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Scottish Government's International Development Policy- what does it mean for health in Malawi?


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Magnus Maharg, Scottish Government
SMP Health Links Forum, 20th Feb 2017

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Scottish Government's International Development Policy- what does it mean for health in Malawi?

  1. 1. What does it mean for Health in Malawi? Scottish Government’s International Development Strategy
  2. 2. How did Health input into Strategy? • Consultation Responses • Consultation Events – Health particularly well represented • Discussions in Government – 10 years of programme management and sector engagement
  3. 3. SG ID Strategy: The Headlines • 4 Partner Countries: Malawi, Rwanda, Zambia, Pakistan • Investing our IDF in 3 streams: 1. Development Assistance 2. Capacity Strengthening 3. Investment • Policy Commitments: Historic & Contemporary Links, Scottish Expertise, SDGs, Beyond Aid Agenda.
  4. 4. What have we been good at? • Coming together as a Community of Practice  Commitment to Networking Support • Harnessing Scottish Expertise  Integration into Criteria • Realising the ‘Partnership Approach’  A guiding principle of project selection  Projects using older links AND projects forging new ones
  5. 5. Partnership Approach “It’s an approach that recognises that one of the legacies of Scotland’s history of global exploration, trade, missionary work, and inward immigration, is a ready-made network of links to developing countries, and in particular their health and education systems. By working through these pre- existing links, we bring about development outcomes that achieve significant impact with a modest amount of money.” Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform SMP AGM, 3rd Oct 2015
  6. 6. Partnership Approach Network of links to Malawi Skills Sharing based Initiatives * Health, particularly medical education projects, particularly suited to this model of engagement
  7. 7. The College of Medicine Partnership Approach
  8. 8. The College of Medicine Partnership Approach University of Edinburgh 4 projects (2006-16) University of St Andrews 3 projects (2007-15) Development of MBBS (Medical Undergraduate Curriculum) Creation of M.Med Psychiatry Career progression of Principal Scholarship Scheme to train Malawi’s first ever cohort of clinical psychiatrists SG Input into Principal’s Long-Term Vision for College
  9. 9. What could we be better at? • Being Programmatic  3 funding streams will help SG to be more directive • Contribution to the Beyond Aid Agenda  Integration into Criteria
  10. 10. • Maternal Health • Sexual Health • Cancer Treatment • Meningitis • Community-based health improvement • University Curriculum • Obstetrics • Clinical Officer Training
  11. 11. Next Steps… • Increased £10M IDF from April • New £1M HAF from April 2017 • Small Grants 2017+ to be announced end Feb/early March • Rwanda and Zambia funding rounds to open first half of 2017 • Malawi funding round to open second half of 2017