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Generating Accurate Business Polygons


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Mike Schiewe, Vice President, Operations, WhiteStar Corporation
Unveils metes and bounds tool to build accurate leases.

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Generating Accurate Business Polygons

  1. 1. Generating Accurate Business Polygons Mike Schiewe Vice President, Operations WhiteStar Corp
  2. 2. Preview • Introduction • Building Blocks For Accurate Business Polygons • Introduce WhiteStar Legal Mapper – Metes and Bounds • WhiteStar Legal Mapper - LeaseBuilder • Summary • More Information • Questions
  3. 3. An Introduction • Mike Schiewe – Vice President, Operations • BS Degree in Geography with a Cartography/Remote Sensing Concentration – Minor in Conservation • Started GIS with Platte River Digital Cartography Fall 1995 • Joined WhiteStar January 1999
  4. 4. Building Blocks For Accurate Business Polygons Accurate Business Polygons Accurate Data SoftwareServices - WhiteStar Grid (PLSS – Texas) - Lots, Tracts and Quarter-Quarters - Parcels - Imagery – Spatial on Demand - WhiteStar Legal Mapper • WellSpotter • LeaseBuilder • Metes and Bounds - Legal Description Clean Up - Legal Description Mapping - Workflow Integration
  5. 5. Accurate Business Polygons Driving better business decisions Imagery stream credit:
  6. 6. Introducing Metes and Bounds
  7. 7. Metes and bounds, limits or boundaries of a tract of land as identified by natural landmarks, such as rivers, or by man-made structures, such as roads, or by stakes or other markers. A principal legal type of land description in the United States, metes-and-bounds descriptions are commonly used wherever survey areas are irregular in size and shape. Source:
  8. 8. Metes and Bounds Legal Description
  9. 9. ArcGIS Pro Integration ArcGIS Pro Module Add-In (.NET SDK) integrates: • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and parameter detection • Metes and Bounds Segment Editor for constructing plats • Metes and Bounds Cloud Services for polygon download and project control
  10. 10. Workflow
  11. 11. OCR and Parameter Detection Populate and edit segment parameters from scanned deeds View linked parameter regions in document scans Track changes and revisions
  12. 12. Metes and Bounds Segments • Point of beginning (commencement) • Run –Bearing and distance • Curve –Multiple curve types • Meander –Following a river or natural feature
  13. 13. Segment Editing Set point of beginning via OCR, manual input or Legal Land Descriptions via WhiteStar Cloud Add and edit runs, curves and meanders to build and close the polygon
  14. 14. Segment Editing Add segments, working forward and backward from the Point of Beginning to close the polygon Closure distance and bearing diagnostic
  15. 15. WhiteStar Legal Mapper – LeaseBuilder • Map PLSS legal land descriptions • WhiteStar Wizard – Free iOS app • WhiteStar Cloud – points/polygons – web app • ArcGIS Pro Add-In • FME Transformer on FME Hub • Rest API
  16. 16. Summary • Don’t hand map your legal descriptions. • Exciting new mapping tool with Metes and Bounds. • Map in PLSS, non-PLSS including Texas, or even internationally. • LeaseBuilder allows users to map individual PLSS legal land descriptions or in batches. • Integrated with ArcGIS Pro • Embed into your business workflows using WhiteStar Legal Mapper API or FME
  17. 17. More Information / Free Trial
  18. 18. Questions?