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Internet Adria 2018: Hotel communication 2022


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Predavač: Daniel Zelling, opensmjle
Konferencija Internet Adria 2018.

Published in: Marketing
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Internet Adria 2018: Hotel communication 2022

  1. 1. Hotel Communication 2022 How to use storytelling, AI & messaging within travel brands 1
  2. 2. Bok. opensmjle.____ 2 Daniel Zelling Founder Founder HospitalityIndustry.Club Founding Partner
  3. 3. The key issues in communication?____ 3 LACK OF Man power Know-how Channel Availability Your story = NO CONVERSION!
  4. 4. How about storytelling?____ 4 "The human brain processes visuals 60,000x times faster than text! 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual." - Mike Parkinson
  5. 5. The epic split____ 5 Source: Views: 88 Mio views
  6. 6. The RedBull Space Jump____ 6 Source: Views: 43 Mio views
  7. 7. The I’m a Mac, I’m a PC Campaign____ 7 Source: Views: Multiple channels, TV commercial
  8. 8. The AirBnB Belong anywhere vision____ 8
  9. 9. Storytelling Sol by Melia____ 9
  10. 10. Storytelling Sol by Melia____ 10 Source: 880K views
  11. 11. How about AI & messenger?____ 11
  12. 12. When users turn trend____ 12 3.6 billion users will be using messaging apps by end of 2018 AI & hotel bots identified as one of the  top hotel technology trends… Source:
  13. 13. The trend is your friend____ 13 2015: • Marriott launches Mobile Requests service as direct chat with staff members • Henn na Hotel, Japan, introduces robot dinosaur for check-in/out • Starwood Hotels starts using WhatsApp for direct communication • Hyatt Hotels testing Facebook Messenger for customer service 2016: • IBM’s AI software Watson powers a robot concierge, named Connie • Facebook launches Messenger platform with chatbots at their F8 Conference • soft-launch a chat tool to allow guests to interact with hotels where they hold a reservation • Skyscanner launches a bot for Facebook Messenger to allow flight booking • Edwardian Hotels London launches a ‘virtual host’ service, called Edward, to hotel guests at 12 hotels • Expedia launches bot for Facebook Messenger that helps travellers book hotels • Hipmunk launches ‘Hello Hipmunk’ bot for Facebook Messenger / Slack, promising to answer more questions than any other AI • GuestU announces GuestUBot to increase direct bookings and enhance guests’ experience through Facebook Messenger • Amazon launches Amazon Echo in the UK, widely expected to expand the use of voice search and AI services within the home • Expedia debuting Alexa ‘skill’ that allows customers to ask Alexa (through Echo) about their existing flight reservations • Starwood brand, Aloft, unveils “Project Jetson“, a voice-powered virtual assistant that allows you to interact with your room 2017: • Waylo launches a hotel booking bot available on Facebook Messenger, via SMS and email with Slack / web-app coming soon • Hipmunk’s chatbot on Facebook Messenger to allow users to invite friends to chat, offering group chatbot sessions • Quicktext launches AI tool for Facebook messenger, additional channels continuously added • Ameron Hotels introduces James Facebook Messenger in German • Marriott tests Echo dots for guests • Best Western testing echo dot in twelve properties greeting guests on arrival • Volara installed in 25+ hotels in the US with 400.000+ guests exposed to the solution • Amadeus’s system lets a guest attending a conference ask an Alexa-powered device for a group event agenda •, Trivago and Expedia acquire AI based start-ups 2018: •'s bot now covers 50% of all support requests within 5 minutes • KLM launches BB to help people with their flight search, bookings and support requests integrated with LIVE data • Quicktext’s hotel bot now integrated with several booking engines, ORM solutions and further services Sources:
  14. 14. Meet Patrick’s new friend from Schiphol____ 14
  15. 15. Meet BB - KLM’s service bot____ 15 Source: 5K views
  16. 16. Meet BB - KLM’s service bot____ 16
  17. 17. Meet the assistant____ 17 Source: 1.3K views
  18. 18. 18 With +1 Mio. queries so far the bot resolves 50% of the thousands of daily support queries within 5 minutes. Up from 30% in December when launching the bot. Meet the assistant____ Sources:
  19. 19. Meet Zoe - hotel chatbot & AI____ 19 Source:
  20. 20. How about voice?____ 20 Source: 2.5K views
  21. 21. Meet roompad____ 21
  22. 22. Meet GetSmartHotel.com____ 22
  23. 23. Why act now? Remember?____ 23 Free-up man power Create Know-how, Channel Availability + Find your story + OTAs will educate the market = Stay relevant & convert
  24. 24. Let’s do this! Puno hvala. Bok!____ 24 Daniel Zelling Cologne | Germany