Business Plan-- T@P India CHOCOLATE Pvt. Ltd.--- Uummm Chocolet - Presentation1


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Business Plan-- T@P India CHOCOLATE Pvt. Ltd.--- Uummm Chocolet

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Business Plan-- T@P India CHOCOLATE Pvt. Ltd.--- Uummm Chocolet - Presentation1

  1. 1. T@P India CHOCOLATE Pvt. Ltd. Uummm.. TUSHAR N. CHOLE (MR13406) PRERNA U. CHAVAN (HR13602) AMOL G. DESHMUKH (FR13207)
  2. 2. Nature of Business (Manufacturing or Service) • We are the Chocolate manufacturing firm seeks to produce highly quality of chocolate and provide customer satisfaction by satisfying their needs. •We introduce chocolate products which includes, dark chocolate  milk chocolate nutritious chocolate bar liquid filled premium chocolate bar. • Our target markets – Maharashtra and outside the country
  3. 3. Description of Business • Nature of business • Constitute of business Org. • Factory Location • Product
  4. 4. Marketing Plan Product Strategy • We have made separate plan for separate age groups. • Age Structure: - Group- I 0-18 years: 38 % (0.48 billion) Group-II 19-35 years: 27 % (0.34 billion) Group-III 36-65 years: 30 % (0.38 billion) Group-IV 66 above: 5.3% (0.06 billion) • We will be targeting the first three groups covering 94.7 % of population. Marketing Plan for Age group 0 to 18 Total Population: 0.483 billion Studying in school: 0.241 billion • We have traditions of distributing sweets to all school students after Flag hosting on 15th August (Independence Day) & 26th January (Republic day). • We can tie up with the schools as a distribution chain. In future this can be extended to Birthday’s & Children's day. • Uummm has more nutritional value for children's than any other sweet. That we can say because we added grain granules in our nutritious bar which children’s prefer not to eat as whole.
  5. 5.  Marketing Plan for Age group 19 to 35 Total Population: 0.343 billion • Best way to catch this population on internet (on Facebook or any other social website). Most people wishes birthday to their friends & family member on Facebook. • We propose our company tie up with Facebook, So one week before birthday Facebook will give the reminder. “Do you want to send chocolates on your friend’s birthday?” • All the Cadbury chocolates options will appear. Select the Chocolate, Gift wrapping & Birthday message for your friend & place the order online. The order will be received in district distributor system; same will be packed & dispatched by Courier at the delivery address. Birthday with Chocolates.
  6. 6.  Marketing Plan for Age group 36 to 65 Total Population: 0.381 billion • This is majorly working population of India. This population can be targeted on Birthday at office, for Gifting, on marriages (with Marriage invitation card & after marriage), on festivals, special occasions & many more occasions. • Indian Chocolate Industry is a unique mix with extreme consumption patterns, attitudes, beliefs, income level and spending • So we think that bringing online sales(through Facebook) & increasing the institutional sales(in unique way) would bring prosperity and increase the sales of Uummm’s as a whole again resulting in the goodwill of the company.
  7. 7. Price Strategy Products & Segments Uummm’s Segments Product Pack size Rate Value Uummm 9.2 Gram Rs. 5 Value Uummm Shots 18.6 Gram Rs. 10 Value Uummm 17 Gram Rs. 10 Value Uummm 38 Gram Rs. 22 Mid-Tier Uummm Crackle 42 Gram Rs. 35 Mid-Tier Uummm Roast Almond 42 Gram Rs. 35 Mid-Tier Uummm Fruit & Nut 42 Gram Rs. 35 Premium Uummm Silk 60 Gram Rs. 55 Premium Uummm Silk Fruit & Nut 60 Gram Rs. 55 Premium Uummm Alcoholic Chocolate 100 Gram Rs. 955 Super Premium Uummm Silk 145 Gram Rs. 125 Super Premium Uummm Silk Fruit & Nut 145 Gram Rs. 125 Super Premium Uummm Orange Peel 145 Gram Rs. 125
  8. 8. Promotion Strategy After settlement of our business we will use following techniques for promotional strategy:- • Local news paper • Local TV channel • Local radio Station • Hoardings in crowded areas • Through pages and account on Social Networking Sites (Facebook & Twitter) • We can also use mouth to mouth promotion strategy. Company Strength The core competencies on which our company will compete are: • Taste • Quality
  9. 9. FINANCIAL PLAN 25% 62% 13% Raising of Capital Owned Fund Loan Form Bank Unsecure d Loan Amount 3,200,000.00 8,000,000.00 1,650,000.00
  10. 10. Working Capital Decision Cash & Credit Investment Decision Type of Capital Investment Capital Investment in Physical Assets Rs 11,585,120.00) Land , Building, Machinery, Vehicl e, Computer Capital investment in monetory Assets (Rs. 1,150,000.00) Cash, Bank. Capital investment in Intangible Assets (Rs. 127,200.00) R&D, T&D, MKT Development
  11. 11. Project Analysis: Break Even Point = Fixed Cost/Sales -Variable Cost*100 3757800/21539743-955260*100 0.18*100 18% In Amount = 1591839*18/100 = 286,531.00 Market Analysis Potential Market Market Share Technical Analysis Technical Viability Sensible Choice Financial Analysis Risk Return Economic Impact Benefits & Cost Other Impact
  12. 12. Profitability Ratios- Net Profit Ratio = Net Profit after Tax/Net Sales*100 = 1591839/21539743*100 = 7.39% ROI = Profit after Tax/Investment*100 = 1591839/12850000*100 = 12.39% Getting subsidies, concessions by government Taxation
  13. 13. Human Resources Plan • Organization Structure Functional structure • Number of employees required at different level Semi-skilled and Skilled employees – 20 (Accountants, administration, Technician, QC, machinery handler, etc.) Unskilled employees – 9 to10 (Driver, security guard, office boy, receptionist, etc.) • Sources of recruitment – External (Advertising, consultancies, gate hiring, campus, etc.)
  14. 14. • Salary structure –  for employees – 8,000 to 10,000 Rs./month  for workers – 7,000 Rs./month • Attract, motive and retain employees  Employee benefit program ,employee motivational plan, promising opportunities.  Motivate by training, held ownership, decision maker, consideration of suggestions. Retain employees by retirement plans ,provide opportunities, allowances, gratuity, and keeping high moral.
  15. 15. Production Plan • Land required - 6500sq.ft. • Total Machinery - 04 Unit • Shift Schedule - two shifts • Weak Off - Friday • R&D • Production Capacity • Quality Control • Packaging • Storage
  16. 16. Strength Taste of the product, Quality of the product, Cheap labour cost. Weakness Overreliance on the mature market, Small number of distributers Opportunities Emerging market in India, Increasing demand of healthier chocolates Threats Loss of competitiveness to rivalries that expand into international market, rising price of major raw materials SWOT Analysis SWOT