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2013 philips healthcare medical device pr and corporate communications conference


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2013 philips healthcare medical device pr and corporate communications conference

  1. 1. Georgina MichaelPhilips HealthcareMay 9, 2013Enhancing Public Perception throughStrategic Brand Reputation Management2013 Medical Device PR & Corporate Communications Conference
  2. 2. ConfidentialOverviewDepth and breadthNew vision, new strategy1. World Sleep Day case study2. RSNA case studyInspiring and motivating employeesEffective outreachWho we areOur new CEOStrategic CommunicationsEmployee EngagementThought Leadership2
  3. 3. Introducing Royal PhilipsFounded in 1891Headquartered in Amsterdam,The NetherlandsSales of €24.8 billion in 2012- 35% in Growth Markets- 65% in B2B- EBITA 6.1% of salesGlobally recognized brand(World Top 50)Our brand value at $9.1bn in 2012118,000 employeesSales and service outlets in over100 countries$2 billion investment in R&D,7% of sales in 2012Who we are Our businesses Operating in >100 countriesHealthcareLightingConsumer LifestyleGrowth MarketsWestern EuropeNorth AmericaOther24%41%35%201226%31%8%35%20123
  4. 4. NorthAmericaOther MatureGeographiesGrowthGeographies2Philips HealthcarePhilips HealthcareBusinesses1ImagingSystemsHomeHealthcareSolutionsPatient Careand ClinicalInformaticsCustomerServices38%€10.0Billion salesin 201237,000+People employedworldwide in 100 countries15% 22% 25%450+Products and servicesoffered in over 100 countries8%of sales investedin R&D in 2012Geographies1WesternEurope44% 12% 24%20%1 Full year 20122 Growth geographies are all geographies excluding USA, Canada, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan and Israel4
  5. 5. With a heritage of driving industry innovation5Home healthcareImproving the quality of life forat-risk patients in the homeImagingEarly and confident diagnosisClinical ITRight information at theright timeLifecycle servicesOptimizing your equipmentand training your staffImage-guided interventionReal-time visualization, workflowmanagement, minimally invasive therapyClinical decision supportMobility, interoperability and CDSimproves cost, quality and accessPartnership solutionsWorkflow consulting, clinicalconsulting, clinical educationand healing environmentsManaging transitionsFrom hospital to home++++Transforming health care
  6. 6. ConfidentialAt Philips, it was imperative that thecommunication team was re-structured tosupport new CEO visionWe designed a three- to five-yearcommunications plan, aligned with newbusiness objectivesKey elements of our re-organization:• Philips Healthcare guiding statement• Global structure for integratedcommunications programs• Restructured communications team6
  7. 7. At Philips, we believe people should behealthy, live well and enjoy life. As atechnology company that cares aboutpeople we challenge ourselves every dayto deliver on this promise and help solvethe world’s toughest health care concernsand clinical challenges throughmeaningful innovation. What drivesPhilips Healthcare is to create the futureof health care and save lives.We do this by developing innovativesolutions across the continuum of care inpartnership with clinicians and ourcustomers to improve patient outcomes,provide better value andexpand access to care.THE PHILIPSHEALTHCARE STORY7
  8. 8. ConfidentialIntegrated communications8
  9. 9. R E S U LT S Secured 260 original articles in more than 11 countries Launched global and localized sleep apnearisk tests with 1,679 tests taken to date Matte article placed in 1,238 publications Social media efforts on Facebook, Twitterand Google+ reached a more than 63,000followersA C T I O N• Leverage World Sleep Day as the launchplatform for a broader communicationscampaign around OSA• Raise OSA risk awareness by pledging totest 1M at-risk people within the next 5 yearsS I T U AT I O NFor World Sleep Day on March 15, 2013, PhilipsHealthcare wanted to ignite a dialogue withglobal leadership and local markets to build theirreputation as a thought leader and increasemarket activation around obstructive sleepapnea (OSA)How have you beensleeping lately?World Sleep Day 2013
  10. 10. R E S U L T S• RSNA: 52 original articles, 38 booth tours and71 tweets.• HIMSS: 21 booth tours with key industryreporters, live tweeting throughout theconference.A C T I O NDevelop multi-pronged, customized strategiesfor garnering media attention at showsthroughout the year, specifically RSNA andHIMSS.S I T U A T I O NTrade shows allow medical devicemanufacturers to showcase their products,research and innovations to industry members,potential customers and journalists. In a forumfilled with competition, how can Philipsdistinguish its brand?How can you distinguishyour brand when the wholeindustry is watching?
  11. 11. inance Communications, December 2012Internal IntranetsKnowledge repositoriesSocial MediaLeadership DialoguesOnline videosCEO Video blogs11Enhance employee engagement with integrated employee touch pointsCreating the futureof healthcareSTEADY FLOW STEADY FLOWTop 5 emailLive webcast /Townhall meetingsNewslettersDIALOGUEDIALOGUE
  12. 12. ConfidentialSocial media facilitates regular online message flowand discussion touch points,for proactive reputation management.We live in a climate of rapid communications12
  13. 13. ConfidentialStrategy - bring social media into the fold13Social media characteristics differentiate from traditionalmedia, such as quality, reach, frequency,usability, immediacy, depth of engagement and permanence.
  14. 14. Visionary perspectives and insightsconnecting stakeholdersto the future of healthcareHelps create and enhance relationshipswith key stakeholdersNeeds to be built-in, not bolt-onPositively positions company andhelps establish points of differentiationBuilds reputation by increasing theperceived value of the organizationDriven by organizational culture, constantlyevolving around societal challengesThought leadership: A StrategicApproach
  15. 15. ConfidentialIts part of an organization’s marketing approach– Build thought leadership into your content marketing program– Thought leadership is a credible and authentic voice for B2B environments– Embed thought leadership into the customer life cycleOwned Media• Website - hub• Blogs• Groups and forums -LinkedInEarned Media• Bloggers andinfluences• Communities andsocial sharing• PR and traditionalmediaPaid Media• Speakingengagements• AdvertisingThought Leadership channelsStrategy – incorporate results driven thought leadership15
  16. 16. Confidential 16Thought Leadership examples
  17. 17. R E S U LT S• Launch of “Innovations in Health” LinkedIndiscussion group and four subgroups• There are more than 94,000 members across allgroups. Linked In Oncology and Radiologydiscussion groups are the two most active• Membership continues to growA C T I O NCreate a platform that will bring all of thesediscussions to one central location, while adheringto industry restrictions on two-way communicationwith customersS I T U AT I O NHealth care professionals discuss innovations andtechnological advancements with their colleaguesand peers every day. We needed a way to moreeffectively listen to customers in order to understandthe challenges they face.How can you truly listen …when you’re not invited tothe discussion?
  18. 18. Confidential 18Anthony Jones conversation achieved Top influencer status70,000 influentialmembersLinkedIn engagement
  19. 19. Confidential 19Today’s takeaways• Reputation management is a proactive effort• Organizations are moving away from traditionalreputation management activities, to proactive ways todefine and position an organization’s brand reputation• Don’t forget employee engagement - your employeesare valuable brand reputation ambassadors• Audiences consume more than one channel - integratedcommunications is the framework to deliver consistentcontent across multiple audiences• Social media is not going away – embrace it• Thought leadership enhances all stakeholderrelationships and increases an organization’s perceivedvalue