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yummy ice cream


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principles of marketing

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yummy ice cream

  1. 1. Ice Cream Ice cream is a frozen desert made from dairy products (milk, cream) combined with flavoring and sweeteners. Modern Commercial Ice Cream Composition 1.10-16% milk fat 2.9-12% MSNF (whey and caseins proteins, carbohydrates ) 3.12-16% sweeteners (sucrose, corn syrup) 4.Stabilizers 0.2% 5.Emulsifiers 0.2% 6.55-64% water 7.Total solids 36- 45%
  3. 3. HISTORY In 1981 an army officer Mr. HAMID NAWAZformed ice cream factory named as yummy icecream after that in 1986 salesman Mr. Ijaz Ahmedpurchased ice cream manufacturer "yummy icecream (pvt) Ltd from Mr. HAMID NAWAZ who wasthe first owner of this company At that time polka was the main competitor ofyummy ice cream and after that in 1999 polka icecream Company merged in WALL’S. In1995, UNILEVER entered in Pakistan with Ice CreamCompany namely WALL’S ice were intended tocompete with other competitors. In 1991, thecompany began introducing a variety of additionalflavor variations that were intended to compete withother competitors
  4. 4. At currently is operating in Punjab NWFP and AZAD Kashmir region.Its sale contribution is Rs 3000,000 per day average in summer season.
  5. 5. Current marketing segmentation of Yummy Ice Cream is as under:1. Geographic Segmentation2. Demographic Segmentation3. Psychographic Segmentation4. Behavioral Segmentation
  6. 6. geographic segmentation the company dividedthe each city into different segments according toAreas, States, Regions, and Markets. Yummy IceCream is targeting as geographic segmentation ofthe Pakistan. We are targeting now the main citiesof provinces as:Capital territory(islamabad)Punjab(Multan, Faislabad, Lahore)Sindh (Karachi, Hyderabad)NWFP (peshawer)Baluchistan (Quetta)
  7. 7. In Demographic segmentation we will dividepeople according to their ages and life cycle. Wewill divide our customers regarding their ages aschildren, teenagers,twenty plus, thirty plus, and so on more thanfifty years old.
  8. 8. We can easily make the division according to theincome of people. Through the incomesegmentation, we can divide the people intodifferent levels of groups regarding their incomeon monthly bases. High Income Less Target Group Segment Middle Income Target Segment Group Small Income Target Segment Group
  9. 9.  Thepsychographic segmenting is done on the basis of the taste and health conscious consumer. Yummy is targeted its market by creating an image of high quality and hygienic products. Yummy was for “anyone, anywhere and at anytime”.
  10. 10. Behavioral segmentation divides buyers into groups, based on their Knowledge, Attitude, Uses, or Responses about the products. We also believe like many marketers that behavior variables are the best starting point for building the best market segmentation.To make the best marketing structure we can set a reasonable price which is suitable for all types of social classes in Pakistan.By using focus strategies in which they just target the segment of sufficient size, not crucial to success of major competitors and they are not attempting to specialize in the same target segment.
  11. 11.  Department of Finance Department of Accounts Department of Administration / Human Resources Department of Marketing and Sales Department of Research & Development / Food Technology Shipping Department Engineering Department
  12. 12.  Required Temperature: Below -18°C. Life time (Out of freezer): 25 min. Expiry: 18months.Packaging: Packaging: Multiple packaging
  13. 13. Ice cream is made from ice (water), milk, butter, fatsugar, milk powder, glucose stabilizers, food gradcolor, artificial flavors, emulsifier, and natural flavors &colors. All of these ingredients are necessary for you inyour diet to lead an active lifestyle. From theseingredients you get protein that helps to build bodytissues, carbohydrates and fats which give you energyand essential vitamins and minerals like calcium thathelp to strengthen bones and teeth.
  14. 14. idea analysisdevelopment Test market New product
  15. 15. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT PROCESS (YUMMY ICE CREAM)Idea Generation Product Analysis Development Company develops aCompany has the full prototype or a sampletime Research & test to check the taste ofDevelopment ice cream within theDepartment, which company. Then they After the conceptual make market strategy forrecommends new test of ice cream the new ice creamproducts planning and products they analyze products. It estimates theorganizing. the products regarding production level andCompany also does their cost, sales, technical productioncopy its competitor’s feasibility and finally demand & supply andproducts. They also needed governmentconsult with their profits. approvals for launchingemployees, customers the products. In Pakistanabout their needs and government institutesdistributions. which approve the products is PCSIR
  16. 16. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT PROCESS (YUMMY ICE CREAM)Test Marketing New Product After the introduction of products and Company builds marketing program to inventory and determine the reaction distributes them, then of the potential makes the customer in market advertisement of new situation, company products through chooses Lahore city to channels and test the market of his brushers. products.
  17. 17. 1. Introductory Stage2. Growth Stage3. Maturity Stage4. Declining Stage Here we introduce new flavors and new products.
  18. 18.  Hico Ice Cream was the first ice company in Pakistan. The brand Hico is well established since 1958. Hico has a fully automatic Ice Cream manufacturing facility, and has a production capacity of producing more than 4.5 million-litter dairy ice cream a year. It is marketed in major cities of Punjab. Today, the brand Hico is considered being the favourite in its hometown Lahore.
  19. 19. COMPETITOR REVIEWOmore In Year 2009, Engro Foods limitedlaunched his ice cream with the brand name“Omore”. Omore is dairy ice cream andmanufactured at Sahiwal. Walls introduced in Pakistan in 1997-98. Theproduct line consists from lollies to ice creams. Thisincludes Cornetto, Callipo, Max, Kulfis, Top Ten ChocBars, Feast, Milky Way and etc. Its productioncapacity is 30 million litres per annum.
  20. 20. Inform TV Banners Persuade Pamphlets Stands in shops Remind Shop boards Bus Stop Board Ads
  21. 21.  Companies inform the people when they don’t know about the product, persuasion takes place when people already know about the product and company forces them to buy the product and when companies is selling enough quantities of a product it reminds consumers about the product to keep the sales at the same level in future.
  22. 22. Strengths: Yummy Ice Cream is available in natural taste. No preserving chemicals that affect the health. It’s a frozen dessert. It is a time saving product. Skilled and trustworthy workers are working in the company. Good growth of market.
  23. 23. Weaknesses:Some weaknesses of Yummy Ice Cream are given below.•The company has fewer resources as compared to competitors.•It has not strong brand image.•It has not any distribution channels.•They have less market share as compared to competitors.•They have fewer budgets as compared to competitors.•They have less technical resources.Opportunities:There are also some opportunities for Yummy Ice Cream which is asunder:•The company can use new technology.•They can change its target segment.•Prepare the new Ice cream flavor.•They can change product use.•They can change product image by changing its styles.
  24. 24. ThreatsThere also are some threats for Yummy Ice Cream:•Competitors are willing to work on these products and o more hasstrong brand image. So competitors have captured the market share ofthe Yummy Ice Cream.•Competitors have more resources than Yummy Ice Cream Company•Due to fewer resources it is very difficult to give awareness of YummyIce Cream to the customers.•If the company will do all this perfectly then they can make a hugechange and promotion.
  25. 25. SuggestionsFirst of all the company has to create a brand and thenfocus on it by making advertisement more and more to getthe best positioning level in the minds of the public. Ifcompany create a strong brand image then it is very easyto remove the weak points.Secondly the company will have to make strong distributionchannels. If the company does so then all the hurdles will beremoved which supposed the cause of decrease in sales. Forthis purpose company will have to give margins by givingbonuses,The threats are that our competitors are strong. Theyhave strong brand image. The company has to make theQuality level, Design, Packaging, and labeling of Yummy IceCream better than its competitors.
  26. 26.  We concluded that yummy is leading organization when it was launched. But after when WALL’S entered in the market they capture the whole market by more advertising of their product. Yummy have not use strategies to retain the customers. The organization has lack of resources. They not focus on to make innovation in their products. Wall’s became over the yummy because of their lot of resources and new technology and much advertising their products. Yummy have to take serious actions to come up.