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The humboldt regional newcomer centre


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May 29th 2017

Published in: Healthcare
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The humboldt regional newcomer centre

  1. 1. Bringing Settlement Services to our Region
  2. 2.  11 Regional Newcomer Gateways in immigration Service Areas - Saskatoon, Regina, Moose Jaw, Swift Current, North Battleford, Lloydminster, Prince Albert, Humboldt,Tisdale, Estevan andYorkton  communities within 150km radius of service hub are “served”  Provide assistance to services: Settlement Advisors English language assessments Language training Information and orientation sessions Career and Employment Services Employer Information: Pre arrival, Settlement, Program referral
  3. 3.  Provincial (Ministry of Economy)  Gateway contract  2 fulltime staff  2 part time staff Executive Director, Gateway Supervisor, Settlement Advisor.  Settlement, information & referral services  Authoritative source of information  Pursue collaborative community partnerships  Year to year contract  Federal (Immigration, Refugee,Citizenship Canada)  Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS) contract  1 fulltime staff  1 part time staff  Support children k-12 and families  School integration  Community Connections 1 year Extension of prior 3 year agreement
  4. 4. “The process is whelming!Although I was able to easily advertise and find a therapist in England, I didn’t quite understand the process of obtaining a LMIA. Janine and her staff have provided me with invaluable information and support through this entire process.Their knowledge about the system and government programs is something we as employers have little understanding of when we first start this journey. Although recruiting from overseas has been frustrating at times, the staff at the HRNC has been there for me to provide support and guidance. I have successfully recruited a PhysicalTherapist from England and I could not be happier. My new staff member, his wife and I continue to utilise the services of the HRNC. Thank you again Janine and staff, I don’t know what I would have done without you!” Owner/Manager (Humboldt Business)
  5. 5.  The Humboldt Regional Newcomer Centre Inc. purpose is to encourage empowerment and independent decision making for all newcomers through quality settlement services; so that they experience success and become active , contributing members to their community.
  6. 6.  Humboldt and Surrounding Service Communities  Bruno Annaheim Spalding  Cudworth Humboldt St.Gregor  Lanigan Imperial Viscount  Naicam Jansen Watrous  St Brieux Lake Lenore  Wadena Manitou  Watson Middle Lake  Muenster Naicam  Leroy Nokomis  Drake Pilger  Engelfeld Quill Lake  Wynyard Raymore
  7. 7. Specialized services Other community organizations/ services
  8. 8.  The outcomes of good settlement and integration are:  Staying Safe: does the newcomer feel safe in their new community? Do they know what to do in an emergency?  Being Healthy: Does the newcomer have their Health card/health coverage? Has the newcomer access to healthy foods at an affordable price? Self-hygiene education, dental education, immunisations..................  Enjoying and achieving: Is the newcomer having the opportunities to integrate socially within their communities? Is their progression in the workplace?  Economic wellbeing: Is the newcomer in employment or accessing appropriate and adequate training?Are foreign qualification recognition services required? Is there affordable and adequate housing?  Positive contribution: Is the immigrant becoming involved in their new community? (school councils, church groups etc) 
  9. 9. Local and regional community Organisation s Specialized Services Primary Settlement Services Support 100% of Canada’s net population growth from immigration as of 2030
  10. 10. Newcomers access to information Up to date information And resources (multi-channnel access) and resources, on site and on-line. Access to computers/ printers for clients Referral to community services Referral protocol on services and points of contact. Identification of information, resources HRNC system for And service gaps identifying service gaps
  11. 11. Settlement Advisors 2 PartTime Settlement Advisors for HRNC 1.on-site/community region (mobile) 2. settlement appointment 3.Settlement Planning Resume writing/job search Support with computer based job search and resume writing. Referrals for clients with multiple barriers to employment Referral to Service Providers CTC Language Assessments CLB EAL classes stage 1 & 2/LINC SGI
  12. 12.  Provides newcomer students & families with resources and support to help them integrate into the school system  Support newcomer family involvement in school life by: 1. promoting school events 2. Student and parent involvement 3. Assisting with culturally sensitive areas  Connect families to resources and services (GATEWAY)  Increase school and community awareness  Community Connections
  13. 13. SWIS Summer Program 2016 In 2016 the SWIS Summer program focused on developing clients knowledge on Canadian history, access to recreational activities and social development.
  14. 14. Settlement Orientation Sessions throughout the HRNC Region •Banking and credit •Education k-12 •EnglishClasses •Driving in Saskatchewan •Employment services •Labour Standards •Health Services •Winter Driving •Personal incomeTax •Home ownership in Saskatchewan •Financial literacy Welcoming Families Workshops on SINP programs •Family Members category •Employers information
  15. 15. The Humboldt Regional Newcomer Centre (HRNC) 636/638, 9th Street Humboldt SK Tel: 682-4277 Fax: 682-4278 Janine Hart (manager) Elvircia Natlazo (Gateway Supervisor) Amy Kalthoff (Settlement Support Leader) Tracy Abel (SWIS) Odessa Sherbaniuk
  16. 16. Living in Saskatchewan: saskatchewan Settlement Advisors: Immigration Questions: