Multicultural Helping House Society Overview Powepoint


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Multicultural Helping House Society Overview Powepoint

  1. 2. Who We Are <ul><li>We are a team of passionate individuals who are dedicated to educate, empower, and support newcomers, individuals and families in their successful integration into the Canadian society via our employment, settlement, and community programs. As a registered non-profit and charitable society, our funding comes from the federal, provincial and city government, supplemented by our own fundraising efforts. </li></ul>
  2. 3. Our Mandate <ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><li>The Multicultural Helping House Society (MHHS) is a registered non-profit society and charitable organization dedicated to helping newcomers succeed in Canada. The MHHS is committed to helping immigrants from diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds by providing necessary educational, social, emotional, economic and other support services. </li></ul></ul></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><li>We believe in empowering newcomers to become contributing members of Canada by providing orientation, training, job search and other services that will enable them to integrate into Canadian society. We specially assist those who are disadvantaged due to language barriers, income or other circumstances beyond their control. </li></ul></ul></ul></ul></ul>
  3. 4. Fact • 15 board members • 18 staff • 2 offices • 3 major programs
  4. 5. • Servicing an average of 150 unemployed clients per month • Servicing an average between 2,500 -3,000 new immigrants through settlement program annually. • Servicing on average 100 seniors annually. • Connecting an average of 150 mentors with mentees monthly with the Host Mentoring program Fact
  5. 6. Fact • Monthly networking events and informational workshops • Monthly Seniors functions: Wellness program, field trips, info sessions, K-ok night, line dance, cooking lessons, surfing nannies, etc. • Weekly Youth drop in every Wednesday from 4-8pm focused on talks, social activities.
  6. 7. Fundraising
  7. 8. Programs MHHS Settlement Services Since 2000, MHHS provides Settlement Services for Filipino, Bangladeshi, South Asian and other smaller cultural communities. Newcomers and recent immigrants are able to access information on available community services and resources; application forms and support in filing up forms to apply for social benefits; orientation on basic information about Canadian laws, cultures, norms and other social expectations; and among others, interpretation and translation services.
  8. 9. Programs MHHS Seniors Program The MHHS conducted in 2004 a survey of issues confronting seniors and identified priorities like accessing relevant government services and benefits. Since then, the MHHS Seniors program has been addressing these concerns and generated monthly activities where the Seniors would be able to use their talents or simply enjoy socializing with each other. Various workshops are delivered to educate the seniors of their rights and responsibilities. Seniors have participated in various cultural festivals such as Canada Day Parade at the Steveston Salmon Festival in Richmond, Philippine Independence Day, and Filipino Seniors Dance. Activities for 2008 include “Karaoke nights”; “Surfing Grannies”, where we have the youth teaching the seniors how to use the computer and in turn the seniors teach the youth about Filipino culture and traditions; performing at various cultural heritage show; line dancing, cooking lessons and many more. This program helps on average 100 seniors annually.
  9. 10. Programs MHHS Youth Program The MHHS youth program, which begun in 2003, has generated varied activities aimed at empowering ethnic youth. Various activities engage youth with focus on music, dance, arts and sports to keep their mind and body health and strong. “Youth Confront Racism” was a theatrical performance put on combining diverse art forms from hip hop, dance, theatre, spoken word, video to martial arts. This performance was shown at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre in March 2003. One of the annual activities for the youth program is the Art Mural competition, (the neighbourhood youth can enter their own artistic impressions on the theme of world peace). Winning paintings will be included in a printed calendar that is distributed as a thank you gift to MHHS clients, and winner will receive $1000 cash reward. MHHS youth program delivered a powerful youth empowerment project in Surrey called Surrey Urban Youth Program. In 2005, 19 ethnic youth were trained, and then delivered 3 performances in various Surrey schools, with over 500 attendees, receiving raving reviews. There are various educational workshops where the youth learn skills dealing with life issues such as bullying, peer pressure, and family violence, among others. A recent success of the youth program was a sponsored volleyball tournament took place involving 50 plus youth at John Oliver High School. MHHS staff participated as coordinators and audience, MHHS volunteer referee was a past client.
  10. 11. Programs MHHS Caregivers Program From 2000, MHHS has been providing information and support services to caregivers through one on one counselling, advocacy and employment referrals. A series of tragic incidents involving caregivers such as suicide, family violence, and other social issues prompted MHHS to develop a new program through a partnership with The Western Canada Society Access to Justice, where MHHS provides one-on-one free legal advice to caregivers by volunteer lawyers. Among the activities include a series of parenting and immigration workshops conducted for caregivers to inform them of their legal rights and responsibilities; assistance in filing immigration forms; legal advice in filing divorce applications for those who are going through the process of separation and; respite housing on a weekend basis at an affordable rate; 2 days free emergency housing for those who are released by their employer without notice; one-on-one counselling and support for former live in caregivers and their sponsored families as they go through family adjustment and reunification process brought about by separation due to employment. In 2007, the We Care Caregiver Settlement Support Group was formally launched to help caregivers succeed in Canada through settlement support services.
  11. 12. Programs MHHS Bamboo Network Employment Services Bamboo Network is a major service brand of the MHHS since 2000. Its aim is to bridge newcomers and immigrants with backgrounds in professions and trades settlement, into their local Canadian community and find employment. Fast Track to Employment for Skilled Immigrants – From 2006 to present, Service Canada provided funding to support recent immigrants and individuals seeking employment in their chosen profession or trade, gain understanding of the B.C. labour market, learn and use job search and networking techniques and gather information on education and accreditation requirements. Individuals access one on one employment counselling, referral to a mentor, networking sessions and job and apprenticeship placement assistance. Between 2006-2008, the program has supported 252 newly arrived immigrants and individuals looking for work; of which 25% have successfully found employment in their chosen careers.
  12. 13. Programs MHHS Bamboo Network Employment Services Host Mentoring Program – From 2003 to present, with funding from the Ministry for Community, Aboriginal and Women Services, MHHS supported on average 150 newcomers and individuals annually to (a) access information and referral to services and resources in the community, and (b) connect with mentors and professional networks. MHHS recruited and worked with volunteer mentors from diverse cultures and occupational groups. Majority of mentors are in engineering, construction, information technology, accounting /finance, creative, and film. MHHS also engaged Bamboo Network corporate partners such as BC Hydro and Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) that facilitated the recruitment of mentors from among their employees and/or organized employment information sessions.
  13. 14. Programs MHHS Bamboo Network Client Testimonial Sharon Shi I worked as a mechanical engineer in China before I came to Canada in 2002. I was lucky; I was one of the first participants of the Bamboo Network Skills Connect program at the MHHS. The counselor showed me how to improve my resume, and worked with me on a career plan. My English is better now; but back then I was struggling with every sentence. However, the counselor encouraged me to apply at BC Hydro based on my skills and experience. I attended a media launch at BC Hydro. The company is also a Bamboo Network Consortium partner. I gave my newly polished resume to the BC Hydro staff. This led to an interview. A month later, I was offered a permanent position as Level 1 engineer. This position pays $50,000 annually. I dreamed of a better life; that’s why I left China. I’m living my dream; and I owe it to the valuable help and encouragement I got at the MHHS. Anonymous, March 17, 2006 I really benefitted from the Bamboo Network Program’s Job Search Workshop. I learned a lot of information about job search here in Canada. I also gained confidence in dealing with people from various cultural backgrounds. I really appreciate the candid feedback in regards to my area of improvement after the mock interview. Irvina C. Torres, March 25, 2006 I’m really blessed to have found this kind of program that caters to the needs of the new immigrants as far as exploring the Canadian workplace is concerned. This program is doing an excellent job because it made me more confident and my capabilities as a teacher, as a person. More power to this program and to all the staff as well!!!
  14. 15. Networking Event
  15. 16. Current Candidates Avatar Bath - 17+ years with Banking Industry, been branch manager for 5 years Rigoberto Illano -15+ years of experience as a banking middle manager, has exceptional communication skills, tactful management experience, and solid sales results. He was educated in Singapore and obtained his B.A and M.B.A in Australia. Michelle L. Irineo - 12 + years experience in banking sales, marketing and leasing in real estate. Pradip Ghimire - 6+ years experience as program manager, teacher and financial analyst. Philip Pang - 10+ years experience in IT, Got a Masters degree in IT, recently got Project Management Professional designation. He has worked for many large organizations such as Yellow Pages, Provincial Health Authorities, and Tourism B.C. Nathaniel Pontejos - 11 years I.T experience, worked for many high tech companies (ex: Nokia, Telus). He has been a College IT instructor for 5 years. Dan Bautista - 20+ years of experience as a Quality Control supervisor, machinist and inspector, working all over the world, got certified in U.S. A Necitas Ganal - 10 + years experience as a registered nurse. Hard working, knowledgable, and sweet. Lux Tan - Professionally trained dancer with years of experience as a dance teacher for adult and children. T.V producer in H.K for popular family format TV show from script to final execution. Personable, experienced in the Arts & Culture scene, worked for many non-profit organizations. Deodora Anduyan - 10+ years experience as a medical doctor, and clinical manager. Andy Gough - 10+ years as a professional videographer, musician, and general labourer.
  16. 17. Fast Track Team Edgar Lumandas Program Coordinator Eline Haw Facilitator Case Manager Emma Tang Facilitator Case Manager Marianne Diaz Program Support Worker Alice Zhou Job Developer Bamboo Network Fast Track to Employment Centre #115-4395 Fraser St. (Corner of 28th Ave) Vancouver, B.C. V5V 4G4 Tel: 604 568-8552 Fax: 604 568-8542