Future of Financial Inclusion


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For Next Bank Latam in Bogota, Colombia, I explored the the world of financial inclusion. A topic very relevant to the region which is predominately cash based.

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Future of Financial Inclusion

  2. scottebales.com @scottebales Why Financial Inclusion 2.5 Billion Poverty Premium Ripe with Corruption Security Risks Inclusive Markets
  3. scottebales.com @scottebales Goals access at a reasonable cost for all households to a full range of financial services, including savings or deposit services, payment and transfer services, credit and insurance; sound and safe institutions governed by clear regulation and industry performance standards; financial and institutional sustainability, to ensure continuity and certainty of investment; and competition to ensure choice and affordability for clients.
  4. scottebales.com @scottebales Early Pioneers
  5. scottebales.com @scottebales Early Services
  6. scottebales.com @scottebales Grameen Bank Prof Mohammad Yunus Group lending Village Inclusion Funding Village Infrastructure Danone Partnership
  7. scottebales.com @scottebales Portfolios of the poor high velocity multiple instruments balancing cash flow resilience for fluctuation planning for life events frequent use of informal instruments
  8. scottebales.com @scottebales Non-formal players, loan sharks, cash remittances
  9. scottebales.com @scottebales Funeral, Medical & Marriage
  10. scottebales.com @scottebales Industry Friends
  11. scottebales.com @scottebales Mobile Money
  12. scottebales.com @scottebales Bank Led vs Telco Led
  13. scottebales.com @scottebales Positive Case Studies
  14. scottebales.com @scottebales Lessons learned
  15. + Product Place People Price Promotion Position Marketing 6 P’s B A C K T O B A S I C S
  16. + ** Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Common Price Sensitivity Loyalty Eco-Systems Trust &Tangibility** Poverty Premium Biological Safety Needs Single Use Purchasing Variable Disposable Income Belongingness** Language Skills Technology Skills Entrepreneurship Geographic Spread Source of funds Local Religious National Saving Method Family Model M A R K E T I D E N T I F I C AT I O N People
  17. + Turning subscribers into banking clients People: Research & Identify Market Traits Identify the Community Unit Sample Test Penetration Activities Build a Sustainable mCommerce Community Unit Document & Refine Penetration Approach Follow Natural Cash Flows and re-apply Stakeholder Engagement Penetrate Accessability ControlSustain & Learn Re-Plan Execute Journey E N T E R I N G N E W M A R K E T S
  18. scottebales.com @scottebales The Future Ecosystem Focus Tiered Closed & Open Loops More Push to Mobile Basic Services Microtization Extend to microtrade, p2p
  19. scottebales.com @scottebales A Shared Agenda: Cashless Society
  20. scottebales.com @scottebales The Ones to Watch
  21. m o b i l e i s m o re t h a n t e c h n o l o g y T H E F U T U R E I S M O B I L E b i t . l y / m o b i l e re a d y b o o k
  22. FUTURE OF FINANCIAL INCLUSION s c o t t e b a l e s . c o m / f e e d b a c k