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The New Networking: Using Social Media to Land Your Next Job


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There's a big problem in recruiting today. Companies are posting jobs one place, and applicants are applying elsewhere. This gap is the reason why there are more than 4.5 million unfilled jobs in the US, despite nearly 10 million unemployed Americans on the market.

In this new presentation, we'll show you how to close the gap by focusing job search efforts on one of the fastest growing platforms: social media. We'll discuss the main social networks you need to be on, how to optimize your profiles for success, and where to find the best jobs.

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The New Networking: Using Social Media to Land Your Next Job

  1. 1. The Job Search Has Changed There are new rules being introduced to the game – but not everyone knows about them.
  2. 2. New Technology “No one ever taught me how to apply this way.” - Everyone
  3. 3. New Standards Anyone been in his shoes? I have!
  4. 4. Fierce Unemployment 9.8millionThe number of unemployed Americans today. Source:
  5. 5. But Wait! Are Jobs Scarce? 4.5millionThe number of unfilled jobs today. Source:
  6. 6. The problem is a disconnect. The way companies are hiring isn’t matching the way applicants are applying.
  7. 7. A Big Opportunity (For Us) Social makes it easier for applicants to stand out in the crowded market place and meet the standards of hiring companies. Let’s jump in!
  8. 8. BUILD YOUR RESUME Part 1:
  9. 9. It Starts with Your Resume Building a resume is an excellent way to plan for your job search and keep you focused. Make this a priority.
  10. 10. Build a Master Resume A master resume will be a long document that lists all your skills, experience and “buzzwords”. It will be used as your “word bank” to pull pieces from when creating targeted resumes in the future.
  11. 11. Be Specific & Actionable 1.  What did you do §  Led a team of 13 sales reps to the top of our district 3 years in a row 2.  Back it up with numbers §  Increased operating efficiency by 48% over 12 months with new XX protocol 3.  What is your future potential §  5x Teacher of the Year candidate in first 8 years of teaching
  12. 12. Make It Attractive Download it free at
  13. 13. Format It for Software Save two copies: One for people, one for software.
  15. 15. Make a Lasting First Impression Before you start wildly applying to jobs, it’s crucial to start building your base. Don’t be like Fred!
  16. 16. Fact: You’re Being Googled Not only in background checks, but by hiring managers, potential coworkers, bosses and more. Do a search on your name and see what comes up – you may be surprised!
  17. 17. Profile 1: LinkedIn People are viewing your profile every day – this is an absolute priority for anyone searching for jobs.
  18. 18. Complete Your Profile 1.  Headshot & Descriptive Tagline
  19. 19. Complete Your Profile 2.  Robust Summary & Skills
  20. 20. Complete Your Profile 3. Complete your work history
  21. 21. Recommendations Get them from friends, past customers, colleagues, bosses and even vendors. 4.  Get Recommendations to add legitimacy to your profile.
  22. 22. Engage with Others Sharing gets you noticed. Make it a point to share or engage 1-2 times a week.
  23. 23. Profile #2: Twitter Much less to do, but don’t ignore it!
  24. 24. Profile #3: Facebook This is a tough one. Avoid if you have historical posts/pictures about: »  Illegal drugs »  Staunch political or religious views »  Poor or foul language (even bad grammar can hurt you!) »  Anything you wouldn’t share with a potential boss
  25. 25. Change Privacy Settings
  26. 26. Build Other Profiles Too! LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebookmay be the “Big 3” (let’s be serious, does anyone really use Google+?), but they aren’t the only profiles.
  27. 27. (Free!)
  28. 28. (Free!)
  29. 29. (Free!)
  31. 31. Let’s be honest for a minute… I HATE MONSTER & CAREERBUILDER (so I won’t talk about them today.)
  32. 32. Everything is trending social 92%of employers are posting jobs on social media Source:
  33. 33. LinkedIn Is King for Recruiters 93%of recruiters use LinkedIn for recruitment and research.
  34. 34. But Twitter wins in listings. Source: iCims
  35. 35. Focus on LinkedIn & Twitter You will likely see the highest quality jobs listed on these two sites. Here’s my recipe for online job search success: •  30% LinkedIn •  30% Twitter •  20% Indeed •  10% Industry Specific (Dice, The Ladders) •  10% Location Specific (Jobs4Jersey)
  36. 36. Used Advanced Searches
  37. 37. Do More with Your Application
  38. 38. Did You Complete Your Profile?
  39. 39. Use Twitter’s Advanced Search Visit and type in keywords that relate to: •  Job titles •  Industries •  Locations •  Companies
  40. 40. Get Real Time Results
  41. 41. Use Your Social Assets! Send a link to your LinkedIn, or Wordpress profile to build rapport with job posters.
  42. 42. Where Else to Look? » »  Company websites »  Niche Job Boards »  Friends and Family »  Additional social networks »  Big job boards (if you have to…)
  43. 43. Apply To Companies You Love 80% of job listings are never posted, online or off. Don’t be discouraged from applying to a company just because there are no jobs listed! Source: Wall Street Journal
  44. 44. Keep in mind… •  This is a numbers game, and it takes time! •  Set goals for yourself daily and weekly. •  Continuously test and improve your resume, profiles, etc. •  Never, ever give up! You will land.
  45. 45. FOR THE BOLD ONES Part 4:
  46. 46. Strut Your Stuff on Video
  47. 47. Present Yourself on SlideShare
  48. 48. Influence with Writing
  49. 49. Mine Your Contacts
  50. 50. Get Creative What will you do to stand out? Let’s hear some ideas!
  51. 51. Questions?