SMP Health Links Forum-24th October 2013


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Information on Scottish Government's small grants programme, and upcoming SMP events

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SMP Health Links Forum-24th October 2013

  1. 1. Health Links Forum Meeting 7 28th October 2013 Edinburgh Festival Theatre
  2. 2. Scottish Government Small Grants Programme
  3. 3. What was agreed? • Three year pilot programme • £500,000 per year ring fenced within the £9 million overall programme per year • Organisations under £150,000/yr income • Three types of grant • Administered by Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland
  4. 4. Types of grant Project Grants To deliver projects over 1 to 3 years Up to maximum £60,000 over 3 years Feasibility Grants To carry out more detailed community consultation and scoping of project; more detailed proposal development with partner organisation(s) Maximum £10,000 over 1 year Organisational Development Grants To help build the capacity and systems of applicant organisations and their partners Maximum £10,000 for 1 year
  5. 5. Eligibility Criteria •Not for profit • a “legal person” (1st March 2014 deadline for becoming incorporated)-SCIO or company with charitable status •Presence in Scotland •Annual turnover less £150,000 (past 2 years) •Organisation in existence for at least 1 year •Independently assessed accounts from past year •Only apply for 1 type of grant •Countries: Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indian States: Bihar, Madya Pradesh and Orissa •Priority themes: education, health, sustainable Economic Development, civic governance and society, food security, renewable energy, climate change and water •Welcome match-funding, but SG main funder •Particularly welcome application from Diaspora groups, in area of civic governance and innovation projects
  6. 6. Won’t fund •Core activities or continuation of past work or projects •funding directly to other Governments or to individual representatives of other Governments •Major capital appeals •Transportation of goods •Costs for per diems
  7. 7. Timescales •Questions asked before 28th October will be published on LTSB website •Deadline 12noon 29th November 2013 (electronic or postal applications) •If outwith eligibility criteria-told within 7 days •Assessment Dec/Jan 2013 (desk-based and telephone) •LTSB makes recommendations to SG by Feb 2014 •Grants awarded March 2014 •Unsuccessful application given feedback March 2014 •Funding released April 2014
  8. 8. Application tips •Make clear that is new work or the expansion or development of existing work • Tell a story-match project narrative and costs •Consistency is key •Start with a blank sheet of paper and jot down a plan •Use SMP and NIDOS for support and advice
  9. 9. NIDOS and SMP support... • Provision of one-to-one surgeries (incl. 7 or 8 November) – to look through drafted applications / give some further guidance • Signposting to other sources of advice including on incorporation • Phone based advice •Eligibility criteria clarification etc – from Lloyds
  10. 10. We hope... this programme will enable organisations to • Develop and strengthen the SG’s International Development Fund •begin to build a relationship with the SG as a funder • strengthen their capacity to apply in the future for SG main programme grants • strengthen their ability to invest in needs analysis and partnership development
  11. 11. Health Links Forum Meeting 7 28th October 2013 Edinburgh Festival Theatre
  12. 12. Upcoming Events • CPG on Malawi-29th October, 6-8pm, Scottish Parliament- “Malawi and the media” • Youth Screening of “I Am Because We Are” – 30th October, Melting Pot, 7-9pm (Edinburgh) – 20th November, Glad Café, 6-8pm (Glasgow) • Per diems discussion (TBC) • Schools Forum-12th November (TBC)