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Purnima Kochikar

  1. 1. DEVELOPERS ARE AT THE HEART OF NOKIA’S TRANSFORMATION Purnima Kochikar Vice President Forum Nokia and Developer Communities
  2. 2. Forum Nokia Australia today • 60,000 registrants on FN.com • 30% increase in FN.com traffic in 2009 • 27 Calling All Innovators submissions from Australia and 6 from New Zealand • Pocketlife the Apps on Maps winner from Pocketweb in New Zealand • Many great apps in Ovi Store
  3. 3. Nokia developer offering Scale & Momentum Differentiation Unrivalled volumes, global Platform and service presence & local market innovation combines understanding best of mobile & desktop capabilities Simple cross platform Pervasive store tools & active open supports local business source communities & consumption models Simplification Monetisation
  4. 4. Simplification Cross-platform development framework expands business opportunities from smartphones over mobile computers to desktops. Desktop Symbian MeeGo Qt Web runtime
  5. 5. Scale and momentum Via cross platform tools, Ovi Services and strong ecosystem partners Services Application Platforms Ecosystems Ecosystems
  6. 6. MeeGo (Maemo + Moblin) in a nutshell • Open platform for multiple processor architecture • Simple cross platform (MeeGo, Symbian, Desktop) app development using Qt • First device to be launched in 2010 • Significant volumes of MeeGos expected
  7. 7. MeeGo benefits: scale & simplicity For app developers: For consumers: • Simplified access to • More apps! more devices • Better experiences • One set of APIs for apps on MeeGo- based mobile computing and Symbian devices
  8. 8. Scale: unrivalled global presence Where will tomorrow’s Silicon Valley be? Shazam Boingo Wireless Mobiclip OZmobi Viitrio UK USA France Australia Malaysia aquaMobile Offscreen Herocraft Indiagames Gambit Group Spain Finland Russia India South Africa
  9. 9. News.com.au: widget • Up-to-the-minute breaking news to your homescreen. • Read the mobile version of one of Australia’s largest news providers S60 3.2 Developer / CP Features & API Distribution Connected Machines / TouchUI, Miniview, Advertising N97 mini AU, Ovi Store 9 News Ltd ©2008 Nokia
  10. 10. Scale: channels converging to Store Nokia developers access many channels to market today Ovi Store Pre-Load 3rd Party Channels Content Aggregators & Operators © 2009 Nokia
  11. 11. Differentiation: platform capabilities enabled by unrivalled access to APIs Unique biz opportunities
  12. 12. Aussie Rules Live: Australian Football League widget • Top iPhone app ported from iPhone to S60 5.0 WRT in 4 weeks. • Follow your favourite teams and get up-to-date scoring and league news. • Miniview on homescreen gives you live scoring and match fixes. Developer / CP Features & API Distribution Lookout Mobile 12 ©2008 Nokia TouchUI, Miniview N97 mini AU, Ovi Store
  13. 13. **View in presentation mode Differentiation Leverage Nokia investment in services to create differentiation. Simply. Differentiation Ovi Maps Productivity Series 40 Music Entry Java Games
  14. 14. Differentiation Leverage device platform innovation © 2009 Nokia
  15. 15. Monetisation Pervasive store expands opportunity through local biz model support 100+ Devices Supported 60 180+ Operator Countries Integration
  16. 16. Monetisation Publisher as developer
  17. 17. Monetisation: digital marketing support Ovi Publish Digital Marketing • Provides support for seven languages - English, German, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Brazilian • Brand guidelines & support • Tips and tricks http://promotions.ovi.com/toolkit/
  18. 18. Thank you!