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Ppt on nokia


Presentation on nokia

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Presentation on nokia

  1. 1. A Project Report on Brand
  2. 2. THE CONTENTS • An overview on Globus • Operations- India and Abroad • Tagline and Logo • 7 P’s of Marketing • Product Life Cycle • Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning • Print Ads ( Promotion ) • Visit to Nokia Priority stores
  3. 3. About the Company • Nokia is the world largest telecommunication equipments manufacturers listed in NYSE as NOK. • Nokia Corporation is a Finland based multinational Company. • Fredrick Idestam found Nokia in 1865 and the current CEO is Olli Pekka Kallasvuo.
  4. 4. NOKIA abroad • In the 1970s Nokia became more involved in the telecommunications industry by developing the Nokia DX 200, a digital switch for telephone exchanges. • Nokia provides mobile communication equipment for every major market and protocol, including GSM, CDMA, and WCDMA.
  5. 5. Places where you can find Nokia
  6. 6. NOKIA in India • Nokia came with services of mobile phones in India in 1995 and there is no looking back till now. It is a leading name for cell phones in India working with an aim to connect people. • India mobile phone market is gigantic with 118 million mobile users and out of these 118 million 85 million use Nokia phones
  7. 7. • Nokia has its root in rubber, paper and cables. • Later the company evolved from that to the mobile industry giant it is now, and its logo evolved with it. LOGO
  8. 8. TAGLINE CONVEYS “This Idea of ‘Connecting People’ by Nokia provides Service to people with the help of the Products”
  9. 9. NOKIA wants to convey that when you buy a nokia phone, you get access to all the services like: • Share on Ovi •Nokia Friend View •Nokia Messaging
  10. 10. Product Life Cycle of NOKIA • Introduction- Concept of Phones. • Growth- Nokia E-Series Phones. • Maturity- Nokia N-Series Phones. • Decline- Nokia 3110, 6600, 7610, Engage
  11. 11. PLC of NOKIA in India & Abroad Globally Placed HereIn India Placed hereRs . Time Product life cycle In India Nokia is in growth stage because there is still a lot of market share (Rural) which need to be covered. And along with this Nokia being a market leader is trying to sell against various competitors with its continuous innovative products.
  12. 12. Geographic: • Nokia immediate geographic target is rural India. o The total targeted population is estimated at 100 million. Demographic: • Male and female. o Ages 25-50, this is the segment that makes up 80% of the Nokia mobile phone market Segmentation, Targeting & PositioningSegmentation Strategy
  13. 13. Nokia has mainly targeted: • Target Market for the Nokia Mobile Phone is between 20-40 years. • Who wants to use something different. • Teenagers and Business Class People. Targeting Strategy
  14. 14. Nokia has created a distinct position in customer mind by: • Nokia Logo. • Slogan- “Know our Past, Create the Future”. • Innovative Handsets with updated software's. Ex- N-series, E-series and now X3 and X6.. Positioning Strategy
  15. 15. Consumers Segment CONSUMER S Light Users Medium Users Heavy Users
  16. 16. Advertising. Discounts. Commission. Public Relation. Direct Marketing. Promotion Mix
  17. 17. PRINT ADS
  18. 18. PRINT ADS
  19. 19. PRINT ADS
  20. 20. 4 P’s of Marketing Product NOKIA’S thinking: A good product sell itself Price Nokia uses a pricing strategy that best suits the product. Market Penetration- Nokia 1100. Market Skimming- N-95. Hence, The Strategy which was used for N- Series & E-Series was Market Skimming.
  21. 21. 4 P’s of Marketing Place • Available at the right place, at the right time, in the right quantities. • Nokia has opened its retail outlet ‘Nokia Priority’ as well as many authorized dealers at various places. Promotion • Advertising, selling, sales promotions, Public Relations, etc. are the major weapons of Marketing. • Promotion has become the most important P to focus on: Advertising, PR Sales,Message,Media,
  22. 22. 3 P’s of Marketing People • All people directly or indirectly involved in the consumption of a service are an important part of the extended marketing mix. • Employees, Consumer, Shareholders, Suppliers. Process • Procedure, mechanisms and flow of activities by which services are consumed. • An efficient service will foster consumer loyalty and confidence in the company.
  23. 23. Physical Evidence • Physical Evidence is the element of the service mix which allows the consumer again to make judgments on the organisation. • For Consumers most important factors are the services. Thus Nokia strives to provide the best services to its customers and earn customer loyalty.
  24. 24. Nokia Priority Centre at GIP Sector 18
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