Digtal Natives Afterschool Club Pitch v2


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Digtal Natives Afterschool Club Pitch v2

  1. 1. Digital Natives Go Wild! A 21st Century Afterschool Club for Brighton & Hove A pitch to Brighton CItyCamp2
  2. 2. A 21st Century Afterschool ClubDigital nativesThe young people of today need our help:• A 12-year-old doesn’t know life without Google• An 8-year old doesn’t know life without iphones• A 4-year old doesn’t know life without ipads
  3. 3. A 21st Century Afterschool ClubOur vision:We want the digital natives in our city to be:• Digital creators not just digital consumers• Playing safe online but learning to take risks• Sharing and learning as part of the digital creative community in the city
  4. 4. A 21st Century Afterschool ClubThe problem• ICT education is in limbo• ICT skills are not linked to creativity• It is hard to change things from within schools• Teachers, schools and the education authorities feel they are under attack• Parents don’t know how to help• Digital exclusion creates inequality
  5. 5. The solutionDigital Natives Go Wild!• An afterschool club for the 21st Century• Digital skills in a creative setting• Digital creatives as volunteer learning agents
  6. 6. What to teachIdeas generated by participants at CityCamp• Use Raspberry Pi to programe a • accessibility – learning how to use drum machine computers with disabilities• weekly/termly target or challenge • entrepreneurship eg codeyear.com • building hardware• make TV show/news items for • computer recycling local TV/community radio station • build apps• drumming • child-generated ideas• build a game • video-conferencing with• coding international schools• online magazine • links to existing currculum topics• digital [local] treasure hunt eg Egyptians • graphics
  7. 7. Step 0.1: Prototype• Workshop yesterday at CityCamp2• Six children, 8-or-under + parents, other adults/volunteers• Open brief – the children chose aliens• 90 mins• No structure = make some films• Paper, pens, fun• Simple tech = 70p animation App
  8. 8. Step 0.1: Prototype Click here to watch the movie or use the link below http://bit.ly/ygFgth
  9. 9. Step 1: Getting the model right• April – September pilot phase• Term-time afterschool sessions• Primary schools – Elm Grove + 3 schools in Brighton & Hove• Showcase event in Brighton Digital Festival• Business plan• Lots of questions to answer – Business model, volunteers, workshops – Links with health, education and business sectors – Digital literacy research [university interest]
  10. 10. Step 1: Getting the model rightApril – September 2012Costs 4 SCHOOLS @ 10 WEEKS Facilitator (2 hours prep, 2 hours delivery, £20 p/hour = £80 p/session) Digital agent (2 hours delivery, £20 p/hour = £40 p/session) Materials + Refreshments + Venue hire CELEBRATION EVENT - DIGITAL FESTIVAL (SEPTEMBER) EQUIPMENT : 5 x iPad2TOTAL COSTS £ 9,062Income SESSION FEES 3 kids on free school meals (B&H average 25%) p/session 17 kids charged @ £7 p/session CELEBRATION EVENT (DIGITAL FESTIVAL) CITY CAMP BRIGHTON GRANT £5,000TOTAL INCOME £ 9,080
  11. 11. Step 2: Making it work at scale• More primary schools• Resources + Materials• Digital creatives volunteering scheme• Community links – Fathers Network – Black History/Brighton & Hove Untold – Intergenerational links
  12. 12. OutcomesHow the community gains What the children learn• Social inclusion • Active brains/active bodies• Digital inclusion • Interactive learning• Digital literacy • Family learning• 100 kids and their • Social interaction families in the next 12 • Collaborative skills months and growing • Entrepreneurship rapidly • Technology skills
  13. 13. Equalities• Digital inclusion as part of social inclusion• Free school dinners – B&H ave = 25%• Social franchise/not for profit• Disability/accessibility expertise• Community connections – Intergenerational, family learning – Fathers project, boys literacy – Light touch CPD for teachers
  14. 14. What next?• Support from CityCamp• Plan sessions to start after Easter• More work on workshop content• More work on volunteer network• Visit our website – www.dnaclubs.wordpress.com