Are you ready for Isaac? The Digital Native Consumer


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As a part of the Next Bank Latam design thinking workshops, I presented Isaac the digital native as a personas for consideration. Isaac was a hit!

Are you ready for Isaac? The Digital Native Consumer

  1. @scottebales #ready4isaac ISAAC are you ready for @scottebales
  2. H O W M O B I L E S AV V Y A R E Y O U ? #mobileready @scottebales +
  3. 7 4 % G E N - Y S M A R T P H O N E O W N E R S I N U N D E R 3 0 S E C O N D S
  4. @scottebales Broken Organisations
  5. @scottebales have we changed in a… century?
  6. @scottebales are we structured… effectively?
  7. @scottebales the world now is
  8. @scottebales
  9. @scottebales did we bring it on ourselves?
  10. @scottebales Transparency
  11. @scottebales CRED is about transparency
  12. @scottebales voluntary exclusion
  13. @scottebales dependence blind
  14. @scottebales can we evolve?
  15. @scottebales
  16. @scottebales
  17. @scottebales Keep Clam 
 Say Hello To My Little Friend
  18. @scottebales ISAAC LIM D.O.B. 29 JUN 2007
  19. @scottebales how well do you know… ISAAC?
  20. @scottebales Natives Immigrants Laggards
  21. @scottebales
  22. @scottebales
  23. @scottebales what makes us native?
  24. @scottebales
  25. @scottebales
  26. @scottebales
  27. @scottebales
  28. @scottebales
  29. @scottebales
  30. @scottebales
  31. @scottebales
  32. @scottebales
  33. @scottebales
  34. @scottebales 17
  35. @scottebales
  36. @scottebales Isaac Lim D.O.B. 29 Jun 2007 2023
  37. @scottebales TimmyD.O.B. 21 Nov 2000 2016
  38. @scottebales IsabelleD.O.B. 4 Sept 1998 EthanD.O.B. 10 Nov 2001 2014 2017
  39. @scottebales Citizen The New
  40. @scottebales natively digital
  41. @scottebales
  42. @scottebales
  43. @scottebales opinion democratised
  44. @scottebales
  45. @scottebales
  46. @scottebales 50 days 35 days
  47. @scottebales modality shift
  48. @scottebales 2016 ...your saying I have to fill out a form and fax it? F#$% that!.. WHY? timmyterror20 Timmy #WTF Who the hell still uses faxes? @HSBC #frustrated
  49. @scottebales
  50. @scottebales
  51. @scottebales citizens now have influence influence
  52. @scottebales believe
  53. @scottebales A New Approach Transformation The New Citizen Broken Organisations Desirable Employers What should we be doing?
  54. @scottebales
  55. @scottebales time to take a different approach to talent
  56. @scottebales technology
 is your 
  57. @scottebales contextual utility
  58. @scottebales life integrated
  59. @scottebales context aware
  60. @scottebales experiences
 not policies
  61. @scottebales empower lifestyle
  62. @scottebales anytime...
  63. @scottebales anywhere...
  64. @scottebales online vs offline 46%
  65. @scottebales knows intent 6 months in advance
  66. @scottebales Transformation
  67. @scottebales WHAT TAKES YOU 6 MONTHS TOOK ME 3 DAYS
  68. @scottebales
  69. @scottebales Keep Calm & Get Out Of The Building you cant solve real problems 
 at a desk
  70. @scottebales join the conversation, learn
  71. @scottebales
  72. @scottebales get out of the building + understand citizens create experiences, not policies build, measure & learn find a problem your passionate about find a digital mentor
  73. @scottebales we need to talk about ISAAC
  74. m o b i l e i s m o re t h a n t e c h n o l o g y T H E F U T U R E I S M O B I L E
  75. ARE YOU READY FOR ISAAC? s c o t t e b a l e s . c o m / f e e d b a c k