N1 how to guide: use iphone apps for business


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A top level guide to the basics around iphone apps and mobile tech

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N1 how to guide: use iphone apps for business

  1. 1. Mobile marketingand smart phones...NATION1 CASE STUDY 2009 © NATION1.CO.UK
  2. 2. MOBILE MARKETING ANDSMART PHONES 2009...What is Nation1? Nation1 started life in 2000 as a music publicity and marketing company that distributed promotional material for nightclubs and bars in Glasgow. Over the years, the agency evolved to focus on What do we sell? youth and guerilla marketing, before finding its own niche in 2006 when it made the leap to digital. Since then the Directors have further refined the Our focus is strategy; we are trusted advisors. positioning to deliver niche strategies online to We care and show concern for our clients. growth-focused clients. We ensure that our clients confidently put digital at We opened our London office in 2009 and have the heart of their communications and in the best plans to expand into Mumbai in the near future. measure. Our objective is to build a next generation communications company of substance, and to be the number one choice in niche digital marketing. © NATION1.CO.UK
  3. 3. MOBILE MARKETING ANDSMART PHONES 2009... Mobile marketing and smart phones... What’s the fuss about? For some time now marketers have been wrestling with the problem of how to use mobile phones to sell products. We recognised that mobile phones were going to change the world forever some years ago, however we never quite managed to exploit them to sell stuff. Today they are used for everything from arranging a trip to the cinema in Inverness to setting off a bomb in Afghanistan. People saw these devices as part of their personal space, so sending a text message saying “buy this now” or “special offer here” was often seen as more damaging than if it hadn’t been sent at all. WAP never really took off and Bluetooth was only used by a small number of people to send files. How to sell without invading? Then along came the iPhone; and all of us in the marketing world stood up and cheered. At last a Add value. The cheesy buzz word of a million sales devise that allows us to market to the user without pitches, but its true. If you want people to engage invading their private space. with your brand then you need to give them a reason and make it worth their while. Smart phones allowed us to use extra bandwidth and memory intensive programs to engage with our audience on a social level and add value to their lives. © NATION1.CO.UK
  4. 4. MOBILE MARKETING ANDSMART PHONES 2009...What is an app? Apple are by far the market leaders in the smart phone app world (although Blackberry are catching up as are windows enabled handsets thanks to Google’s Android platform). But for now lets concentrate on the Apple iPhone. What makes a great app? An application (app) is something that you download onto your phone from the web based apple app store. Most are free, some you have to pay for. There are literally hundreds of thousands There is one thing above all else that makes a successful app – of apps and the success of the iPhone is largely down to the fact USEFULNESS. If the user finds it useful then it’s a good app Apple allows any old developer to have access to their code and the more people that can find a use for your app, the closer to develop an application to run on the phone (however you still to app utopia you get. need to submit the app to Apple for approval). This meant that there was an exposition of developers creating apps for the phone • It should be well suited to be used on an iPhone or iPod touch, therefore increasing the number of uses of the iPhone and the considering the touch screen, the interface, the small device value of the handset to the owner. factor, and more • It should auto-rotate in situations where it makes sense and There are so many great (and famous) examples of apps the user expects it and they are split into the following categories • It should be quick and easy to use • It should also be quick to load and fast to perform its main • Calculate functions • Entertainment • It should offer something a web site or desktop app doesn’t, • Games in accessibility, functionality, or in some other aspect. • News • Productivity Get a whiff of this. Some iPhone developers are still raking in • Search Tools large piles of cash with their apps, and recently a fart application • Social Networking made nearly $10,000 in a single day. • Sports • Travel Joel Comm, developer of iFart Mobile, published download • Utility statistics of his app, and this week it stood at No. 1 overall • Weather with over 13,000 downloads. The app costs a dollar, and Apple takes 30 percent of the pie. So that amounts to about $9,200 in profit for the developer. That’s pretty impressive, considering Apple previously didn’t believe fart applications met the standards of the App Store. In September, Apple rejected a similar novelty app called Pull My Finger on the grounds that it had “limited utility.” Just recently Apple reversed that decision and approved a number of other fart apps as well. © NATION1.CO.UK
  5. 5. MOBILE MARKETING AND SMART PHONES 2009...Some of the top apps(as judged by Telegraph PhoneSaberNewspaper)... (free): Utterly pointless, but thoroughly cool, this app turns your iPhone into a light saber, complete with sound effects. UrbanSpoon Rotary Dialer (free): Can’t decide where to eat? Shake your (free): Brings a touch of old-school glamour to the iPhone to pick a good restaurant. You can use GPS cutting-edge iPhone. Use the virtual rotary-style Remote to find nearby eateries, or filter results by cuisine or dialler instead of the numeric keypad to make calls. price. Covers most US cities, as well as London. (free): Turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a remote Twitterific control for your Mac or Apple TV. It works with your wi-fi network so you can control playback and shuffle Etch-a-Sketch tracks from anywhere in your home. (free): A must for Twitter addicts, this simple but (£2.99): Twiddle the virtual dials to start a sketch, beautifully-rendered application provides a rich user or draw directly on screen using your finger. “Tilt experience and elegant layout. Meal Splitter technology” will be added soon to enable you to move the iPhone itself to create a drawing. £4.99): There will be no need to squabble over Starmap Planetarium restaurant bills with this application, which precisely calculates what each diner owes based on the cost of the meal. Okay, so the iPhone’s in-built calculator (£6.99): Astronomers and space nuts will love this - could do pretty much the same thing, but this a stargazing guide that provides information about takes the pain out of the entire process; it will even constellations, planets and even shooting stars, plus work out how much the non-drinkers should pay oodles of scientific details. compared to the drinkers. WeatherBug (free): Keep track of live, local weather information in up to three cities. Includes satellite maps and radar forecasts as well as severe weather alerts. © NATION1.CO.UK
  6. 6. MOBILE MARKETING ANDSMART PHONES 2009... Exposure (free): A quick and easy way to access your Flickr photo stream, as well as all your photosets, tags and contacts. An advertising-free version is available for £5.99. Facebook TypePad (free): The simple interface allows you to chat with friends using Facebook messenger, post pictures to your profile, and check on your friends’ status (free): If you’ve got a TypePad blog, download this updates. application to instantly update your blog from your Vicinity iPhone. Super Monkey Ball (£1.79): Takes advantage of the iPhone 3G’s GPS to provide one-tap access to information about local Currency (£5.99): The pick of the bunch of new games services and amenities. It will even pull in relevant for the iPhone and iPod touch. Tilt the device itself Wikipedia entries and Flickr photos. (free): This currency converter provides up-to-the- to control the progress of a monkey inside minute exchange rate information for over 50 a transparent bubble. The graphics are first-rate, currencies and 70 countries. and the gameplay is highly addictive. Band Stage Hand (£5.99): Compose your own music using the collection of virtual instruments. (£4.99): Control your Apple Keynote presentations using your iPhone or iPod touch, and read and review slides on its screen. Where? (free): A location-based application that will recommend the best restaurants, the nearest Starbucks, and even the location of friends in your network. © NATION1.CO.UK
  7. 7. MOBILE MARKETING ANDSMART PHONES 2009... Smart phones are changing the way we run our lives... By age... • 34% of the UK population use smart phones today • 47.5m unique mobile users in UK today • 71% of UK mobile users are under 54 • 43% earn more than £30,000 a year © NATION1.CO.UK
  8. 8. MOBILE MARKETING ANDSMART PHONES 2009... Operator Mobile unique users 02 12 896 382 Vodafone 10 592 324 Orange 10 416 878 T-Mobile 5 612 985 By income... Virgin Mobile 3 396 499 3 2 680 575 Tesco 1 244 528 Other 659 827 © NATION1.CO.UK
  9. 9. MOBILE MARKETING ANDSMART PHONES 2009...The rise of thesmartphone in Smartphone media and marketing facts...business? Some important (if not obvious) info we manage to get from MediaVest one of the UK’s leading digital media agencies: So why is the smartphone going to change the Mobiles are only used by ONE person making them a dream for targeting and measurement. Traditionally the iPhone has been seen as the business world? trendy tool for young guns with the Blackberry 33% of consumers are tempted to buy products the more serious solution for the business world. Have you ever considered getting an app advertised through mobile media (v. 26% -29% However in the last few years, mainly due to the developed to run some of your firms key functions? for other media)*. development of the ‘app’ we have seen the iPhone We all spend a fortune on IT to support our office explode. In enterprise (businesses with employees based activity – but what about developing 56% of mobile internet users are aged 18-34 of 100 or more) iPhone usage has grown from 0% a mobile office tool that allows our employees (index 193 v general population). to 17% in the last three years. More and more to work on the go. companies are adopting the iPhone for work. Response mechanics such as click to call, What’s more most employees are happy to buy click to receive coupon, click to locate ensures Smart phones allow users to connect to the internet their own iPhone (and data is free with most high brand/consumer interaction. anywhere they go allowing you to work anywhere. contracts) which means it costs you nothing The main benefit to the Blackberry is the keyboard, to get them to run your app on their phone. Advanced targeting (behavioural, demographic ‘push’ email and calendar synchronisation. Which And what better employee engagement that having and contextual) ensures relevancy of advertising means users find it easy to email, check your logo on their home screen. messages. appointments and type notes. IPhones keyboard is a little more difficult to use which is why their take Kraft Foods who employ over 100,000 employees up in the work place was slower, however the ‘app’ worldwide and turn over more than $42billion is about to change all that. recently developed an app (to run on the personal iPhones of their employees) that helped them manage internal communications, and reinforce company culture and values. Due to the online and real time nature of the smartphone Kraft HR boffins were able to engage with a massive proportion of the company all at the same time, making sure they all got the message delivered in a method that was suitable to them. Since then Kraft have developed specific department based apps – for example sales forecasting, reporting and tracking for global sales teams, real time management meetings and virtual office applications (using Google.docs and the Cloud). © NATION1.CO.UK
  10. 10. MOBILE MARKETING ANDSMART PHONES 2009... What is Google Android? Android is an operating system that Google have developed which is designed to run on any smartphone and has been created to give Apple a run for their money. It’s a slow burner given the massive head start Apple has had with the iPhone, however watch this space. Companies that just focus on the iPhone are missing a trick. Whilst there are 100,000 + iPhone apps, there are less than 1000 Blackberry apps on their ‘App world’ and users are restricted to how many apps they can have due to the limited memory on the Blackberry handsets. In a recent Mashable online poll (the social media blog) Google Android is the winning platform by a more than 2:1 margin. Out of 5045 total votes, Android walked away with 3323 of them or 66%, while the iPhone platform only netted 1494 or 30%. The tie vote included 228 or 5% who just couldn’t choose between them. Many people cited the openness of the platform and third-party development process as well as Android’s versatility, being able to be put to use not just on phones but also netbooks, tablet devices, eReaders and more. © NATION1.CO.UK
  11. 11. MOBILE MARKETING ANDSMART PHONES 2009... Glasgow Marketing Bureau iPhone – where next? We have successfully build an iPhone app for Glasgow’s Style Mile that helps visitors and residents alike negotiate their way along the Style Mile advertising our retail partners and providing special real time offers and discounts. The app also has GPRS which enables location function so you can see where you are in relation to where you want to be. We are also able to track downloads and usage of the app providing measurement on the return on investment. © NATION1.CO.UK
  15. 15. MOBILE MARKETING ANDSMART PHONES 2009...iPhone Style Milefuture developmentideas… Must See... This could be added to the about section or have Current Style Mile offers... it’s own unique category and highlights the ‘must sees’ in the Style Mile. This would not only work News ... The user the ability to browse shops by means of for key retail sites but could open out to key a series of categories and sub categories making it landmarks and include videos and comments/ Simple section that incorporates a news feed of all easy for the tourist and local alike to find information images on Glasgow and the Style Mile (basically the lastest news from the Style Mile, which could they want without knowing the name of the shop a cross promotion of the rest of Glasgow and the provide information on new shop openings, what they need to visit. Based on Geo location, they can tourist stuff). celebrities are going to be town, upcoming events see where they are in relationship to the shop and and new promotions. This would be based on a directions on how to get there. Shop details are shown on the map as well as an information page Favourites option... live feed with the options to reload/refresh at any time. detailing: • Company logo This would allow the users bookmark their favourite shops/restaurants etc and enable them Places nearby... • Promotional offer to be kept up to date very quickly on new offers. • Description of what shop is & sells As the app grows and introduces more categories, • Multiple images (mini gallery) such as sights to see and places to stay, we would • Multiple addresses and contact details Featured... look to add in a ‘Nearby’ button. This would allow the user to view the entire Style Mile database The Style Mile app will be populated by the shop/ filtered by points of interest and their distance in companies themselves, they receive login details A select list of featured stores would appear here. relation to you. These would be displayed in a where they can change the offer of the shop and This would be a paid premium service which would list with relevant icons distigushing their category upload new pictures, amend contact details etc all provide advertising revenue for Glasgow City types. of which once saved, will update on the website Marketing Bureau. instantly and the next time the user connects to the Style Mile app. Although currently the app only Travel filter... contains shops it has been built with scaleability in mind. All the categories and shop pages are feed based allowing Glasgow City Marketing Bureau As more and more travel information is added to to incorporate other areas of interest such as music, the map and the app, a filter could be added that food and drink. would allow the user to browse the information in a much more user friendly manner. © NATION1.CO.UK
  16. 16. MOBILE MARKETING ANDSMART PHONES 2009...More apps forGlasgow City Some core pages and features could include...Marketing Bureau... About core info about the events review /gallery of last years highlights Index A-Z of artists/gigs etc. Calendar Travel module... calendar with filter options to show what’s on/where. Map We would suggest an app that everyone can use to get information on key ways to travel around Events... location based finder/guide – where the gig is etc, in relation to you. Glasgow from buses to taxi and rail routes with links Reviews to all key websites, this app could also link with the Bring the Diary online with an iPhone app. Creation news feeds that can be filtered to your preferred city’s bus timetable and ‘real time update displays at of an events category controlled section, promoting category/topic etc. bus stops’ telling you which bus to get and when the all the key events in the Glasgow Style Mile with a Featured next one is due (and where to get it). link to an online ticket booking system, which could biggest/most popular gig/artist etc showing in turn generate commission for GCMB. You could (possibly paid advertising). We could further develop this app to tell people also link this to a map where people can see what Favs what public transport solution is best to get them events are taking place and where, view events by add artist/gig/location to your fav list from A-B (i.e. get from GSA to SECC). date or type and link this to the travel planner. for quick reference. We see each working much like the ‘list magazine’ The future of Glasgow... website with reviews, podcasts, even video clips being pushed to your phone, the user can have the ability to filter the content that is showed to them, Using the phones camera and geo location tools, add to favourites, send to friends and even send it would be possible for users to look through the reminders to prompt buying tickets or tell you that Restaurants, bars and clubs... camera and view the real footage of what they are the show starts in 10 mins... seeing on their phone’s screen. The GPS feature would then superimpose details of what was A listing of all the city’s entertainment spots, with planned to be there in Glasgow’s future. map location, directions from where you are and reviews posted by visitors and locals. Special I.e. you could stand in on London Road and view an offers, guest lists and competitions. area of the East End and your phone would tell you this is where the new Velodrome will be. © NATION1.CO.UK
  17. 17. MOBILE MARKETING ANDSMART PHONES 2009... The Retroscope... Probably the most exciting of all, this feature brings the social element to the app and gets Glaswegians from the world over involved in developing a unique and headline grabbing library, charting Glasgow’s history. People are encouraged to upload pictures they have of Glasgow (this could be a family photo Delegates... down at the Clyde during the Garden Festival, an old pic of Gran outside her tenement or a press We see this as a separate app that probably runs cutting of the opening of a Sir Basil Spense tower on Blackberry. With a calendar of all conferences block). taking place throughout the year, with details on venues for each, and what hotels are closest These are uploaded to the app and geo targeted so that when visitors walk around the city they can Tourist generated guide (viewed on map) to those venues, with link to real engage this app to show them real insight as to to Glasgow... time rates and booking. We could provide an area where event organisers could upload maps of what that exact chunk of the city they are looking the exhibition or a diary of events and we could at was like in the past, using real footage from real Using cloud tagging technology to create a tourist integrate a delegate planner allowing delegates people. This will bring a never before gallery based on your geo location that users can to visit nearby tourist attractions and schedule the seen, real dimension to the history of the city, view actual tourist pictures/videos and read their correct amount of time in to see them. This would positioning Glasgow’s at the cutting edge of tourism comments as well as have the facility to upload then link to the journey planner. and technology. their own and add their own comments too. This of course would have to be moderated There would also be the restaurant and bar guide and not live. with reviews posted by other delegates as well as the Style Mile real time offers app (to encourage them to go and spend money during their stay). We could even integrate a directory of Glasgow businesses, incase they wanted to meet local companies whilst they were in the city. © NATION1.CO.UK
  18. 18. MOBILE MARKETING ANDSMART PHONES 2009...Nation1... Nation1 specialises in helping our customers target niche audiences online. Using all the latest digital stuff wrapped in cutting edge creativity our approach allows clients to trial new ideas at a low cost with a focused end game and measurable objective. To find out more email Andrew.grant@nation1.co.uk © NATION1.CO.UK