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Vietnam mobile day 2012 developer opportunity - nokia


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Vietnam mobile day 2012 developer opportunity - nokia

  1. 1. Nokia Developer OpportunityReach and MonetizeLe Minh TuanNokia VietnamMay 19, 2012
  2. 2. Content1. The Opportunity2. Nokia Store: Largest POS3. Available Business Model4. Success is a partnership© Nokia 2011
  3. 3. We’re delivering on our strategy… Great Products Great Platforms Great Opportunities for Developers
  4. 4. The Opportunity© Nokia 2011
  5. 5. A tremendous opportunity There are millions of subscribers not using mobile Internet yet… Actively using mobile Internet Has mobile Internet but not actively using it No mobile internet No Mobile Phone High aspiration but massive World’s population :7 billion. Graphic considers complete universe of Smart, feature and basic phones constraints5 MP data plan selling tool box © Nokia 2011 / Secret
  6. 6. A tremendous opportunity In this space, most users are on prepaid and want Internet/web/apps of every 5 phones sold worldwide in 2011 … …more than 4 are activated in a prepaid scheme and at least 3 are interested in Internet access/web/apps… We are bringing the internet/apps to the next billion people all devices with a price point between 150 USD and 40 USD6 MP data plan selling tool box © Nokia 2011 / Secret
  7. 7. Nokia Provides you with the Industry Widest Reachat Global Scale WINDOWS PHONE OPPORTUNITY REACH OPPORTUNITY 19.5% market share predicted 800 M+ Devices in use, growing strong by 2015 Nokia Internal Use Only
  8. 8. A portfolio of great products across price points forhighly involved consumers WINDOWS PHONE OPPORTUNITY REACH OPPORTUNITY 185M 685M Qt enabled devices Series 40 devices Nokia Internal Use Only
  9. 9. Proven by strong and growing consumerengagement across platforms WINDOWS PHONE OPPORTUNITY REACH OPPORTUNITY 13+ 13+ Million • Average 12 app 10 Downloads/da y 8 downloads/user/m 6 onth 4 2 • Better engagement 0 than Android 2009 2010 2011 2012 2/3 1/3 Nokia Internal Use Only
  10. 10. © Nokia 2011 / Company confidential Nokia Internal Use Only
  11. 11. Nokia Store World’s largest localized point of sales 800+ 13+ 190+ Million Nokia Million Countries, ofSeries 40 & Qt downloads daily, which 90% in Devices 1/3rd by local language in Market Series 40 350 5080% Developers with apps that Markets with billing from 150traffic converts achieved operators to a download >1m downloads Nokia Internal Use Only
  12. 12. Purchasing app has never been easierGlobal price point: Operator1€ <-> 5000 VND Billing NOW2€ <-> 10000 VND3€ <-> 15000 VND live in Vietnam! 150 190+ 100,000+ operators with live markets to distribute billing in 50 countries your app apps on Nokia Store Nokia Internal Use Only
  13. 13. Available BusinessModel© Nokia 2011
  14. 14. Free/Lite Dalton the Dalton the Awesome Awesome Reloaded • 3 Powers-Up • All Power-Ups • 3 Locations • All Locations • Free • Paid Colorbox example with Dalton the Awesome on S60/S^3 Platforms© 2011 Nokia
  15. 15. New ways to increase revenue of apps In-App Purchasing In-App Advertising Integrate payment events for Monetize apps with ads. Use your try-then-buy up-sell, subscription favorite ad solution to reach business models, digital goods, desired results & donations.© Nokia 2011
  16. 16. In-App Purchase: Multi-Purchase Solution Available on Nokia Asha family, launched October 26th 2011, and most Series 40 phones going forward. Also available for Qt: Symbian^3/Anna/Belle • 70/30 Revenue Share • Operator Billing • Easy way to sell digital content from within your app - virtual goods, subscriptions, add-ons, new levels • Convert free applications to paid ones by embedding try and buy© Nokia 2011
  17. 17. In-App AdvertisingMonetize your app through ads – several solution providers available Juniper Research10 €8.5 8 6 4 2 €2 0 2010 2015 “Top publisher are generating 30k€-50k€ a month in Nokia Store with Inner-Active In-app advertising solution” --Roy Timor Rousso, VP Marketing, Inner-Active© Nokia 2011
  18. 18. Success Study - Migital“ Since working with inneractive’s cross-platform and especially on Nokia Store, we have been witnessing ongoing & growing figures with several of our applications. The fill rate and eCPM performance makes us very happy to recommend inneractive to all developers around. Make Money on your Free Apps with Ads powered by Inneractive! Ad Requests Impressions {Manish Mahajan , Founder & CEO} Fill Rate Clicks CTR eCPM “ Net 76,885,951 59,597,673 78% 4,387,399 7.4% $1.10 $65,834.57© Nokia 2011
  19. 19. Try & Buy How to sell your content to end users using freemium model on S40 Legacy?© Nokia 2011 / Company confidential
  20. 20. Why Flexion is an “Approved” T&B solutionprovider? Current Live Billing • 73 Countries – PSMS and Direct Operator Billing coverage • Global - Credit Card • Pricing options: pay-per-download & rental Flexible pricing • Real-time pricing with connected wrapper • wrapping service is fully automated and one single SKU Fast to Market can be deployed in multiple channels and countries • 9% conversion rates (download to purchase)* Proven Solution • 12% Week on Week revenue growth since March 2011* *Based on Pilot in Nokia Store
  21. 21. Flexion Operator billing Coverage (live in 73 markets)Albania Canada El Salvador Hong Kong Latvia Nigeria Serbia ThailandAlgeria Chile Estonia Hungary Lebanon Norway Singapore ThailandArgentina Colombia Finland India Lithuania Peru Slovakia NetherlandsAustralia Costa Rica France Indonesia Luxemburg Poland South Africa TurkeyAustria Czech Republic Germany Israel Macedonia Portugal Spain UKBelgium Denmark Greece Italy Malaysia Romania Sweden UkraineBrazil Ecuador Guatemala Jordan Mexico Russia Switzerland VenezuelaBulgaria Egypt Honduras Kazakhstan Morocco Saudi Arabia Taiwan Vietnam
  22. 22. Try and Buy in 2011 Try and Buy in 2012 EA and Gameloft Only Selective Publishers • Very Important Publishers • Co-marketing commitment Wish to join, email your proposal to© Nokia 2011 / Company confidential
  23. 23. Success is a partnership
  24. 24. Partnership with Mobifone & Vinaphone for Operator Billing 10+ mil. downloads / month from Vietnam flat-rate revenue share 70% 70% Operator billing Credit Card Billing Operator Billing 2 x operators(Vinaphone & MobiFone) NOKIA
  25. 25. Partnership with Top Universities• 2011: 3 in the HCMC• 2012: 2 in HN and 1 in Da Nang. HUST PTIT DUT NOKIA
  26. 26. From local to international Local successful developer can take advantage of Nokia’s global reach and become a global success Local developer support Publishers Outreach Technical training for local APCS HACKATHON 2012 130+ developers developers 815+ applicationsNOKIA MP data plan selling tool box © Nokia 2011 / Secret
  27. 27. We help you succeed locallyLocal marketing support * 4 local publishers has achieved 2+ million download© Nokia 2011
  28. 28. Supported by ONE Web Destination Everything you need to spot and capitalize on opportunities in one place In Vietnam: • Cooperation: • Technical support: • #!/groups/
  29. 29. Nokia = Your Business Opportunity Partner HERO PRODUCT FAMILIES WINDOWS PHONE OPPORTUNITY REACH OPPORTUNITY Revenue Tools ONE Distrubution Channel Development Tools MADE BETTER BY LOCAL ENGAGEMENT, EVERYWHERELocal Business Modeling Support Local Marketing and Merchandizing Local technical support andLocal Payments hands-on training Supported by ONE Web destination:
  30. 30. Thank