Mobile Convention Amsterdam - Nokia - Oscar Gutierrez


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Presentation of Nokia (Oscar Gutierrez) during Mobile Convention Amsterdam.

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Mobile Convention Amsterdam - Nokia - Oscar Gutierrez

  1. 1. Reaching millions of consumers with great apps:“Nokia and Qt”Oscar Gutierrez IsiegasDeveloper Relations Manager FN IberiaOscar.gutierrez-Isiegas@nokia.comTwitter: Oscar_DRM
  2. 2. Developer Golden Rules • A large, highly-engaged customer base 4 • Some great tools Simple rules guide mobile developers • Application discovery (through a store) to be successful • Multiple paths to monetize apps
  3. 3. Symbian 3 Users Are Downloading More Than Ever • GLOBAL REACH: New S^3 Devices as % of total Ovi Downloads Downloads come from over 190 Countries 16% (90% who can purchase in their local currency) 14% 12% • OVI STORE: 80% conversion (from Ovi store 10% traffic to download) 8% • DOWNLOAD GROWTH: 43% increase in Nov/2010 Dec/2010 Feb/2011 downloads per user over 3 month period
  4. 4. Qt offering • The cross-platform application and UI framework which Nokia solely focuses on for future Symbian and MeeGo devices Qt • Qt is a framework, not a runtime, your apps run with native performance. • Nokia Qt SDK supports app creation for Nokia smartphones • 70% less code than Symbian
  5. 5. Qt on device market Symbian & Meego 75 million 150 million installed base future shipments addressable market
  6. 6. Global scale at all device segments and price points 20+ 150 € 500 € Nokia smartphones have Ovi Store and Price segments (EUR) support Qt
  7. 7. Developers praise the Nokia Qt SDK “The APIs are well designed and clear. Nokia Qt SDK will allow maximum portability of the application between all the platforms that support it including Maemo, Symbian, MeeGo.” “The intuitive nature of the development platform lends itself to rapid development, with fast turnaround in the evaluate cycle. The integration of the mobile device into the SDK is seamless and the tools are a breeze to use. ”
  8. 8. Qt is powerful and keep innovating Mobility 1.1 – release candidate Mobility 1.0 – use now Camera Bearer Management API Document Gallery Contacts Feedback Landmarks Location Maps/Navigation Messaging Organizer Multimedia Service Framework – Out of process Publish and Subscribe Service Framework Sensors Mobility 1.2 – technology preview System Information Connectivity (Bluetooth, NFC) Versit
  9. 9. Improve your business with Nokia Qt Services• Qt Notifications: • A push notification service which allows point to point messages (Service-to-Client), application wake-up, with optimized and automated connectivity •• IAP (In App Payment): • Create apps where consumers can purchase additional features while the app is open. The API notifies your app of the status of the payment request, which allows the new feature to be enabled •
  10. 10. Nokia Speaks to Both Global and Local Markets
  11. 11. What is OVI Store • Easiest way for consumers to discover the latest applications, games & more on Nokia devices. • Personal and highly relevant local content readily available OVI Store • Global audience for content providers to effectively monetize their assets
  12. 12. 6 numbers you should know 5.0+ 32 103 Million Markets with Operators on board downloads daily operator billing 43% 30,000+ 80% Growth in downloads Apps available traffic converts to a download per active user 755% annual growth
  13. 13. Operator Billing 13X 32 More purchases with Operator Countries with billing from Billing 109 Operators
  14. 14. Put up signposts Use our Available on Ovi Identifier logo, as long as your content promoted is available on the Store. When used online, there can be a deep link directly to the content on Get our logos here:
  15. 15. Explore co-marketing efforts with us to drive downloads 01 Multi-channel marketing 02 A landing page with your brand 03 The Nokia Ovi Store MOBILE 01 EMAIL PC User’s attention and interest is raised User enters the co-marketed landing User downloads and installs preferred with effective co-branded PC, mobile page in order to acquaint oneself to the Nokia Ovi content from the Nokia Ovi and email marketing banners. offered promotions. Store. Customizable Non-customizable
  16. 16. Let us help you We have created some tools to help you sell your content online for free. Learn more here:
  17. 17. Dada Dada, based in Italy, has close to 5 Million downloads in Ovi Store! Dada utilized Qt 4.7 to develop apps optimized for Nokia Symbian^3 devices. "We believe Qt has a great future," said Emanuele Bolognesi, Head of Mobile Apps at Dada. "Qt, in its early stages, already makes the development process much easier, and we are looking forward to the new releases of the SDK and more Qt-enabled devices from Nokia."Read more on the Ovi Blog:
  18. 18. Nimbuzz Messaging App Consistently one of the Top 10 downloaded apps in Ovi Store – by consumers from all over the world! Winner of Ovi’s Must Have Social Networking App in 2009 One of the Top 3 favorite apps on Ovi!Read more on the Ovi Blog:
  19. 19. eBuddy Messaging App Over 3 million downloads within the first 3 months in Ovi store! Consistently one of the Top 3 apps downloaded globally “A big advantage is that eBuddy works on almost every phone. For Nokia alone, it works on 900 devices. The best experience is through the OviStore app, but if your phone doesn’t support that, then there’s a Java version. There’s even an XHTML version for the few phones that don’t work with the Java app.” - CEO of eBuddy, Jan-Joost RuebRead more on the Ovi Blog:
  20. 20. Shazam Music Recognition App Within 48 hours of landing on Ovi Store, Shazam had been downloaded in 178 countries! Shazam has been downloaded in over 200 countries and onto 40 different Nokia devices! Consistently one of the Top 15 downloaded apps in Ovi Store – by consumers from all over the world Winner of Ovi’s Must Have Music App Available in various languages besides English, including Bulgarian, Chinese and TurkishRead more on the Ovi Blog:
  21. 21. More succes apps are coming, do you want join them?
  22. 22. Thank you.Developer Relations Manager FN Iberia Developer Relations Manager FN France &