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Gandhian economics


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A short analysis of Gandhi's economic theories and their critiques.
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Gandhian economics

  1. 1. Review, Practice and Critique Shivraj Singh Negi HS07H022
  2. 2.  Hind Swaraj is the first text.  Criticism of modern civilization and the supporting industrial economic structure.  Ancient Indian society was a backward but satisfied, stable society.  Machines are immoral and so is wealth created by them.
  3. 3.  Major Features  Swadeshi  Economic Equality  Non-Exploitation  Non-Possession  Trusteeship
  4. 4.  Application of Concepts in five- year plans  Welfare state with minimum interference  Sustainability  Appropriate Technology
  5. 5.  Criticism of Villages  Criticism of Swadeshi  Relevance of Gandhi an Ideas.