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Nokia Ovi Store Developers Event - 17th November 2009


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Slides from the Nokia Ovi Store Developers Event presentations that took place on 17th November 2009 in Leeds

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Nokia Ovi Store Developers Event - 17th November 2009

  1. 1. Nokia Ovi Store Developers Event
  2. 2. Nokia Ovi Store Developers Event
  3. 3. Nokia Ovi Store Developers Event #synokia
  4. 4. Agenda 17:30 Registration and coffee 18:00 Developing for Ovi store 18:45 Market overview and opportunities with Nokia UK 18:15 Break 18:30 Calling All Innovators UK and developer feedback 18:45 Nokia platforms and technology overview 19:30 End of the event and networking 4 © 2009 Nokia
  5. 5. Ovi Store & Forum Nokia Benjamin Roszczewski Forum Nokia EMEA 5 © 2009 Nokia
  6. 6. Event takeaways • Forum Nokia and what you can expect of us • Ovi Store and monetizing opportunities it offers • Apps and content we are after in the UK 6 © 2009 Nokia
  7. 7. Event takeaways • Apps and content - what consumers want • Forum Nokia and how we can help you • Ovi Store and monetizing opportunities it offers 7 © 2009 Nokia
  8. 8. A fair tradeoff – we want your input • Three issues that you believe need to be fixed/changed • 1? • 2? • 3? • We’ll do it together during Calling All Innovators session • Status update when we meet again 8 © 2009 Nokia
  9. 9. Forum Nokia overview 9 © 2009 Nokia
  10. 10. What is Forum Nokia? Forum Nokia accelerates the development and delivery of 3rd party applications and services on Nokia devices. Forum Nokia provides developers with technical support. Forum Nokia creates business opportunities for mobile developers. 10 © 2009 Nokia
  11. 11. Forum Nokia Developer Community 4.3 million members 1.5 million unique site visits per month 5.5 million page views per month 11 © 2009 Nokia
  12. 12. Forum Nokia business opportunities Ovi Store Pre-Load Operators Content Aggregators 12 © 2009 Nokia
  13. 13. N97 case study – preload UK OVI Store Regional/Country Variants Global Vanilla France US China India 13 © 2009 Nokia
  14. 14. Ovi Store in brief 14 © 2009 Nokia
  15. 15. What is Ovi Store? • One Stop shop for fresh new mobile content • Delivers personally relevant content to each consumer • Applications • Games • Videos • Podcasts, Ringtones and more • Lets content providers monetize assets by reaching hundreds of millions of users • Content available by category, device and market 15 © 2009 Nokia
  16. 16. Ovi Store – back to basics • Supported by 100 separate device models • Active users from over 180 coutries • Developers from 65 countries • More than 20 markets will have local content, language & mobile billing by the end of Q1 2010 • Over 7000 items for most popular devices • Approving 500 content items a week • Ovi Store will ship embedded on most compatible Nokia devices from Q4 2009 16 © 2009 Nokia
  17. 17. Registration and Content Input • To publish on Ovi Store, register at Registration validation normally within 48 hours • Content input on Ovi Store is done through a self-service content intake portal • Published content is available for download and consumption on Nokia devices worldwide 17 © 2009 Nokia
  18. 18. Content Publishing Flow Content partner Content Add new Add QA Content Registration promotion Content items Metadata process published & Validation and sales Payment Reporting 18 © 2009 Nokia
  19. 19. Brief summary • Forum Nokia – a worldwide developer community • Ovi Store – a worldwide distribution channel 19 © 2009 Nokia
  20. 20. Thank you 20 © 2009 Nokia
  21. 21. Ovi Store Content for everyone
  22. 22. How consumers are responding • Monthly user growth is running at 50% with downloads up at 70% on September • On average, each registered user has downloaded at least (8) items from the store. • Redownload now available & Search is much improved. • Top 10 Ovi Store Markets by performance in alphabetic order: Egypt, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Russia & UK • In almost all of the top 10 Ovi Store countries, 5800 XpressMusic & N97 are nos 1 and 2 devices • More than 5500 content items for our most popular devices – not the comprehensive number of total apps • Shazam, the music identification was being downloaded in 123 countries shortly after launch
  23. 23. Games The games category includes well-known titles & franchises for both casual and hard-core gamers Publishers include Electronic Arts, Gameloft, Glu, THQ, Digital Chocolate, Eyesight, Capcom and Konami
  24. 24. Social networks Social networking applications are growing in number and popularity
  25. 25. News and business Business, technology, sports, Our business applications and weather applications lets cover everything from a people keep up to date with the simple calculator to a full latest news & info Career Manager
  26. 26. Apps that are fun and useful, from big brands to no brands… • A common theme passing through the new ecosystem of apps is that they should be fun and useful • Whether you are big or small just make sure you are relevant and engaging • No longer just the domain of big brands, everybody can join in and be heard • Categories include social location communications and social networking, games, business and productivity and just for fun
  27. 27. FACEBOOK BIRTHDAY WHAT IS IT? Taking a feed from Facebook, this app will send you reminder to your mobile two days before friend’s birthdays, as well as sending out customised Nokia birthday cards. WHY IT’S GOOD Easy to set up, this will become a life-saving, fun way to keep in touch with your friends
  28. 28. PETS LIKE YOU WHAT IS IT? Isn’t it freaky how people end up looking like their pets? What animal do you look like? Take a photo of you, your mates, your mum and upload to the app. Be scared silly when your picture becomes a goat, a kitten, even a panda. You’ll get a Pets Like You portrait to keep. WHY IT’S GOOD Hilarious and highly viral – will be shared and loved by many.
  29. 29. Company Confidential
  30. 30. NEWTON’S CRADLE WHAT IS IT? Classic executive toy on your mobile. Swing the ball bearings and watch the transfer of momentum and energy from one end to the other WHY IT’S GOOD As mesmerising as the original! Gives the user social currency to share with friends and impress mates.
  31. 31. From Maps to Apps Company Confidential
  32. 32. Context will drive this market Context will increase relevancy, filtering content and services to the personal needs of consumers. Context will connect the online and the real world, bringing the web to every person and place in town. Shared context will connect people in new and better ways, creating new reasons to connect and communicate. Company Confidential
  33. 33. Towards a simplified offering
  34. 34. Building the open ecosystem Two channels and platforms to build and distribute on.. Company Confidential
  35. 35. Towards Democratized Innovation
  36. 36. Using the Life Casting Feature
  37. 37. Investing in the future Only a few companies will be able to deliver a compelling context platform and make the necessary investments to build and run with global scale. Nokia has made the investments to build the most compelling contextual platform for the ecosystem to leverage and shape the future of the mobile service industry together.
  38. 38. How we can help.. • Commercial leverage of the Forum Nokia organisation • Market intelligence (e.g. which devices to concentrate on) • Strip away barriers to development and publishing • Unlock funding opportunities (OSPF) and Calling All Innovators • Help promote applications and content • A communication channel and a sounding board • Continuous dialogue
  39. 39. Forum Nokia proudly presents: Calling All Innovators UK 24 September 2009 Company Confidential
  40. 40. What is it? • A developer competition that challenges developers to create applications and content that are • Locally relevant for consumers living in the UK. • On their way to, or could be made available in Ovi Store. • Developers can submit applications in these categories: Social location Business and productivity Communications and social networking Games Just for fun • For anyone with some coding skills and an understanding of what the consumers in the UK want to have in their Nokia devices. Company Confidential
  41. 41. Why should I enter? • The winners will receive cash and other valuable prizes as well as publicity. Grand Prize • 20,000 GBP in cash. • Paid travel and a ticket to a Nokia developer event in the spring 2010. • Nokia’s sponsorship to become an Ovi Store publisher to get the winning application to Ovi Store. • One-year membership in Forum Nokia Launchpad. Other prizes • 2,500 GBP in cash. • Nokia’s sponsorship to become an Ovi Store publisher to get the winning application to Ovi Store. Daily News from Thailand, with a • One-year membership in Forum Nokia Launchpad. readership of 1,980,000, featured the Calling All Innovators 2009 winners. • In addition, the winning applications in all categories will be reviewed by Nokia for possible preload on future Nokia devices. Company Confidential
  42. 42. How do I enter? 1. Go to 2. Decide which category best fits your skills and interests. 3. Get the needed tools, documentation, and other support from 4. Create an application, a piece of content, or a widget that works on Nokia mobile devices and is relevant to consumers based in the UK. 5. Submit your best work to the contest at before the deadline at midnight (GMT) on 30 November 2009. Company Confidential
  43. 43. What are you waiting for? Get started now! Company Confidential
  44. 44. Ashley Bolser Agency Ashley Bolser Richard Carter
  45. 45. Ian Weston Symsource Limited Majinate Limited Copyright ©2009 Majinate Limited 45
  46. 46. Copyright ©2009 Majinate Limited 46
  47. 47. Accredited Symbian Developer Copyright ©2009 Majinate Limited 47