inclusive services Make simple Focus on service value Fit in daily life Not over quality Open process Agile process Consistency Make service, not system Make it simple Interoperability Principals Policies
  16. 16. Digital first IT governance Platform Service design One stop Once only Law Support program Procurement License Online application Innovation team Basic RegistriesWorkstyle reform Data reference model Code From paper to digital No rewrite Notification Hands on support User-friendly service Web reform(UX) Use digital Tech. Trigger for new service Integrated portal Easy to gather the data! I have not known the useful information. My only action is to confirm it. I’m at home, today. Easy to use! Amazing solutions! Speed up! Hack it! It’s cool!! Everywhere Enterprises Data Mush up the data from industries The Goal of the action plan  Decrease inconvenient services  Increase business speed and service level.  Create innovative services 15
  18. 18. IT Dashboard  IT dashboard show the progress of IT strategy and IT project Information. 17 Strategy System Overview Budget KPIs Projects Number of systems Type of system Type of Architecture Budget Top page Download & API Anyone can analyze the data and make other sites. Citizens can know the information of all systems. By Ministries IT governance
  19. 19. The Social Security and Tax Number System  The Social Security and Tax Number System is... Social infrastructure to improve administrative efficiency, enhance public convenience, and realize a fairer and more just society.  This services start on Jan,2016. 18 National ID framework
  20. 20. Myna-portal (Portal site for citizens)  Myna-portal provide personalized services for all citizens.  Citizen can check the access log of their national ID card. 19 Support program information Web application Access log Centralgovernment Localgovernments National ID framework
  21. 21. Corporate Information website  Government launched Corporation ID number program on Jan. 2016.  4million Legal entities had obtained unique ID. • Corporations, Governments, Local governments and NPOs  Government has great numbers of Corporate Information.  Applications, Awards, Contracts and Certifications 20 Corporation ID number Corporation Name Corporation Type Area Resource Search Government Registers Applications Gather the data by using IMI based data structure. IMI is government interoperability framework. Corporation Capital Number of Staffs The day of start up Business category Fiscal Year Ministry Certification National ID framework
  22. 22. Benefit of the Corporate Information website CSV PDF RDF Open Data Other websites New ServicesAPI This site is a Knowledge base for all government department. The search result Corporation ID number Corporation Name Subsidies File download Capital Number of Staffs The day of start up Business category Ministry And Applications, Contracts, Certifications Address Name of CEO Awards 21 National ID framework
  23. 23. Corporation Service catalogue Core data models Base Registries  We implement corporate services first. The experience will be used for individual services.  These services will be completed in fiscal 2018 and will be operated sequentially from 2019. Digital transformation by corporation ID 22 Corporation Information website SME service catalogue IMI data models For corporations Applicat ions Authent ication One stop services Once only services SME Platform Japan Corporation ID ・Basic data ・Contract information ・Public service ・Use case ・Event ・Citation National ID framework
  24. 24. RESAS: Regional Economy and Society Analyzing System  RESAS provide many information to analyze regional economy and society. (Population, Industry and Trade Statistics) 23 Tokyo Chiyoda Year Month Working day Holiday Area selector Mesh data Graph Population without residents Tama Zoo Statistics
  25. 25. The detail of RESAS PopulationValue(Industry)Tourist CommerceTouristPopulation 24 Statistics
  26. 26. Small area data analysis system(jSTAT MAP)  We can analyze my own data-sets with statistical data on this service. 25 List of statistical data-sets List of layers How many citizens in this circle? We can put pins on this map. Statistics
  27. 27. Digital maps from GSI  GSI provide basic maps as open data. We can analyze and harness the land data for any purpose. 26 The Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI) Map
  28. 28. 3D map data from GSI  GSI provide 3D map data. Anyone can make 3D model by using a 3D printer.  Municipalities use the data For urban planning, education and disaster management. 27 Decide an area Display the 3D map Download 3D data Make 3D model Map
  29. 29. Farm information database  Anyone can get farm information. 28 Selected Farms Detail information Basic information Address Purpose of the land Farm ID Farm Navigater Map
  30. 30. Road monitoring  Monitoring car gather the GPS and acceleration data automatically. 29 Acceleration Sampling Time Evaluation Criteria Monitoring car and Smart Phone Map View Staffs plan maintenance priority. Staffs easily explain the priority to citizens. Infrastructure
  31. 31. Citizen’s reporting system : Chiba-repo  Chiba city gather their citizen’s report by using mobile app.  This service use a gamification.  Monthly user ranking  Special themes 30 Report View the reports My reports My Page Report Title Photo Report Mobile app for citizens Working CompletedRequest Total Road Park Garbage Others Yesterday A week ago A month ago 3months ago Anyone can check the progress A example of special theme: Citizen send photo reports of carb mirror’s root Corrosion! Pee dog Infrastructure
  32. 32. Safety information  Government and private sector provide information for safety. 31 Map of Hard Braking point Citizens can send reports. (Source: Honda) Accident density map Car, Bike, Ageing citizens, Walker, Children, Bicycle Hard braking There are many accidents Government check the point by various view point. Density Safety
  33. 33. Trap monitoring system(ORIWANA system)  24 municipalities use the trap monitoring system. (2018Nov)  To reduce the rounds of mountains.  To monitor the traps in the real time. 32 IOT Repeater RepeaterRepeater Base unit Extension Cloud Extension/ Repeater Switcher
  34. 34. 3. PLATFORM Society 5.0 Cross-Domain Data platform IMI (Government Interoperability Framework) 33
  35. 35. Society 5.0 Cross-Domain Data platform  We will launch a cross-domain data platform until 2020. 34 3D Map BridgeLoad surface Agriculture Disaster information Satellite Automobile Weather information ・・・ Agriculture Mobility Disaster Prevention Agriculture Cooperative DB Original DB Mobility Logistics Other DB Smart Agriculture Autonomous driving Smart Disaster Prevention Manufacturing industry Retail sales Mass customization Order/Stock Management Facotry Data Catalogue Vocubraly API Healthcare Logistics Manufacturing and so on・・・ Data User AppStore Operator Data Broker Data Provider Data platform Cross-domain Data Exchange Platform Other DB Disaster Prevention Healthcare and caregiving Other DB Cooperative DB Original DB Cooperative DB Original DB Cooperative DB Original DB Cooperative DB Original DB Cooperative DB Original DB Competitive area Cooperative area
  36. 36. The services for the data exchange platforms  Government will provide basic services. 35 Services Function for data management Function for connection Search Distribution Privacy Community Catalogue Taxonomy Simulation Quality Assurance Convert Merge Integrate Anonymize Cross-domain data exchange platform Data exchange platforms In industries Rule Team CSTI, CAO IT HQ, CAS METI IPA DTA DPC Services Function for data management Function for connection Search Distribution Privacy Community Catalogue Taxonomy Simulation Quality Assurance Convert Merge Integrate Anonimize Services for each industries • Taxonomies • Codes • Functions EU US ・・・
  37. 37. Strategy / Policy Rule Organization Business Data harness functions Data Data broker function Asset Sensor, Actuator, Hardware, Network Gathering, Integration, Cleansing, Device management Data definition, Data model, Code Catalogue, Search, AI, Analysis Business process Business Rule Coordination Team Legislation Regulation Vision Priority domain Security/Authentication Lifecycle Society 5.0 Reference Architecture  Society 5.0 Reference architecture is the basic model for harnessing data. Society5.0(“Super Smart Society”) is a society vision in Japan. Society 5.0 Reference architecture is the basic model for harnessing data. 36
  38. 38. Data framework  The digital government action plan recommend the following data framework to all ministries.  The data framework will make an agile society. 37 Gov. Date exchange Std. Core vocabulary Templates Characters Code Service Data Touris m Date, Address, Phon … Sensor Data Data item (Data definition) Information (Data model) Design EBPM Open data Healthc are Transp ortatio n Disaste r Public service Infrastr ucture Manufa cture ・・・ Format
  39. 39. Vocabulary structure of IMI  IMI consists of core vocabulary, cross domain vocabulary and domain-specific vocabularies. 38 Core Vocabulary Domain-specific Vocabularies Vocabularies that are specialised for the use in each domain. Eg) number of beds, Schedule. Shelter Location Hospital Station Disaster Restoration Cost Cross Domain Vocabulary Key vocabularies among domain- specific vocabularies that are referenced in other domains. Eg) hospital, station, shelter. Core Vocabulary Universal vocabularies that are widely used in any domain. Eg) people, object, place, date. Geographical Space /Facilities Transportation Disaster Prevention Finance Domain-specific Vocabularies Cross Domain Vocabulary
  40. 40. 項目名 英語名 データタイプ 項目説明 項目説明(英語) キーワード サンプル値 Usage Info 人 PersonType 氏名 PersonName PersonNameType 氏名 Name of a Person - 性別 Gender <abstract element, no type> 性別 Gender of a Person - Substitutable Elements: 性別コード GenderCode CodeType 性別のコード Gender of a Person 1 APPLIC標準仕様V2.3 データ一覧 住民基本台帳:性別 引用 性別名 GenderText TextType 性別 Gender of a Person 男 現住所 PresentAddr ess AddressType 現住所 - 本籍 AddressType 本籍 - … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … Image of IMI vocabulary  Vocabulary set and Information Exchange Package are defined in trial area. 39 項目名(Type/Sub-properties) 英語名 データタイプ … 氏名 PersonNameType 氏名 FullName TextType フリガナ TextType 姓 FamilyName TextType カナ姓 TextType … … … AED Location Address LocationTwoDimensional GeographicCoordinate Equipment Information Spot of Equipment Business Hours Owner Access Availability User Day of Installation Homepage AED Information Type of Pad Expiry date Contact Type Model Number SerialNumber Photo Note Information Source Sample 1 : Definition of vocabulary Sample 2 : Information Exchange Package
  41. 41. Society 5.0 Future Platform  From government to the society.  Three areas of our efforts will be merging. 40 Smart Industry Connected Industry Smart City Smart City Smart Public Digital Government Good practices from industries Basic Registries Advanced services - AI - Block chain International interoperability Environment Safety Human density Machine and factory Trade and commerce Traffic Air pollution Noise Application Open data Corporation Geographic Name Address Date and Time Facility Event Application Open data
  42. 42. 4. CHALLENGES AI Robot 41
  43. 43. Demonstration project to support speech writing with AI Situation: Civil servants spend a lot of time on writing Minister’s answering speech for congress session. Our solution: To shorten time to write the speech, we did a demonstration program to create a supporting system with AI which includes (1) A search engine for similar past questions from congressmen (2) A function to extract the points of the speech to answer Result: Half of people who tried using this answered that they couldn’t get useful suggestions. Next step: We are now researching for (1)the needs of users, (2)possible data sources (3)possible AI technologies we can apply into the system and then plan to create another beta version of the system. 42
  44. 44. Big data-STATS (AI for Economic Index)  METI provide economic index by using AI. This is new approach to make index. METI publishes it once a week. 43 1. AI for filtering SNS messages 2. AI for evaluate SNS message’s feeing SNS Today, there is along line in front of my restaurant. Very busy day! Stock market is good. But my salary don’t rise! I don’t feel economic growth. (Positive) (Negaitive) Message about economy (SNS Economy index) Message about job (SNS IIP index)
  45. 45. AI Concierge (Kawasaki city) 44 List of the day that the garbage gathered How to abundant bottles How to separate my garbage I inform you the rerated information. Please click the following button. How to recycle. How to abandon electronic appliance. AI show you services. You can use free word by using the bottom field. Situation There are various services for personal needs. So municipality staff spent much time for responding citizen’s inquiries. Solution This dialogue service provide the following inquiries, Nursing Moving Garbage Residence Registration Application The Place you deliver it. Link to web page of the service Free key word AI Concierge Cloud service
  46. 46. AI Assignment of nurseries (Saitama city)  AI assign nurseries to each child in consideration of parental requests 45 A few seconds 300 nurseries Assign by 30 staffs. It spend 1 week. I like both X nursery and Z nursery. I like Y nursery. I dislike Y nursery. Anywhere. My child has an allergy. There are various requests from parents. 8000 children Before AI AI The result is almost same.
  47. 47. AI recommendation for a migration (Itoshima city)  Itoshima city promote migration from large cities 46 Staffs of Itoshima city Other city’s residences AI Profile: Age Gender Family Hobby - - - Persons who is 30-50 years old focus on the following issues. Distance for school Safety Your type Transportation School Community ShoppingSafety Hospital Recommended Area by AI Transportation School Community Shopping SafetyHospital Favorite Fukae area Consultation by using AI recommendation AI learn from the result of consultation.
  48. 48. AI for family register process (Oosaka city)  The family register law is complicated. This work requires expertise and experience. Less experienced staffs spend more time on contacting the branch of the Ministry of Justice(MOJ). 47 Question from Citizens Answer from staffs Rare Case Ask to the AI AI provide the answer Natural language Ontology Studied 18000 case 2 city branches use it on 2018. They will expand to all branches. Before AI,MOJ sometimes spend 2 or 3 weeks to answer it.
  49. 49. My city report (Muroran city) 48 Evaluated by AI 1. No damage 2. Damaged 3. Maintenance AI Citizen’s reporting system : Chiba-repo An official car with camera The app will find road damage and send pictures to the server to take photos automatically. The AI use the deep learning technology.  AI will find road damage, automatically  This solution is more efficient than a person can inspect it, and it is possible to grasp the state of the road in a wide range. Check and feedback Next generation citizen’s reporting system
  50. 50. Care Plan Assistant(Fukuoka city) 49  CPA engine recommend care plans to care managers by using AI. Welfare facilities Database Accumulation of care plan data Knowledge of care specialist CPA engine Recommended care plan Matching between the care plan and welfare facilities Care manager
  51. 51. Robot in the City Hall (Fujieda-city)  Fujieda-city use a robot for information service.  The robot is a concierge of the city hall.  He can inform sections, events and tourist information. 50 - Talk with citizens - Move in the reception hall - Display the maps
  52. 52. Robot for infrastructure maintenance  There are many old infrastructure in Japan.  150 thousands bridges that are over 15m.  9 thousands tunnels 51 Wire inspection robot for bridges Sewer inspection robot Cracks Repaired hole Spring water Drone Car mounted Robot Hanged Robot Sucker Robot Pole type Robot Dam inspection robot
  53. 53. Robot for aging society 52 of-commercialized-equipment.pdf Therapy Robot ”Paro” 040917_2/pr20040917_2.html Powered suit RIBA(Robot for Interactive Body Assistance  Japan is aging society. Nursing services need more support staffs. It is very hard works to support aging persons.  People aged 65 or older will make up more than 38 per cent of the population in 2065.
  54. 54. Robot car for rural area  There are many ageing citizens in rural area. The aging citizens can go out by robot cars.  This project aims to make community model. 53 Hospital Municipality service Robot car Station Robot car Control center Call from smart phone Course guide For winding road and unclear road Mountain area“Michinoeki” Community station Shop
  55. 55. 5 HUMAN RESOURCE 54
  56. 56. Government staffs  Central government: 285 thousands staffs(2018)  Temporary staff: 56 thousands staffs (2016)  Local government: 2740 thousands staffs (2017)  Temporary staff: 643 thousands staffs (2016) 55 285 56 Central Government (Thousands staffs ) Staffs Temporary staffs 2740 643 Local Government (Thousands staffs ) Staffs Temporary staffs
  57. 57. Government wide Training course of IT  There are many IT training courses for government IT sections.  They include eLearning courses. 56 Project management Security Technology & Literacy Operation of government wide systems Training for deputy CIO of ministries (Work shop) Training for staffs
  58. 58. Promotion of Digital transformation in METI  METI digital transformation(DX) office promote the digital projects and workstyles. 57 Project management Security IT & Literacy Operation of government wide systems Training for deputy CIO of ministries (Work shop) Training for staffs DX course & workshop DX Team (Half of members come from Private sector) Workshop with Civictech Seminar and conference DX community DX course for new staffs DX News letter For all staffs For IT staffs
  59. 59. Type of our staffs in the future government  Function  Policy making • Emerging technology, EBPM  Marketing & Data analysis  Consulting  Services by using DT support  Competencies 1. Information and data literacy 2. Communication and collaboration 3. Logical thinking and Problem solving 4. Digital content 5. Future society and community 6. Digital government 7. Safety 58 DIgComp2.0 CIO core competences
  60. 60. Future Course  We will make an advanced course for digital formation. 59 Workshop / DX course Advanced Course Government wide training course Community Framework of Digital training course Digital Transformation Emerging Technology Service Design UX Data management Program/Project management Architecture System of Systems Society 5.0 / Smart Cities Agile Development Risk/Security management Competency framework Collaboration For all staffs For IT staffs
  61. 61. THANK YOU 60 Visit Japan! and Check our achievement!