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Oral Health Screening and Assessment


Published on

October 22, 2018

Published in: Healthcare
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Oral Health Screening and Assessment

  1. 1. Oral Health Screening and Assessment SASKATCHEWAN DENTAL ASSISTANTS’ ASSOCIATION
  2. 2. Assessment & Screening History of Screening
  3. 3. Developers Developed by Ashley White, SDT Leslie Topola, SDT, Technical Advisor
  4. 4. Module 1: Introduction Purpose Of Manual Manual Objectives: Theory And Clinical Screening Competency Evaluation Guidelines
  5. 5. Module 2: Background Introduction To Surveillance, Surveys, And Screening History Of Dental Public Health In Saskatchewan Dental Public Health Personnel In Saskatchewan
  6. 6. Module 3: Screening Protocols And Guidelines Introduction To Screening History Of Dental Screening In Saskatchewan Oral Health Screening & Assessment Within Saskatchewan Oral Health Program 5 Year Screening Program School Screening Program Preschool/Daycare Screening Program Long Term Care
  7. 7. Module 4: Oral Health Screening And Assessment Program Management Importance Of Calibration And Program Consistency Oral Health Screening Definitions (Priority, Formulas, Status) Oral Health Screening Program Indices (Methodology And Scoring)
  8. 8. Module 4: continued Dental Sealants Dental Sealant Assessment Criteria Methodology For Dental Sealant Assessment  Selecting Dental Sealant Materials  Infection Control Guidelines For Oral Health Screening & Assessment
  9. 9. Module 4: continued Oral Health Screening Protocols Communication With Parents/Guardian & Child During An Oral Screening Competency Worksheet 1: Oral Health Screening Guidelines And Protocols
  10. 10. Module 5: Documentation Recording And Documentation Requirements Notification To Parents/Guardians Oral Health Screening Data And Program Statistics Freedom Of Information And Protection Of Privacy (FOIPP) Document Retention Access To Care: Funding Programs & Low (No) Cost Clinics Worksheet 2: Documentation
  11. 11. Evaluation of Self-Study Manual Evaluation: Part A Evaluation: Part B
  12. 12. Appendices  Appendix A: Glossary Of Terms  Appendix B: Powerpoint - Oral Health Screening & Assessment Calibration For Oral Health Professionals  Appendix C: Sample Dental Public Health Policies And Protocols  Appendix D: Sample Standard Work Documents  Appendix E: Work Sheet Answer Keys Worksheet 1: Screening Guidelines And Protocols Key Worksheet 2: Documentation Answer Key
  13. 13. References  The document is fully referenced.
  14. 14. PowerPoint
  15. 15. The End Questions?