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From Surviving to Thriving - Paul Vaughan


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Paul Vaughan's presentation slides from the Surviving to Thriving event in Wolverhampton (14th June 2019)

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From Surviving to Thriving - Paul Vaughan

  1. 1. Nurses and midwives: meeting the challenge of providing health care for everyone, everywhere Paul Vaughan RN, Nursing Now England, NHS England and NHS Improvement
  2. 2. Content of this presentation • What is Nursing Now? • Nursing and global health – the context for Nursing Now • Nursing Now England • Purpose of today
  3. 3. Our goal Nursing Now aims to improve health globally by raising the status and profile of nursing and midwifery. Credit: Morgana Wingard for IntraHealth International
  4. 4. Credit: The Royal College of Nursing Who we are • A global campaign • 225 groups in over 80 countries • In collaboration with International Council of Nurses and World Health Organization • Programme of the Burdett Trust for Nursing Credit: Tim Bekir for THET
  5. 5. April 2019 February 2018 A growing global influence: • 225 regional, national and local groups • Over 80 countries
  6. 6. Global and local health challenges 1 • There is demand for a big expansion in the health workforce – recruitment and retention challenges, pay, conditions and morale need improving • Work roles are changing as needs change – ‘carequake’ • A (financial) shift away from hospitals and towards communities and homes. • There is greater emphasis on disease prevention and health
  7. 7. Global and local health challenges 2 • The engagement of patients and citizens alongside health workers is increasingly seen as essential in improving access, quality and costs. • Technology is beginning to play a more prominent part – as the internet becomes the organising principle of the age. • Knowledge of what works is at a premium as countries struggle to achieve the goal of good access, high quality and value for money.
  8. 8. Nurses meeting the challenge Better health Greater gender equality Triple impact of nursing Stronger economies
  9. 9. The health workforce: a best buy in sustainable development 3x return on investment Economic growth Social development Health and human security
  10. 10. What we want to achieve with Nursing Now • Change policy globally and nationally • Promote influential leadership • Strengthen evidence of impact • Increase investment • Achieve triple impact Credit: Tim Bekir for THET
  11. 11. WHAT ARE WE DOING?
  12. 12. 2020 Year of the Nurse & Midwife A once in a generation opportunity to put nurses and midwives at the centre of global and health policy. A celebration of all that nurses and midwives do to improve health and health care.
  13. 13. The path to Universal Health Coverage Invest and develop nursing and midwifery workforce. In particular: • Nurse-led clinics • More specialist nurses • Develop midwifery services • Primary health care • Health promotion and disease prevention Credit: The Royal College of Nursing
  14. 14. Credit: The Royal College of Nursing Join the NIGHTINGALE CHALLENGE  Champion influential leadership roles for nurses and midwives  Provide development opportunities for young nurses and midwives during 2020  Healthcare is changing fast and so should the workforce – invest in nurses and midwives, and prepare them for the future  Demonstrate that nursing and midwifery are exciting and rewarding careers  Read more at
  15. 15. Credit: THET WHO’s first ever State of the World’s Nursing Report with the International Council of Nurses and Nursing Now • Inform national policy • Drive investment in nursing workforce to achieve UHC and SDGs Credit: THET
  16. 16. Paul Vaughan RN MSc, Head of Nursing Now England, NHS England & NHS Improvement Elizabeth Carter, Transformation Lead, NHS England & NHS Improvement Bev Matthews RN MSc, Transformation Associate, Horizons, NHS England & NHS Improvement Credit: Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust #NursingNowEngland #FutureMidwifery
  17. 17. Nursing Now England Priorities • Primary school • Secondary school • Adult learners Young people in education • Current workforce • Return to practice Nursing and midwifery • Public • Media • Professional groups • Politicians and policy makers Key influencers Inspire Ignite Influence #NursingNowEngland #FutureMidwifery
  18. 18. Credit: Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust Specific Focus Men in Nursing Learning Disabilities Mental Health BAME Primary Care Community Nursing #NursingNowEngland #FutureMidwifery
  19. 19. The 30 Day Challenges: #NursingNowEngland #FutureMidwifery
  20. 20. • Everyone from first year students to all registrants on NMC and supporters, newly qualified nurses and midwives • Practitioners from all stages in their career across all disciplines and sectors • People working across health and care sectors, including voluntary organisations We are igniting a social movement across the system and our ambition is that the network grows to over 200 registered midwifery ambassadors and 5,000 nursing ambassadors. The ambassadors are all championing the wonderful profession and opportunities in midwifery What is the Ambassadors’ role #NursingNowEngland #FutureMidwifery
  21. 21. Credit: Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust An Ambassador …  Acts as a local ambassador for nursing and midwifery, representing our professions in a positive light and by doing so, building awareness and positive perceptions  Creates a bridge between activities to promote nursing and midwifery locally and the nationwide campaign  Speaks for local organisations and the nurses and midwives in them within the national campaign  Brings back the ideas and calls to action from the national campaign and customise, remix and reshape then so they will work in a local context  Leads the local version of the campaign and get people engaged and taking action #NursingNowEngland #FutureMidwifery
  22. 22. What is in it for you? You will … 1. receive coaching and mentoring support 2. have an opportunity to build your own and collective agency for change 3. join a growing national network 4. share what works and develop your knowledge and learning 5. take part in an exciting programme of events and challenges including a regular newsletter and opportunity to participate in virtual and face to face meetings like today 6. be able to demonstrate your passion and pride for the professions Our voices are stronger together #NursingNowEngland #FutureMidwifery
  23. 23. Today • How do inspire young people from a BAME background to take up nursing as a career? • How do we retain the current BAME nurses in the system? Celebrate Role models Nightingale Challenge #NursingNowEngland #FutureMidwifery
  24. 24. Credit: Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust Sign up to be an ambassador today! Midwifery Ambassadors Nursing Ambassadors #NursingNowEngland #FutureMidwifery
  25. 25. Thank you @NursingNow2020 #NursingNow