HEALTH ASSIGNMENT SAMPLE                                                                                     Assignment Sa...
HEALTH ASSIGNMENT SAMPLE                                                                                    Assignment Sam...
HEALTH ASSIGNMENT SAMPLE                                                                                      Assignment S...
HEALTH ASSIGNMENT SAMPLE                                                                                    Assignment Sam...
HEALTH ASSIGNMENT SAMPLE                                                                                     Assignment Sa...
HEALTH ASSIGNMENT SAMPLE                                                                  Assignment Sample by:           ...
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  1. 1. HEALTH ASSIGNMENT SAMPLE Assignment Sample by: Health Monitoring SystemWhat is health monitoring system?It is technology which monitors or keeps the track of our health and reads data of factors likeheartbeats, blood pressure, body temperature and many other factors of our body which areresponsible for vital changes in our body. The data which is being recorded by the system is sentwirelessly either by internet based application or mobile based applications to server that keeps all thepast records of the patient information to check any changes in the b0dy of the patient. In any case ifthere is any change in the health status of a patient he will be informed at the moment. Even thepatient’s family, physician or any other person who is taking caring of the patient will be notified by thesystem very soon. This health monitoring system is proved to be very useful in mass casualtyemergencies or any natural calamities. The health monitor device is to be placed on an injured victimand that device will act as a sensor which will send the data through wireless system to a doctor totransmit the patients vital sign data. This system is very used in emergency response situation services.In this situation, the possible loss of communication infrastructure which could force the firstresponders to use unconventional means of communication. The first responders would need to set upa base of operation to recover and treat the disaster victims. In this base of operation, the medical staffwill set up the central server that will receive data from the health monitoring devices. We are hopefulthat our system will facilitate the prioritization of delegating medical attention. Our system should alsobenefit the organization and resource management of a simple triage. Our vision is that such a wirelesshealth monitoring system will make a more efficient emergency response to save more lives.Why to use health monitoring system?This system is made for that person who doesn’t like to visit their respective physician for regularcheckups. Two main reasons for this kind of their behavior are firstly they don’t like the doctor andsecondly they don’t like to deal with the doctor appointment process. But it is also very necessary toconsult your doctor always for regular checkup because it will not only keep you fit and healthy but alsoyou are able to spot the problem before they could affect you badly. Regular health checkup is verynecessary for every human. A young children need to visit his/her physician at regular interval for healthmonitoring. This regular checkup will keep the track of their height, weight and their general health too.It is always seen that women need more health monitoring than men as they need to have theirgynecological health problem every year. This health monitoring system provides a better and reliableway to get rid of these two problems and also will keep track of envery patient of itAssignment Help – Page 1
  2. 2. HEALTH ASSIGNMENT SAMPLE Assignment Sample by: are some cases seen where this health monitoring system has done really great work. Here aresome casesSometimes people visit their physician complaining of a minor illness but doctor or even patient couldnot able to exhibit symptoms of their problem whereas with wireless health monitoring system a patientis provided a monitor which he/she can wear outside the medical facility and the monitor willautomatically sends the data to the doctor notifying any symptom in the patient’s body.It gives assurance to those whose parents living long distance away from them or people without anyrelative to take care of them. This health monitoring system provides a method to make sure if suddenheart attack or any other life threatening illness occurred they will be quickly notified through ongoingmonitor.It keeps track of important factors of their patient’s body and informs the patient when it’s time to takemedicine so there will be no further complication and to prevent their patients from any illness.Drawbacks of health monitoring systems:-  In any natural calamity or in any mass destruction this system would face many problems:-  There could be loss of communication between the doctor and patient may be due to technical problem or due to some calamity.  A base of operation is to be setup to treat the disaster victims.  Also a base of operation is needed for medical staff to receive data from the health monitoring system.  Some major apparatus like signal receiver, signal sender, computers, webcam etc are required to fulfill the health monitoring system.  This system will raise fund for relief in such kind of emergency as it requires lot of area and expensive apparatus.CharacteristicsThe characteristics of health monitoring system are described below:SimplicityThe systems consist of no complex system or communication architecture. Though it is a large systembut an easy to build and operate.Assignment Help – Page 2
  3. 3. HEALTH ASSIGNMENT SAMPLE Assignment Sample by: system is cost effective. It consists of low price sensors and data transmitters. This system can easilywork on personal computers with normal configurations.nce the system is setup it will service largenumber of patients and the cost will be recovered very quickly.SecurityIt provides a unique tag that will be used to identify the patient. The patient information will be saved intheir database. The data being transmitted between the servers is in encrypted form so as to protectfrom security vulnerability.Flexible communication protocolThe transmission of data between servers can be done by WLAN or mobile based applications. Whileusing computer the communication can be made by internet.PDA phones can also be used to transfersignals.Capability to help authority to determine general health policiesThis can create general awareness in those areas where a specific disease is a spread due to lack of aparticular vitamin. This system can notify the authority of the particular area the method to control thedisease. The authority can help to cure its people by providing food having the specific vitamin.BMIBMI stands for body mass index. It is also known as Quetelet index. It is a statistical measure of bodyweight based on a person height and weight. It is to clear that it is not a method to measure thepercentage of body fat. It is used as a measure to calculate a person’s body weight totally based onhis/her height. This method of calculating body weight is being used widely in the world because of itseasy way of operation and calculation. It is mostly used in those parts of world where mostly populationis underweight, overweight or suffering with obesity. This diagnostic tool of calculating body weight wasinvented by the belgianpolymath adolphe quetelet between 1830 and 1850.Body mass index in mathematical language is defined as the person’s weight divided by its height. Thisformula used in medicine and produced a unit of measure of kg/m2. Body mass index can also bemeasured by using a BMI (body mass index) chart. This BMI chart shows BMI as a function of weight(mostly taken on horizontal axis) and height (mostly taken on vertical axis). This BMI chart uses contourlines for different values of BMI.Assignment Help – Page 3
  4. 4. HEALTH ASSIGNMENT SAMPLE Assignment Sample by: used to calculate BMI in different unit are:- (SI UNIT) (IMPERIAL UNIT)UsageThe scientists have accepted the BMI to be the best tool for calculating percentage of body fat amongthe ratios of height and weight. The BMI was also appropriate tool for population studies and unsuitablemethod for individual diagnosis. But as soon it became popular due to its easy way of operation, thepeople start using for measuring individual diagnosis despite of its inappropriateness.BMI provides the very easy way to measure simple numeric of a person’s percentage of fat or thinnessin his/her body. This tool provides the method for health professional or dieticians to look over aperson’s health and discuss over health problems like underweight and overweight with their patientsvery easily and conceptually.BMI has landed itself into controversy because many people includinghealth doctors, physicians have started relying on its numerical authority for their diagnosis. But this isto be observed that it was not the prime purpose of BMI ever. It was just meant to be used as a simplemeans of distinguishing physically inactive with an average body person. Some ranges are already set forindividuals who are being used till today also. These values of BMI are as follows: a BMI of 18.5 to 25 isconsidered as most favorable weight of an individual, a BMI lesser than 18.5 indicate that the person isunderweight while person’s BMI above 25 indicates that the person is overweight. If a BMI shows thereading below 17.5 it indicates that the person might be suffering from anorexia nervosa (it is an eatingdisorder characterized by avoid eating food and an excess fear of gaining weight).if the BMI measuresthe reading above 30 it indicates that the person is suffering from obesity.It is observed that for a given height BMI is directly proportional to weight. But for the given weight arelation is evaluated which states that BMI is inversely proportional to the square of the height.Therefore mathematically speaking if all body dimensions gets doubled and weight reads directly withthe cube of the height then BMI will get doubled instead of remaining same. This relation is seen in tallerpeople whose BMI is high compared to their body fat percentage.Assignment Help – Page 4
  5. 5. HEALTH ASSIGNMENT SAMPLE Assignment Sample by: PrimeBMI prime is a tool for measuring body’s weight. It is a simple modification of the BMI system. This BMIprime uses an formula for calculating body’s weight .it calculates body’s weight by finding the ratio ofactual BMI to upper limit BMI. The upper limit BMI is defined as BMI 25. BMI prime is also the ratio ofthe body weight to the upper limit body weight (BMI 25). As the BMI prime is the ratio of two differentBMI values therefore BMI prime is a dimensionless quantity. Like BMI scale, this BMI prime too had setvalue to measure the health of a person’s body. A person with BMI prime less than 0.74 are consideredunderweight. If the BMI prime indicates the reading between 0.74 and 0.99 then the person isconsidered in good health. The person with or above 1.00 BMI prime are considered overweight. TheBMI prime is considered to be very useful in clinics as each individual can evaluate by what percentageor margin they deviate from their upper weight limits. Some researchers has said that BMI prime shouldbe calculated using upper limit BMI of 23 instead of 25 in the denominator.CategoriesThe prime aim of the BMI is to tell an individual how much his/her body weight deviate from the normalweight of a person with reference to its height. According to WHO the reading of the BMI less than 18.5means that the person is underweight, malnutrition, or any health problem and if the reading of the BMIis greater than 25 it shows that person is overweight and above 30 the person is considered a patient ofobesity.The rule for measuring weight of body in children is totally different from the adults. Though theirbody’s weight is calculated in the same way as for adults. The BMI set some fixed value or range ofreading to indicate a person health but in case of children BMI use percentile method to indicate theirhealth or body weight. If a BMI is less than the 5th percentile the child is considered as underweight ifthe BMI is above the 95th percentile the child is considered obese.Application of BMI informationThe BMI is used to determine the increasing or decreasing weight in particular group of people. This toolcan also be used to determine body weight between different castes, religion groups and can comparewhat kind of people are underweight or overweight.When the BMI is used to determine the body weight of an individual then BMI is not considered asdiagnostic. Though there are some kind of symptoms linked with BMI and prevalence of certain diseaseslike cancer, heart disease etc. BMI alone is not enough to predict these diseases in any individual. Someother methods are also developed or known to measure the impact of weight on health. Few of themare listed below as follows:Assignment Help – Page 5
  6. 6. HEALTH ASSIGNMENT SAMPLE Assignment Sample by:  BMI  Circumference of Waist  GALE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF DIETS  Low HDL or “good” cholesterol  High blood glucose  High triglycerides  Genetic cardiovascular disease  Low physical activity level  Cigarette smokingAssignment Help – Page 6