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Crush It On LinkedIn: Building Trust, Relationships and Referrals


Published on - LinkedIn is by far the most powerful online networking platform for business and career searching. Stephen Murphy, Marketing Manager at PCG Digital Marketing and founder of Get Busy Media, explains in this presentation how to get the most out of your LinkedIn account.

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Crush It On LinkedIn: Building Trust, Relationships and Referrals

  1. 1. • Marketing Manager at PCG Digital Marketing, an Inc. 500 digital agency in NJ• Founder of Get Busy Media, ranked a top 100 small business marketing blog by Technorati• Regular author in LinkedIn & Business magazine, a publication with 13+ million distribution• Keynote LinkedIn speaker with NJ Department of Labor and several other local entities
  2. 2. What applies to one person might not apply to everyoneelse. Adapt these tactics to fit your personal approach.
  3. 3. YOU are the key to your success. You will still have to putin the elbow grease and create a strategic approach tonetworking and lead generation. LinkedIn is a tool thathelps you work smarter.
  4. 4. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you probably won’t seeimmediate results from your actions. Starting now laysthe foundation for a successful future.
  5. 5. Largest professional network online with over 120million users and growingExcellent search engine optimization and personalbranding opportunityA living, breathing rolodex that stays updatedautomaticallyA sales prospecting dream
  6. 6. 1. Optimizing your profile to build credibility,increase your range, and communicate your value.2. Building a strong network that will help you getthe most out of LinkedIn’s features.3. Communicating and engaging with your networkto establish yourself as an expert and generate newleads and referrals.
  7. 7. • Include a high quality, professional headshot• Use industry keywords to describe what you do• Include your area to decrease mistaken identities
  8. 8. • Be honest and real. People want to learn about who you are and what you’re all about.• Explain what you do in simple terminology – skip the jargon.• Add relevant industry keywords after your summary to help support your qualifications.• Include your contact information so that your connections can easily get in touch with you.
  9. 9. • Include as many jobs as you can that are relevant to your current industry or position.• Describe briefly what the company does, followed by your position description. This gives readers context.• Don’t forget about those keywords! These are crucial for showing up in search results.
  10. 10. • Pick from the existing list of skills, or include your own.• These are great ideas for keywords for the rest of your profile too!
  11. 11. • Education• Websites• Social Media• Contact Information• Certifications• Add-ons (blog feed, SlideShare, Events, etc.)
  12. 12. • Change your default public profile URL to a custom one so that you can easily add it to your resume, business card, personal website• This is also great for SEO!
  13. 13. • Only connect with people you’ve met before• Avoid “cold connecting” – you could get penalized• Send a personal message when connecting with someone that might not remember you by name
  14. 14. • Go through old business cards, address books, rolodexes, etc. to find existing contacts.
  15. 15. • Email signature• Business cards• Social media profiles• Blog/personal website• Marketing materials
  16. 16. Recommendations validate what you say in your profile.• Clients• Vendors• Industry Partners• Colleagues
  17. 17. Establish yourself as a thought leader by sharing importantnews, blogs, and original insights.
  18. 18. Pay it forward and comment on updates from others in yournetwork. “Like” milestones such as job promotions orachievements. Offer insights for problems your connectionsmay have.
  19. 19. Join groups that relate to your industry or topic of interest.Engage in existing discussions, and create your own toincrease engagement.
  20. 20. Asking questions can introduce you to other influencers thatyou may want to connect with. Answering questions helpsyou establish yourself as an expert in any given field.
  21. 21. • Schedule time daily to use LinkedIn• Try to communicate with all your connections at least once a year• Respond to comments and inquiries as soon as possible
  22. 22. • Create a keyword friendly, optimized profile to get started with LinkedIn• Build a large, highly targeted network filled with customers, employees, vendors, etc.• Pay it forward and engage actively with others. Think, “What can I do for my network today?”• Be regular, and make sure to measure your efforts.