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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Reformational Reading Group@RUC WHY?
  2. 2. 1. Too Busy 2. Not a Philosopher 3. Jargon... ses... e xcu
  3. 3. Reformational Reading Group@RUC 2.0
  4. 4. New Goals Finish the Book Extend the Conversation Provide Resources Nurture our Scholarly Community
  5. 5. Specialized Academic Discourse How Do We Bridge the Gap? Scholarly Christian Community
  6. 6. Specialized Academic Discourse(s) Vollenhoven’s Systematic Framework? Scholarly Christian Community
  7. 7. Vollenhoven’s Systematic Framework We want to explore its potential for “testing the basic categories one uses in oneʼs field, point[ing] one toward intersecting cruxes of meaning of several disciplines , provid[ing] precise vocabulary to export the results of oneʼs special studies” - Calvin Seerveld
  8. 8. to those ends we hope to: Focus and Extend the conversation
  9. 9. with Resources...
  10. 10. Blog a Private blog to continue the conversation as well as a place to collect and distribute more resources relevant to our teaching and research
  11. 11. @IsagogeGroup For those so inclined a twitter account (which can be read on the blog) to allow for mobile microblogging
  12. 12. PowerPoint We hope to provide digital resources that can be used your own lectures and presentations
  13. 13. We plan to record our time together and make it available for listening to later as a way to sustain the conversation PodCast
  14. 14. We also hope to provide a digital graphic that captures our conversation each week with the hope that it serves to spark even more conversation Graphic Representation of our Conversation
  15. 15. and of course there will be handouts... Handouts
  16. 16. Reformational Reading Group@RUC starting conversations to enrich our understanding of Godʼs world in us Jo
  17. 17. Reformational Reading Group@RUC stay tuned for more information in us Jo