Top Brands Succeeding in Mobile


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We take a look at the secrets and successes of the worlds top brands in mobile

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  • 1.2 Billion of us have purchased a mobile device and pay for mobile broadband services, an increase of 45% over the last 4 years. This represents a massive social investment where nearly 20% of the global population of consumers are paying to engage with companies. While the first wave of usage is primarily games, social media, and content; the next wave of usage will be more focused on mobile customer engagement.
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    Mobile customer engagement is a rapidly growing trend where consumers and businesses are interacting with companies through mobile web, messaging and apps to learn about products, request service, get support, and make purchases.

    Leading brands and ecommerce companies are seeing a major shift in ecommerce transactions from desktop web to mobile commerce. Mobile transactions are predicted to exceed $1 Trillion by 2015, four times the amount transacted in 2011 (Yankee Group).

    As customers shift behavior to using mobile devices to engage brands and businesses, companies need to respond imidiately by providing a consistent high quality user experience accross web, mobile web, and mobile apps. While having basic mobile customer engagement tools and strategies in place there is a big upside for companies which leverage the latest mobile engagement strategies.

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    When defining your mobile customer engagement strategy focus on implementing solutions which cover the following 4 areas:

    Customer Acquisition - mobile marketing to get new customers by using messaging (SMS, email, and push notifications), mobile advertising, location based services, and mobile search engine optimization.
    Customer Loyalty - increase customer adoption, frequency, and share of wallet through mobile apps, content, utilities, gamification, and messaging.
    Mobile Commerce - enable customer to easily place orders and make purchases through mobile website and mobile apps.
    Customer Experience (i.e. customer service and support) - provide easy access to product details, location, and availability. Also provide direct access to customer service with click to call, email, and case logging.
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Top Brands Succeeding in Mobile

  1. brands succeeding in mobile engagement S C O T T E B A L E S . C O M
  2. In today’s mobile and information driven world, traditional marketing and advertising strategies are proving to be passé. As the audience starts to migrate to mobile devices that are constantly connected to the Internet, marketing teams are following suit and are developing mobile engagement strategies that will connect them to their target audiences.
  3. However mobile engagement is a tricky field to traverse, 
 while marketing professionals are exploring the new mobile world, the audience’s rapidly changing needs and desires are making things, especially those fuelled by old-school strategies, quite difficult.
  4. Mobile engagement can benefit a brand greatly if done well Here are some of the brands that seem to be spot-on in their engagement of mobile users.
  5. Coca-Cola was, and still is, one of the biggest brands in the world its proven through decades of successful audience engagement. In the digital age, Coca-Cola has embraced content marketing in a sagely worded mission: “All advertisers need a lot more content so that they can keep the engagement with consumers fresh and relevant, in a world of the 24/7 connectivity.
  6. If a brand is going to be successful around the world, you have to have fat and fertile values at the core.” The Coca-Cola team has created numerous digital and mobile campaigns that allow their audiences to stay connected with the brand while having fun. Case in point: The “AAAAH” series of websites, which allows users to play “branded” games on their spare time, both on their mobile devices and desktop computers.
  7. The Virgin Group proves to be a force to be reckoned with in various industries, including the mobile. Virgin Mobile—wireless communication services offered in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, South Africa, Mexico, Poland, Colombia, India, and Chile is a classic case study in mobile engagement through its Virgin Mobile Live app.
  8. Virgin Mobile Live is basically a “social” newsroom that regularly publishes relevant content and news items read by millions of users worldwide. Adapting to its audience’s browsing habits, Virgin Mobile Live not only shares its content through the app, but also in several popular communities such as Buzzfeed, Twitter, and Facebook gaining cult like engagement. Virgin Mobile Live emphasizes the brand’s thrust to not only widen their reach across mobile platforms, but also to add depth to the level of their audience’s engagement.
  9. Marriott Hotels, world-famous for amongst holiday-makers and business travellers The Renaissance Hotels arm of the company is a brand engaging business travellers flying in and from different corners of the globe, who want to explore more of their destinations
  10. To engage their audience, Renaissance Hotels launched not one, but two platforms: ! the Navigators (offering information to the users on exploring the vibrant cities their hotels are situated in) and the RLife LIVE (allowing the users to discover the cultural and gastronomical offerings of the hotels they are stay at). ! Both platforms proved to be a hit among their guests, who are constantly connected to the Internet, as evidenced by the rapidly growing Facebook community endorsed and operated by the Renaissance Hotels marketing team.
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