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A presentation of Cornwall, made by Molly Sutton, Zoë Middleton. Sarah Wilcox and Megan Stone, students of Devonport High School for Girls.

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  1. 1. CornwallBy Molly Sutton, Zoë Middleton.Sarah Wilcox and Megan Stone
  2. 2. Tamar valleyKernow (Cornwall)• We live in Cornwall though we call it Kernow.
  3. 3. The Tamar Valley in Kernow• The Tamar valley is the valley in which theriver Tamar lies. It separates Devon fromKernow.• It has a rich mining and farming history. Themine shafts are still here today and theyreally shape the landscape.Thismineshaft isin Zoe’svillage. It iscalled theprince ofwales mine.
  4. 4. Eden projectThe Eden project consists of2 large domes in whichcontains lots of differentplants from theMediterranean andrainforest.The larger biomeis themedireranianbiome and thesmaller one is therainforestIt opened in17 March2001
  5. 5. Lands EndLands End is a headland and small settlement south-westCornwall, England, within the United Kingdom. It is located on thePen with peninsula approximately eight miles (13 km) west-southwest of Penzance. You can have a picture with thefamous land post!
  6. 6. Cornish PastiesOriginally, in the olden days, they used to make the pasties with halfmeat and have fruit/jam. Now they are made with:350g/12oz good-quality beef skirt or rump steak, 350g/12ozpotatoes, 200g/7oz swede, 175g/6oz onions, Salt and freshlyground black pepper and a bit of butter or margarine..In the olden days, the miners used to eat the pasty and thenthrow away the crimp (the edge of the pasty) because they haddirty hands.
  7. 7. Torpoint• Torpoint is the first town you come to, if you travel across theTorpoint Ferry.• Torpoint is a civil parish and town on the Rame Peninsula insoutheast Cornwall and is situated opposite the city ofPlymouth across the Hamoaze which is the tidal estuary of theRiver Tamar.This is the WarMemorial inTorpoint, where Sarah lives.The TorpointFerry
  8. 8. Quiz• 1.What do the Cornish call Cornwall?• A) Kernow• B) Kernowa• C) Corn• 2. What were the main industries in the Tamar valley?• A) Farming and Manufacturing• B) Farming and Mining• C) Manufacturing and fishing• 3. What separates Cornwall from Devon?• A) River• B) Road• C) Nothing just a boarder
  9. 9. Q.4. What Peninsula is Torpoint situated on?A) RameB) CornwallC) PlymouthQ.5. Where is Lands End?A) North of CornwallB) South-east of CornwallC) South-west of CornwallQ.6. What is the distance from Penzance to Lands End?A) 100 kmB) 13 kmC) 31 km
  10. 10. • 7. what is the missing word .The ......... Project• Elephant• Eden• Edam• 8. what are the names of the biomes?• Mediterranean and rainforest.• Mediterranean and forestrain• Land and sea• 9. what year did it open• 2001• 2002• 1969
  11. 11. QUESTIONS1) Fill in the blank:They used to make pasties with meat and ________?Is it…a) Fruit and Jamb) Custardc) Banana skin2) Why did the miners throw away the crimp of the pasty?Is it…a) Because none of them liked itb) Because it would help the minec) Because their hands were too dirty after holding it1011
  12. 12. Answers• 1 = A Kernow• 2 = B Farming and Mining• 3 = A River• 4 = Rame• 5 = south-west of cornwall• 6 = 13km• 7 = Eden• 8 = Mediterranean and rainforest.• 9 = 2001