Gender Education Resource in support of the Malawi Gender Equality Act 2013


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The Scotland Malawi Partnership and the Open University in Scotland are working with colleagues in Malawi to create an education booklet for teachers in Malawi, to help them discuss and explore with their learners the new Gender Equality Act (GEA) 2013 written by the Government of Malawi.

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  • Stage 1: The ConceptKeen useful, with Malawi input and buy-in at each stage. Not duplicating other resources. The consultation asked:(1) Is the Gender Equality Act currently included in teaching activities that you deliver/are aware of? If so, please give further details.(2) Do you have a resource to help you in this task? If you do could we have a copy of it (3) What resources would be helpful to you in spreading knowledge about the Act?(4) With whom would you use such a resource?(5) What form would it take? (6) What must it contain?(7) What should be avoided?(8) Would you like to test the resource that is developed? 1st draft produced, and initial testing done by teachers at Falkirk High School, who have a school partnership will Malawi
  • Stage 3: Testing Draft 2Currently at this stage. Looking for education professional and teachers in Scotland and Malawi who might like to read draft 2 and give their comments. If of interest, sign up in the reception at stall and an electronic copy of draft 2 will be sent, along with a feedback form.Stage 4: Malawi PilotOnce feedback on draft 2 received will send to Malawi for pilot in 6 Malawi school (Mamie Martin Fund)
  • Stage 5: Disseminating resourceWorking with Ministry of Education (who recently signed MoU with Education Scotland), Ministry of Gender, UN Women in Malawi and MaSP to disseminate resource (hard copies and online).Need to consider viability of printing in Malawi. Any input on how we do this successfully would be appreciate too.
  • Gender Education Resource in support of the Malawi Gender Equality Act 2013

    1. 1. Gender Education Resource in support of the Gender Equality Act Malawi 2013
    2. 2. Why the GEA resource for schools? • To support the dissemination of the contents of the GEA (2013) in Malawi • To raise awareness of the GEA (2013) among women and men in Malawi • To engage school learners in discussing the GEA (2013), the rights it asserts, the powers it grants and the implications it has on all in Malawi. 2
    3. 3. Format • Paper booklet developed in Scotland and printed in Malawi • Possible online OER in future • For upper Primary and Secondary teachers • Guidance on activities they can use to explore and work with the GEA • Activities related to different curriculum areas 3
    4. 4. Structure • Introduction • Your role as class teacher • Section 1: Understanding Gender Issues • 1a. Background to the Malawi GEA 2013 • 1b. Behaviour and Attitudinal change • 1c. Rights and responsibilities • Section 2: Understanding the Malawi GEA 2013 • 2a. Prohibition of harmful social and cultural practices • 2b. Employment in the public sector • 2c. Education and training • 2d. Sexual ad reproductive health rights • 2e. Enforcement – rights and responsibilities of young people • My pledge to the GEA • Glossary • Appendices 4
    5. 5. Consultation Stage 1: The Concept In Malawi: UN Women Malawi Malawi Scotland Partnership Nkhamenya Girls Secondary School UNDP Malawi Gender Network Malawi Women’s Lobby Group FAWEMA 50:50 Campaign In Scotland: Mamie Martin Fund SMP Members Active Learning Centre Stage 2: Testing Draft 1 Falkirk High School 5
    6. 6. Consultation Stage 3: Testing Draft 2 In Scotland: • Development education professionals • Teachers • International educationalists In Malawi: • Teachers • Education professionals Stage 4: Malawi Pilot • Mamie Martin Fund schools 6
    7. 7. Dissemination Stage 5: Disseminating resource • Ministry of Education Ministry of Gender • UN Women in Malawi • Malawi Scotland Partnership members 7 For further information and to offer feedback contact: