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Philips presentation3


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group 9: philips

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Philips presentation3

  2. 2. Porter’s Value Chain Model
  3. 3. Logistics  All the inbound and outbound logistics are outsourced to UPS.  On-site warehousing  Direct supply from manufacturing units.
  4. 4. Overview of Manufacturing Manufacturing Plants Strategic Acquisitions
  5. 5. Transnational Production Systems Transnational Vertical Integration A very high percentage of components and products is now purchased, rather than manufactured in-house.
  6. 6. Marketing Mix - Product Imaging Systems Patient Monitoring Informatics, Solutions & Services Customer Services
  7. 7. Marketing Mix - Product 35% 6% 32% 27% Total Sales as of 2014 Imaging Systems Informatics, Solutions & Services Patient Monitoring Solutions Customer Services
  8. 8. Marketing Mix - Price Pricing in terms of B2B. • Who is the buyer? • Competitors? • Negotiation! Different pricing strategy between different product lines. • Important factors • Technology and Innovation
  9. 9. Marketing Mix - Place
  10. 10. Marketing Mix - Promotion Traditional  Medical Congresses  Conferences  Exhibitions of non-profit organisations for better health such as HIMSS Digital
  11. 11. LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT “I want to enable our managers, local market teams and business units to take charge and to do what is best for Philips. A timely decision may be right or wrong; a decision that comes too late is always wrong. By allowing our market teams to resource to win, we can continue making successful investments. Innovation will remain a cornerstone of our strategy. Investing in innovation is part of investing in growth. But we must base our bets on a very profound understanding of local markets and customers.” -Frans van Houten, President and CEO Royal Philips
  12. 12. McKinsey 7-S Framework Shared Values Structure Style Strategy Skills Staffs System
  13. 13. Organisational Structure – Executive Committee CEO Frans van Houten Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer Jim Andrew Chief Legal Officer Marnix van Ginneken Chief Human Resource Officer Denise Haylor Chief Market Leader Ronald de Jong Chief Executive Officer Greater China Patrick Kung Chief Executive Officer Philips Consumer Lifestyle Pieter Nota Chief Executive Officer Philips Lighting Eric Rondolat Chief Financial Officer Ron Wirahadiraksa Chief Executive Officer Asean & Pacific Damien Cummings Chief Domestic Appliances Andrea Ragneti
  14. 14. Human Resource 66 68 70 72 74 76 78 80 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Employee Engagement Index Employee engagement is the key to Philips competitive advantage
  15. 15. Human Resource - Training Philips implement • online training course for employees for General Business Principles • e-learning where managers are invited to host dialogue sessions with their teams
  16. 16. Human Resource – Global Talent Acquisition Strategy • Philips employee referral • Internal Hire • Proactively source by recruiter • Digital career channel • Philips careers website
  17. 17. Human Resource – Philips University • For Managers • They implement one Central Management System to raise the quality of standardisation and simplification for managers of all levels. • For Leaders • In Leadership, academy delivers a simplified and comprehensive system of leadership initiatives to create a long term leadership pipeline at all levels and cross all parts.
  18. 18. Technology - Innovation  1st biphasic AED  1st US airline save  1st AED for children and infants  1st AED designed specifically for home  1st and only over the counter AED  1st AED to implement a ‘Quick Shock’ algorithm. Our AEDs are typically able to deliver a shock in less than 8 seconds after CPR.
  19. 19. Technology - Innovation Philips builds relationships to improve innovation efficiency with • Academic partners • Industrial partners around the world and they share the related financial exposure. Open Innovation • “Inside-out” innovation o Make Philips’s skills and resources available to the outside world. • “Outside-in” innovation o Partnerships with organizations and governments (i.e.
  20. 20. R&Ds Around The World Focus on research imaging product (i.e. X-ray) Focus on research home healthcare products (i.e. sleep therapy systems) and early detection of disease (i.e. cardiology) Focus on research clinical sites, provide clinical decision support and medical ultrasound Research Centres Aachen, Germany Molecular Imaging Systems Personal Health Solutions X-Ray Imaging Systems Hamburg, Germany Diagnostic imaging systems Image-guided intervention and therapy Medical image processing Eindhoven, Netherlands Diagnostic imaging Patient care Home healthcare Shanghai, China Chronic disease management Imaging system solutions Home healthcare for the Chinese market Bangalore, India Cardiology Perinatal care Women’s health Cambridge, UK Home healthcare for the UK market Briarcliff, NY, USA Controls, Communication, & Healthcare Informatics Clinical Informatics, Interventional, & Translational Solutions Ultrasound, Photonics, and Bioinformatics
  21. 21. Financial Management  3rd Party Payments  3rd Party Receivables  Inter-company transfers  Liquidity Management
  22. 22. Procurement  Perform and Transfer  Competitive networks or supplier ‘Ecosystems’  Policies and Procedures  Supplier Sustainability & Environment